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       Welcome to the home of The Embryo Man

                      The world's first psychedelic picture-book novel
                       with surrealistic imagery and
whimsical prose
                      designed to enlighten all who happen to pass by!

            Within this book you will find hundreds of song links as an
           added bonus. They have been sprinkled like seeds throughout
          the entire novel to further enhance a rather small body of work.

       Just leave your magic carpet by the ticket booth and proceed through!

Here admission is always free, and the estate of life
is an ever changing world that has slowly begun to die.

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       With over 1000 psychedelic paintings to aid you along, the story,
       written in fact, becomes more than just your average tale of woe.


But don't fret, because at the bottom of each and every chapter
         can be found, the artist and title of each and every painting!
Alongside every Pg #, I have begun adding links that will
         take you to the prospective website of the artist in question.

Do note that I have since completed the bottom of Chapters
            1 - 41, and am working earnestly to give credence unto
               those who have long inspired me through their art.

Greetings, my name is Marty and I'll be your host this evening.

Our objective, unlike the majority of today's society is not to sell you a product,
but to treat you to the best seat in the house. Allow yourself to see the world
through the eyes of the author. Follow him on an incredible journey and don't be
surprised if you find yourself reading this book more than once. That is the book's
design. You may not agree with the writer, but in the end you will embrace him.

Read a few chapters.
I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Isn't anyone a bit curious to know how a book could turn around and
destroy its own author? Doesn't seem possible, does it? No it doesn't,
so be forewarned, this book is not what you are expecting. When the
time comes you will understand why, but not a moment sooner.

Mr. Charles Pendelton; he will be taking you from here.

Before I let you go, feel free to read as little or as often as you like.
There are no rules here, and you can come and go as you please.

This book can best be defined as an autobiography of one day, or it can
be labeled a psychedelic novel. One that is totally gonzo in its approach at
describing reality and luring its readers into the writers own warped mind.
If you enjoy reading novels that drip in undertones of the surreal, then this
is your Hemingway! Or better still, your Hunter S. Thompson in a parallel
universe with pages of text blowing in the wind. They have all been collected
and meticulously sorted out. Extracted from a time when living in the shadow
of doubt meant learning to understand things no mortal could ever comprehend.

                             Read at your own discretion.

Enter an illusory world of bizarre concepts and disturbing visions that attempt
to redefine the inner workings of a fragile human mind. Most drug novels are
laced with a moderate amount of hypnotic lure designed to entice its readers,
but t
his specific novel has been crafted from a single drop of pure LSD!

C. Pen prefers to live in the moment, where other writers would immediately
abandon. With a photographic memory for acute detail, and the uncanny ability
to properly construct a novel from nothing more than remnants of a forgotten day,
is a rare gift, indeed. To rise up from the ashes of an obliterated world, a world of
unfeigned love, and attempt to live again, now that is quite another as you will soon see.

If you want to dive right in, read chapter 25.
Not only is it an astounding read, but it is written entirely in verse!

If you still have your doubts and reservations, that is understandable.

Do note that the book is literally filled with
Poetic quotes and absurd

phrases that go on to define and underline the writer's state of mind.
Allow me to attempt to remove any uncertainty you may have. . .

Here is but one example of a Pendelton quote, followed by a phrase.

So subtle and crafty is the shark that lies in wait;

the martyr in the midst of life; the feral bloody tooth.

                                Chapter 35, Pg 243

In truth, I drank from that cup, and I never looked back.
Therefore, I never knew what had begun to take shape in the
dark region known as despair. An ill wind had begun brewing
and heaven help the soul left stranded by the river's edge. . .
It is so cold and lonely there, my eyes begin to water at the mere
thought of it. There in that wretched place of all forlornness,
the mighty angels who circle above will not circle above it.

                                Chapter 32, Pg 187

No one has any idea what lies within the pages of this book.
"It is the heart of delirium. It is madness redefined."

Aside from trying to comprehend the internal workings of a
delicate mind, The Embryo Man is a love story. Perhaps the
most beautiful, yet touching love story ever written, but who
am I to judge? I only compile words together and add form.

When you are finished reading this novel, or even a chapter,
I would like to hear your opinion, if you could somehow find
the time. You may address your comments
to me personally
at, or you may direct
your questions
to Charles, and I will see to it that they get
posted to this website.

Whether it be questions that can go into the FAQ's box, or general
ideas on whether you liked it or disliked it. As long as you leave
your first and last name along with the state you reside in, it would
be much appreciated. (Unless you wish to remain anonymous.)

People who read The Embryo Man will never forget,
how wonderful life could have been.


Before I can allow this to continue any further, I would like to clarify

an issue. Just for the record, I would like to state that never at any
time have I ever been or have I ever gone insane. I do not want this
nonsense blown up into something it isn't, because then it isn't so.
I fell ill for a time
is all, and let that be the end of it. I will not answer
any questions of this matter, so please do not ask. Neither will I

answer any questions pertaining to that of Chapter 32.

Now that we have that out of the way, you may continue
in whatever direction it is you choose to go.

Chas. Pen

P.S. - I never thanked you guys for that video! It was very creative.


The magic carpet
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