Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon

                            By those who wish to remain anonymous

Q: What is the basis for The Embryo Man?
A: One detailed manuscript and twelve very personal memoirs
of a man who believes himself to be cursed by God.
    Chas Pen - This is all revealed in Chapter 32.

Q: Why put a book of this magnitude for people to read
A: Because the chance of people purchasing a book from a first-time writer is
slim to none. Unless you are an established author you haven't a chance
for advancement in the writing industry. If the book is as good as we
think it is, then we will welcome more visitors to this site.
     Chas Pen - Considering that this book is no longer showcased in anymore
     writers sites, the odds of people finding it have been decreased significantly.

Q: Does that bother you? Why not try to get more reviews for your book?
     Chas Pen - Because it doesn't matter anymore. . . I wrote what I wrote.
      If someone stumbles upon it and wishes to come inside, fine.

Q: Did you always plan on using the current title or did you have another?
"Had I backed away from writing Chapter 32, the book 
      would have been titled, Beyond the glass curtain."

Q: Is it your wish to be picked up by a major publishing house?
A: "My wish is to leave everything exactly the way it is. If it's not broken,
     don't try to fix it, or you'll wind up damning everything to Hell."

If someone wanted to buy your website, would you sell it?
A: No    

Q: Suppose you were offered a lucrative sum of money?
A: "They can offer me the entire state of Kansas, and I will not shut down this
site. Now, if they were to throw in Panama or Brazil, then it's lights out."

Q: Apparently you're not after money, what is it then fame?
A: "I have about as much need for fame as you have for acquiring genital 
warts. Sorry for being so descriptive, but anything less would be untrue."

Q: If you're  not looking for anything, then why write a book, for fun?
A: "Fun is the last word in the English language I would use to describe why
I wrote a book. I wrote the book because a story needed to be told.
Several stories to be exact, and now that the book is complete,
I can move on to greener pastures."

Q: How long did The Embryo Man take to write?
"It's not the writing that takes time, it's perfecting what you've done."

Q: When did you actually finish writing this book?
"March of '08, but I have fine tuned it since then."

Q: Have any chapters been removed from the original book?
A: Three to be exact

Q: What happened to the thirteenth chapter?
A: The original thirteenth chapter was omitted from the book
     in it's infantile stage and is now considered to be a lost work.

Q: What was the thirteenth chapter about?
A:  Halloween

Q: How many people have read the thirteenth chapter?
A: I am not at liberty to discuss the thirteenth chapter.

Q: What is the best part about being an author?
A:  "Having accomplished what was initially intended."

Q: Is it true what they say about writing a book?
     The first line is always the most difficult
A:  "That notion is a complete fallacy. The 1st line is probably the only line
       in the whole entire book that has not been touched since I first typed it.
       The second line is the most difficult and has undergone more revisions
       than I would care to recollect. It actually got to a point where I had to    
       pause and question my own sanity. In the end, that stayed the same too."

Q: How would you define your style of writing?
A: "The art of writing is nothing more than a very intricately woven
combination of words and phrases, and it doesn't matter how often
you repeat those words (or) phrases; If the brain doesn't detect them
immediately, then the errors only prove to enhance the storyline."

Q: Is it true that Charles Pendelton will never write again?
A:  As far as I am aware.

Q: If you had to write another book, what would it be about?
A: "The art of answering questions."

Q: Don't you worry about people reading the book and not buying it?
A:  "I would much rather have one million people read my book for free
and thoroughly enjoy it, than to have two million people buy it and      
dispel it as rubbish."

Q: Who is running this website, Charles or Marty?
A:  I, Charles Pendelton the 3rd, am now in charge of answering all questions.

Q: Why now?
A:  Because I wanted to incorporate the infusion of surrealism
      in my novel to better express my own ideas, and to introduce
      this form of art to an awaiting audience.

Q: Where did you take your book for editing?
A:  Charles does his own editing.

Q: Is it true that the author went mad from writing this book?
A:  This is true

Q: Is it true that the author is currently insane?
A:  This is false

Q: Is it true what they say about Pendelton's Curse?
A:  There is no curse attached to this book. There have been several incidents
      of hysteria, if that's what you mean, but none which can actually be proven.

Q: Hysteria regarding the Curse?
A:  As I have said before, there is no curse. The author referred to it as a curse
     because he could not overcome it, no matter how many times he went back.
     It is a condition which occurs when reading this book, because of the memories
     attached to actual events which transpired in his youth. There is a certain
     point in the story where the reader and the writer switch places. Certain readers
     will succumb to the author's madness bringing the reader to a point of hysteria;
     Hence the name, Pendelton's Curse. Yes, and that has never been proven either.

Q: Is it true that the author had no intention of releasing this book?
A:  That is true

Q: What kind of person copyrights another persons work?
     I'm sorry, but no one should do something like that to a friend.

A:  I understand how you must feel, but I secured the copyrights in Charles name.
     Did you honestly think I would have attached my name in place of his?
     Shame on you for thinking so low of me.

Q: If it wasn't going to released, then what was he going to do with it?
A:  Charles mentioned something about the book one day being extracted from 
      a time capsule. How in a hundred years from now there would be a great
      unveiling. However, when I spoke with him the following week, he told me
      the book had to be destroyed. In the end, I can almost say for certain it
      would have been found collecting dust under a pile of paper somewhere.
      Chas Pen - The time capsule is called The Wayback Machine. The book
      is currently, and always has been in The Wayback Machine. In a thousand
      years from now, people can go there to access The Embryo Man (period)  

Q: Was it because Charles couldn't perfect the book to his level of standards?
A:  This is true, and the reason being, was that he stayed in the book too long.
      You cannot live in the embryo man without asking for trouble. To Charles it 
      was like Heroin, and it destroyed his life.

Q: How did writing words down on paper destroy someone's life?
A:  Because the book is a non-fiction autobiography. A book within a book.
     Because the author became obsessed with trying to achieve this new and
     improved style of writing, as he called it. He spent anywhere from fourteen   
     to nineteen hours a day trying to master it. The more time Charles spent
     writing and revamping, the more he remembered until he got lost and 
     couldn't find his way out. To this day, he tells me a part of him is still
     trapped in that book; where he will forever remain with her.

Q: Is Charles Pendelton something like a Dr. House kind of person?
A: "Stand down Marty, I got this one! Now, that is funny!!! Dr. House, no!
      Dr Paul, yes, as in Doctor Paul's overture by Faine Jade. Thanks anyway
      for the compliment. . . Or insult! I'm not sure which way to take that!"