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   The Embryo Man and Other Tales of Woe

             The world's first psychedelic picture-book novel
             with surrealistic imagery and
whimsical prose
             designed to enlighten all who happen to pass by.

             Within this book you will find hundreds of song
as an added bonus. They have been sprinkled
              like seeds throughout the entire novel to further
                       enhance a rather small body of work.

                        Just leave your magic carpet
              by the ticket booth and proceed through.

Here admission is always free, and the estate of life
is an ever changing world that has slowly begun to die.

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       With over 1000 psychedelic paintings to aid you along, the story,
       written in fact, becomes more than just your average tale of woe.


But don't fret, because at the bottom of each and every chapter
         can be found, the artist and title of each and every painting!
Within every picture, I have added links that will take
             you to the prospective website of the artist in question.

Do note that I have since completed the bottom of Chapters
            1 - 41, and am working earnestly to give credence unto
               those who have long inspired me through their art.

                        Greetings, my name is Charles Pendelton

Many thanks to Marty Langdon for all his help in the past concerning the fate of this website.
As of Sept 2015, Marty left for Venezula. We do not know if he will be returning to the states.

Please note: Several reviewers who wish to remain completely
anonymous have denounced Chapter 32, The Embryo Man,
claiming it to be one of the most disturbing novels ever written.

I tend to disagree.

Still, no copy-editor will get involved with this book.
Perhaps they simply don't understand love in its purest form.

Considering this book possesses both literary merit and social
importance, it should not fall under society's feet to be trampled
upon and disregarded by the savages of a lost society.

                                    A look at the chapters

Chapter 1 - Upon waking eyes
Chapter 2 - The mystical realm of Neptali Sable
Chapter 3 - Weed Island to the Raven
Chapter 4 - The Adventures of Billy and Bravo
Chapter 5 - Danger on the thirteenth floor!
Chapter 6 - That deadly nutmeg tree
Chapter 7 - Into the world of work spins Mother
Chapter 8 - The rise and fall of progress

Chapter 9 - Early morning visit
Chapter 10 - The story of Captain Hook
Chapter 11 - The Curator
Chapter 12 - Three trails of serenity
Chapter 14 - A long fabrication of tall tales woven
Chapter 15 - The conjurer of wicked little minds
Chapter 16 - The land of dry tonics
Chapter 17 - Enter the field of Ah
Chapter 18
- The olde greenhouse
Chapter 19
- The dreaded Silo 3
Chapter 20
- Where Eagle Creek divides

Chapter 21 - An evening with Dr. Doom
Chapter 22 - The great quest toward evening
Chapter 23 - The wonderful workings of a time machine
Chapter 24 - Demons wail in the chapel of Hell
Chapter 25 - The Hedgehogs are here

Chapter 26 - My impressive imagination
Chapter 27 - The man who went berserk!
Chapter 28 - A pleasant journey to the Hash Hut
Chapter 29 - The Mystery Man and The Clown!
Chapter 30 - The incredible expedition

Chapter 31 - The shattered mind
Chapter 32 - The Embryo Man
Chapter 33 - The grim intestine
Chapter 34 - Metamorphis face
Chapter 35 - From the depths of Hades

Chapter 36 - The puzzle of perception
Chapter 37 - The ominous Mr. Wong
Chapter 38 - Visions from a heavenly sky
Chapter 39 - The horseless carriage
Chapter 40 - The Spanish room
Chapter 41 - How late is thy morning hour

For those of you who wish to know what lies within the pages of this book.
              It is the heart of delirium. . . It is madness redefined.

This is a small passage taken from chapter 25,
which is written almost entirely in verse!
However, since it is in the middle of a story, it is not a good idea to begin reading there.

On delicate wings, what appeared to be a pterodactyl flew over the tree line directly
above and released a screech. I was not alarmed by this, for this is what I expected.
The sane entering the mind of the insane, only I did not expect it to be this real.

The cartoon strip was alive, and I was in the big leagues now.

Just remember one thing, if anything at all. . .
"Be very careful captain; people get lost in here."

                              Chapter 25, Pg 120

Chapters 28 - 31 are interconnecte

These four chapters drip in undertones of the surreal. . .

hey pertain to the summer of 1981 when I and a friend injested three hits of
double barrel purple
mescaline. *(LSD)* And a hell of a lot of Marijuana!
This is a real mind blowing excursion into the depths of an uncharted void.

Chapter 28 is where I would advise most everyone to start reading from!

An angel crossed my path with amber eyes and a low cut dress.
She was as beautiful as an evening primrose in the dying sun
and while her image left me like a falling tear,
her perfume stayed behind to tantalize my senses.

I now felt as though I had no name.
I was alive, but had I ever been born?
Similar to a blade of grass that grows slowly,
or an ant peeking up through a crack in the concrete;
tonight, I would be traveling incognito.

                          Chapter 28, Pg 132

Aside from trying to comprehend the internal workings of a delicate mind,
Chapter 32 is a most unconventional love story. This chapter is for anyone
who has a flare for romance. But be forewarned, once it has been read, it

can never be unread.  *(((Caution should certainly be exercised here)))*

In truth, I drank from that cup, and I never looked back.
Therefore, I never knew what had begun to take shape in the
dark region known as despair. An ill wind had begun brewing
and heaven help the soul left stranded by the river's edge. . .
It is so cold and lonely there, my eyes begin to water at the mere
thought of it. There in that wretched place of all forlornness,
the mighty angels who circle above, will not circle above it.

                                Chapter 32, Pg 187

After you read a chapter, I would like to hear your review of it,
if you could find the time. You may address your comments
me at Simply state what chapter
you have reviewed and I will see that it gets p
osted to this website.

Whether it be questions that can go into the FAQ's box, or general
ideas on whether you liked it or disliked it. As long as you leave
your first and last name (or initials), it would be much appreciated.

(If you choose to remain anonymous, that's fine too)

People who read The Embryo Man will never forget,
how wonderful life could have been.


In no way will I answer any questions relating
to, or involving Chapter 32. With that said, you
may go in whatever direction it is you choose..

Chas. Pen

P.S. - I never thanked you guys for that video! It was very creative.


The magic carpet
by Viktor Vasnecov (1880)

Free admission to all (today and everyday)

Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco (1963)

If you should decide to read my novel, then you should first read the enclosed passage to assure yourself you have made
the right decision; and also, that you are fully aware of the consequences herein that may arise from reading such work.


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