Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
Chapter 38

          Visions from a heavenly sky

Leaving the backyard, I decided to walk into a rather secluded
area in Mr. Barton's yard. Here the view was incredible for
cloud watching, as the moon reflected from them brilliantly!

As I looked up toward the sky expecting to evade the illusion for a brief moment, I was
utterly fascinated! The clouds which were illuminated by the moon displayed a fanciful
array of imaginative images. The brilliant white shapes were immaculately pure, and
while I stood there in disbelief, I felt as though I were looking into the eye of Heaven!

There was a tiny dog chasing after Father Time, who was running in step carrying a baby
giraffe. As his beard grew longer it became a field that the dog ran and played on. I saw a
conveyor belt dropping stadiums into an oversized glass that a cartoon child was holding.

I watched an insufferable lout berate a silver-tongued courtesan beside a waterfall made
of diamonds. Before long, she would be left standing on an island which was presently
only two feet in diameter. The woman appeared sad because the ocean water had risen
to her waistline. Within mere seconds, she was an alluring palm tree that would one day
give birth to a massive continent. Her name was Asia, and she was stunningly beautiful.

I then witnessed a planet open up like an egg
to produce an exquisitely charming flower.

A flower of love.

As the sericeous flower slowly withered, I watched it manifest into a hobgoblin
with knifelike teeth that ran around eating the legs of tables! Soon, the silent
cries ended and there was nothing but a town filled with enlarged cutting boards. 

There was a floating city that everyone wanted to be on, but no one could reach.
they trampled over each other like ants pouring over a lake of honey until
they all solidified, forming a round airmail stamp that sent the Earth to Saturn.

I then tried to generate a host of violent scenes. All I had to do was cast a coin into
the wishing well of my mind, and anything I looked for would be granted. I turned to
the clouds, as though they were a book of the past, or a gift perhaps, and let the visions
unfurl. I saw a suggillated man in rags being dragged into a room. He was brought
to lay his head upon a cold anvil where a blacksmith swung his sledge in fury.

God I thought, you don't see that in the movies!

Two warriors with swords were fighting on the same horse that was up to its
knees in blood. I saw the head of a king, being abacinated by a peasant baby
who was still attached to his mother's umbilical cord. And a man swimming
inside a slinky begins to expand, until the coils become the neck rings of
an Ethiopian woman who in turn fizzles into a carbon sugar snake!

*Such mordant and insightful visions!*

A young man attempting to bite the leg of an angry griffin, loses his mouth and quickly
becomes a perch for the griffin, who has been transformed into a frightened eagle.

The eagle then became an ice castle that grew like a beanstalk
past several galaxies to organize its own unique universe.

As I studied each scene, I became enthralled at the magnitude of these moving
pictures. They were so creative and yet so alive! It was a step above astounding.
It was magnificent! Comparable to a thousand mercury space capsules touching
down on a veritable alien landscape as seen through the eye a telescope! When
day-glo soldiers arrived in the cortical hemisphere of the mind, I would find I
had developed an unnatural fixation with clouds and the significance of creation.

Essentially, what I tried to learn I had already mastered,
and that was the art of reflecting.

                                                                               Pg 262

To fashion images through illusion was an elusory concept, I would extol
until the final scene drew to a close and the grey curtain came falling down.

What a phenomenal gift the Lord had imputed upon me, I reveled, in lunacy!

Like a child being allowed to play with infinity, unlocking Heaven brought me
one step closer to standing before Almighty God himself under that eternal sky!

I was elated beyond words for I had acquired an endearing love for the creator
of all things! So powerful was this feeling that I had to close my eyes and say
a very slow 'Our Father.'
What impressive powers of observation I have
recently been endowed with, but why should I be commended with such

an immense power as to control the very sky itself? I will not go as far as to
say it was as profoundly moving as a soul darting about the Heaven's in its
wanderlust! Be that as it may, it was a very blessed feeling, nonetheless.

Sadly, however, we are made of flesh. Pulled from a loving and nurturing
womb, we are handed over to a society where our every move is dictated by
time. An entire civilization run by a giant clock. So now, we have no real life
at all, cause it's given over to work with only two days off to relax. It saddens
me to think that no one could devise a better plan. The only ones who were
truly free were the hippies and by now they're either in institutions, or they've
changed direction entirely. For all intents and purposes, we can truly say that
the only ones who are truly free now are the bums, and they are enslaved by
poverty. So confounding to me is this life, we have all been wrought to suffer.

Let's see, what else could I craft up there with this divine power?

A disgusted Santa leaves the north pole in a motorized stagecoach which ascended
into Heaven like an over inflated blimp. I watch as he flicks his cigar ash, which falls
like confetti to the millions of naughty children on the ground. As they begin to eat it,
they cough. What a spectacle that was! I then saw a happy clown remove his head
and erupt into an active volcano. Then while reforming, he simultaneously winks
eye while farting through both nostrils! This I found to be utterly hysterical!

When this scene faded away, it soon merged to become another. I then saw a condor
with a wingspan longer than the Eiffel Tower pick up and begin carrying the state of
Illinois. Off into the sunset they went in its sharp talon's! As they were about a mile
from the ground, the state tilted and all the townspeople fell out in a big smudge!

I watched as a slim man with a cigar, threw a pie at a fat man who wore a pocket
watch for a face. The pie hits his mouth and turns him into an irate mother in law,
who in turn, chases the pie thrower with a telephone pole sized rolling-pin!

An airplane dancing on water gets its wheel tickled by the tail of a crocodile typing
a letter to his girlfriend underwater, who was only a few inches away. Whatever she
dictated, he would type for her, until they formed a huge castle made of ivory. I saw
a boy running on the blades of a windmill and two trees playing poker in a forest. 

Who could have imagined this to be even possible? The power of one's mind used
in an artistic and creative way could prove to be an invaluable tool for an artist or
songwriter indeed! Do know that many years ago doctors used to administer LSD in
hospitals under supervised conditions? The risks were minimal for the antidote was
readily on hand, but now, should you go experiment on your own, you're nothing but
a fool who is taking drugs, and no one’s interested in hearing anything about it!

                                                                               Pg 263

I watched a lady peering out at me slowly from behind her drapes.
In a gesticulative
manner, she beckons me with a deep inhale that was very reminiscent of a morning
sigh. All for the definitive reason that I may somehow join her. If you're waiting for
me, I thought to myself in a playfully devious way, you're going to be waiting a long
time, because I have no way of getting up there! Then as I watched her, it happened.

                                        She became Harmony.

For a few seconds, I actually stopped breathing. Oh my exquisite angel, I cried
out in my brain as she turned toward me,
you are the reason I am so lost! I need
to be with you again. To hold
you again. She didn't have to say a single word,
for I read her expressions
and knew exactly what her words were relaying.

What do you do when you need to tell someone you love, how you're feeling inside,
but are unable to? Knowing you will never have the chance again, you simply exist.
That racking torment. Those wretched cries beckoning you to madness, but still you
refuse to let go. You cannot bring yourself to forget her, for she meant the world to
you. In the end, she would wind up giving more than her own life could give.

As my nose opened sharply, and my eyes stung with tears;
I stood there looking up, and I wept.

My sweet angel, you were more than just a loving companion to me. What
I wouldn't do to be able to look into your eyes again, and bear my soul unto
you just like before, my love. Can you imagine having a second chance to
stand before that very person, and tell him or her everything you've been
feeling inside your heart for so long. Well, on this very night I did just that.

As she looked at me, I could see God was taking good care of her. I no longer
had to worry. She looked at me in that same familiar way I always remembered,
and in my mind somehow, her eyes spoke to my heart. If I could interpret the
words that would have fell from her tongue, they would be written down as this.

“Baby, I know you miss me, and I know you will never stop loving me, but
you have to move on. We will be together again one day; I promise, so don't
worry. The years you have been given will be many my love, so live. Inside,
you have so much love to give, and you have already proven yourself to me.
I will never forget that. . . Let go baby, it's okay. Do it for me.”

I then saw myself up there with her. I was holding her hand, and
together we became a flag of peace blowing freely in the wind.

I wept like a baby and could not stop the outpouring of tears. For nearly twenty
minutes, I allowed them to fall while trying to control my double breathing.
That terrible shuddering, left me gasping for air. Knowing I was soon going to 
hyperventilate, if I didn't stop, I wiped my eyes with the heel of my hand, and said,
“I love you” to the mild breeze. Within myself, I had somehow found closure.

“Happy birthday my love,” was the last thing I said, before leaving her forever.

John was still lying in the backyard on the recliner as I walked into the house trembling.
Silently, I entered the small bathroom, and in there, I emptied my nose into three tissues,
before going back outside again. I looked up into the dead sky, but she would not return
to me. No longer would I feel abandoned, confused or alone, but rather joyous in a sense
that she had found paradise, and I had said goodbye to her.

                                                                               Pg 264


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