Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
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                                                           Macanudo Hyde Park

This cigar is certainly wrapped beautifully! The wrapper has the faint smell of a horse stable, while
the core is both sweet & bold, like molasses and wood. Using a guillotine cutter cannot sufficiently
remove the tough outer skin of the cap without going too far, and so I must use a paring knife! The
draw is impeccable, while the cold draw has just a hint of oak. Upon lighting, I find this cigar to have
a dark and rich character that is exceptionally well balanced! I would have to say this cigar is medium-
bodied, and to reject any claim which states it is a mild cigar! Releasing the smoke through my nostrils
will produce a rather smooth, but sharp sting! I will now lift the ban to ever smoke another Macanudo
again! The ban that has been in effect since 1989! The ban that went into effect after smoking three
different Macanudo cigars on three different occasions, only to find they were like smoking air! If you're
craving a Camel and someone hands you a Carlton, it's just not happening! I have come to the conclusion
that cigars are made better today than they were yesterday. I deliberately smoked this cigar before twelve
O'clock, on an empty stomach with a pot of coffee "poured black," with the sole intention of feeling something
from this cigar! At the three-inch mark, the flavors intensify to a dark unsweetened chocolate (that is slightly
burned) with the essence of roasted walnuts, and I am feeling really good! As the flavor becomes more
prominent, the smoke becomes thicker! I must now think of a unique and interesting slogan for this brand...

"Macanudo, the cigar you can smoke on an empty stomach!"

I will now write the name "Hyde Park" on the reverse side of my cigar band, to be forever saved for posterity,
along with all the others, both good and bad. At the two-inch mark, a chemical solvent taste appears, but it
is a nice chemical solvent taste! I am surprised to find my stomach still has not awoken to growl. . .
Wow!!! As I near the one-inch mark, I find this cigar is nearing its end and must be laid to rest.

                                                La Magnita

This cigar smells just like an old baseball glove! Its dimensions are exactly 4-1/2 x 5/8,
and was manufactured by A. Siegel & Sons sometime in the early nineteen fifties. Removing
the "It's a girl" wrapper caused the end to flake, but in any case, a sixty year old cigar that
is kept in a non-functioning humidor is expected to be quite brittle. The hole is already there,
and the draw is perfect. The ash burns fine, but the taste it leaves behind is like a stale whiskey.
Definitely not as tasty as an Amerada, that's for sure; even though it produces some of the
thickest and whitest smoke I have ever seen! As it burns down, the taste of sour grapes or that
of spoiled grain tingles my palate like a rancid harvest. . . No cigars were more dried up than the
meisterrundes or the Ameradas, and they were wonderful to smoke, so there can be no excuses!

                                             Man O' War Puro Authentico Corona

This particular cigar smells as spicy as a Jalapeño pepper! The last cigar that smelt like this was an authentic
Cuban Sancho Panza! However, unlike the Sancho Panza Maduro, this one comes with a partial pigtail. The
wrapper is very rugged like a Clint Eastwood, and leaf has been folded over the end so the core is concealed.
The perfect way to prep this cigar is to first twist off the pigtail with your fingers. The tiny opening is more than
enough for a full draw! The cold draw is just spicy on the lips with nothing behind it! Upon lighting, I find this
cigar has a flawless burn with lots of white smoke, and a beautiful white ash. All along the wrapper leaf you can
see the formation of little crystalline hairs and bumps, which can now be seen on the ash! I don't think I have
ever seen that kind of definition before! A truly awesome smoke!!!  As the ash grows exceedingly long, I reach
for my camera, but there is no time! The ash releases itself to fall like a bed of memory foam on Nagasaki, which
just happens to be the little ant colony beneath my feet! They have begun to scamper in a panic, looking up into
the sky and wondering who would declare war on them. They eventually disappear back inside the earth, and I
wouldn't be too surprised if they scrawled the date of the incident for further reference! 9-12-12; the day of the
enemy attack, which was actually a bizarre accident, but try and explain that to those weather-beaten warriors,
whose ancestors will eventually seek retribution on my rotting corpse, when the coffin finally gives way. After the
destruction of Nagasaki, I find this cigar to be exploding with coffee flavor! Not overpowering, but very similar to
a Maxwell House Breakfast Blend. It isn't long before someone in a neighboring dwelling begins to cough violently.
How I hate when they do that! Every single time I light a cigar, someone out there has to cough, and that makes
me feel partially responsible to what will soon follow in the passage of time. Trust me, if I'm a contributing factor
in their death, then who is controlling the wind!!! The only one who never coughs is "Mr. Cat," who can be found
sleeping peacefully in a comfortable chair under the quiet solitude of a patio umbrella that hides the sun. Surely,
he has weathered the storm to find the tranquility he rightfully deserves!

                              Man O' War Side Project - 52C

Coming out of the wrapper, this cigar smells like a new pair of tote's goloshes! The inner core
is more intense and seems to be intertwined with many spices that my senses simply cannot
make the distinction between. . . Wait, I now smell chili powder! Slicing the cap which narrows
down into a Tiparillo shape, I reach for my top of the line slicing knife. I proceed with one swipe
like chef Ramsey cutting a piece of onion, and it is done! Holding the tip in my mouth like a
deranged Hunter S. Thompson, all that is missing right now are the drugs. That terrible vice I
offered up years ago for my sanity is but a flickering cinder trying to rekindle itself in the wind,
but it doesn't know I am holding water. The tiny ember of light is quickly diminished, as my
thoughts swiftly return to cigars. On the cold draw, I can taste leather and something peppery.
As I release some smoke from my nostrils, my sinuses are immediately scorched! Also, be very
careful with this smoke near your eyes, you could damage your cornea. Okay, this cigar has an
absolutely flawless burn, and burns absolutely flawlessly! Yes, I said it because it is the truth, and
the truth needs to be said. . . Please note: I am not doing this on purpose! I am now pouring
myself a stiff drink. (Say no more; thank you) Not only does this cigar burn extremely slow, but it
is very well balanced! Not an overly complex cigar that changes like the 1960's changed into the
1970's, but it burns well and it tastes good, and sometimes that is all that matters! I don't ask for
miracles when smoking cigars; I only ask that the change be relevant to what my taste buds perceive
as adequate. And sometimes when it far exceeds what I've been expecting, then I am overjoyed. As
I get down to the two-inch mark, the buttery taste of pulverized cashew nuts fill my palate in a thick
resinous film. Wow that's sweet, and now I am overjoyed! I might have to smoke this thing with a
roach clip! Soon, it becomes too treacherous to handle and is quietly laid to rest.

                                                                     Mario Palomino Robusto

To the eye, this cigar is wonderfully rolled, with some signs of aging on the wrapper leaf
indicating, what should be a very pleasant smoke! To the nose, the outer wrapper smells like
the pages of a golden age comic book that has been well preserved in a barn used to house
livestock. The inner core is much more subtle, like a deep inhale from a freshly opened box
of Cheerios! I find the cold draw really smooth and intriguing, similar to that of oats, and
cannot wait to light up! This cigar gives new meaning to the term, stick! Not only does it
look like a stick, but it feels like a stick, as well! It has been rolled exceptionally well, and I
use that word rarely. As I puff, I can see the smoke is mild to medium, with emphasis on the
mild. This is the cigar you want to chew on, because the cap will not come apart, neither
will it become goopy with resin. The taste is of wood with a caramel core, but do not release
the smoke from your nostrils, unless you want to get singe your nose hairs! This is one of
the few cigars you can light directly from the stove, and it will still burn flawlessly! Even
with a fierce wind blowing, you will find the ash of this cigar will not fall until it wants to,
and that is about the halfway mark! This is a nice one-dimensional cigar you can smoke
down its last inch! As the temperature peaks at 99 degrees, I am more than content to smoke
my cigar in the blazing sun! Who are you, Charles Pendelton? I am the man who drinks hot
coffee outdoors when the temperature is over 100. I am the man who is neither light nor
dark. In truth, I am neither here nor there. I am simply me, being me at every cost. . .

                                                     Mark Twain No. 3

This cigar measures in at almost eight inches, and is a 50 ring gauge! The wrapper
smells like sweet autumn leaves, while the core is intensely spicy! Snipping the end,
the draw pulls effortlessly! Upon lighting, I find this cigar reminds me of a Licenciados
Churchill! I can definitely taste roasted peanuts behind a wall of dark chocolate that
has awakened me. It is just one of those few cigars that really want to stay lit for your
enjoyment! This is a perfect everyday cigar for a man to pause and reflect upon life's
events. After the two-inch mark, the dark chocolate taste really seems to intensify!


Even though these cigars have been lying in my humidor, and the wrapper leaf is pliable, they still smell
like cardboard. On the dry toke, I can only taste an overwhelming taste of perfume. Upon lighting, I am
bombarded with the flavors of dead men's cologne! I have never smoked a cigar before that tastes like
it has been soaking in "Hai Karate!" As I release the smoke from my nostrils, I can denote a hint of wild
nuts and exotic berries in the balance. The ash is burning absolutely flawlessly, and is a joy to behold! So
perfect, in fact, that it doesn't look real. In appearance, it looks like I am smoking an old turd that dropped
out of someone's ass shortly after Christ was crucified, but it smokes wonderfully! In reality, Meisterrunde
literally translates to Masterfully Round, and a Meisterrunde will always burn exceptionally well. It is a known
fact that these cigars, in particular, were smoked by German fighter pilots in WW II. For a little cigar that should
be uninteresting, this one has me reeling! Aside from the nuttiness which seems to be infused with cologne, the
flavor appears to be changing into pipe tobacco! Martinson's coffee is a fine accompaniment to these small cigars.
No, actually it is the smoke that smells like it is flowing out of someone's pipe; not the taste! If a cigar maker
from Berlin had tasted these cigars back in 1940, we might have had tobacco infused cigars a lot sooner!

                                                          Morro Castle Corona

The outer leaf smells like paper that has been manufactured from garden shrubs, while the inner core
smells like pepper, and can almost make you sneeze! On the cold draw, I can taste hints of wood within
an earthiness that is difficult to describe. This is a nice cigar that produces a moderate amount of smoke.
The only taste is of wood and fudge. This particular cigar is not one to be smoked before noon, and the
tingling in the back of my throat with each swallow is causing me a great deal of concern! Why is it only
this cigar that seems to be doing that? If you chew this cigar, I would highly recommend spitting and not
swallowing the juice! Also, I do not think that black coffee is the best accompaniment with this stick!

                               Nat Sherman - 489 Tubo No. 2

This delightful cigar comes wrapped in a curled sheet of cedar! On the dry toke,
it is light and airy. To the taste it is bold and spicy producing thick clouds of white
billowy smoke that never at any time becomes tiresome! (((*****))) 1st review. . .

                                                                    Oliva Serie "V" Double Robusto

I will start by saying that this cigar measures 5 x 54 and is almost as dark as a Maduro; however, in
the sunlight it appears to be an intense auburn! The wrapper leaf is peppery with notes of leather and
unsweetened chocolate, while the inner core is equally as subtle, with only a mild hint of cowhide.
Upon using the hole punch, I find the cold draw to be smooth, yet spicy. As I release a thick cloud
of smoke from my nostrils, I immediately incinerate my sinus cavity! Swallowing some of the juice
tickles my throat, and forces me to cough. This cigar tastes like a Montecristo that has been smoked
halfway down! This is one powerful little stick!!! As I begin to reach the three inch mark, the smoke
becomes billowy and full-bodied. Unfortunately, there is not a lot I can say about this cigar in terms
of overall complexity, but it is certainly well balanced! A good cigar to have after a heavy meal.

                      Oliveros King Havano Criollo Double Toro

As I examine the external wrapper, I can smell a hint of leather along with
manure on the leaf, though it is a very subtle yet inviting scent. The inner
core has a bold, yet intriguing smell of alluring spices which tingles my
sinuses! I would assume the nicotine content herein, is quite high. The
intake of the cold draw absolutely flawless; almost as if there is no filler
inside! The flavor however, is like puffing on a filterless Camel; it tastes
like cigarette tobacco intermingled with oak branches. Holding this cigar
in my mouth, it has the feel of an Olivia! Lighting up, I can taste an acrid
bitterness, as if I am smoking a very strong stogie. The thin white smoke
released tends to reflect otherwise. Releasing the smoke through ones
nostrils should be avoided. . . Aside from the fact that it feels like I'm
smoking leaves and old newspaper, there is a melted caramel hiding in the
balance, behind a tarry resin cloying. The burn is consistent with the leaf,
and in a self-portrait would look magnificent! No uneven burn here. This
cigar is not nearly as enjoyable as Hoyo de Monterrey, but I am learning to
cope. The ash falls at the half inch mark, burning my wrist. Damn, it felt like
I was stung by a wasp!!! Sitting in the shade like a recluse, I hasten toward
the sunny side of my yard. The smoke now appears to be more rich and full,
possessing more of an elaborate character than before. The caramel flavor
has now become like that of burnt toast. The cigar has now acquired a
slightly uneven burn. Making a face that grimaces, I recoil at the taste
where I come to realize it is just another batch of aged cigars that will
inevitable be given away. At the three inch mark, I contemplate only dour
thoughts. Maybe I'm smoking too fast. I soon come to the realization that
this cigar is not going to get any better, all documentation ceases.

                           Ornelas No. 5 - (circa 1970's)

This cigar comes wrapped in cellophane, and tucked inside an elegant cedar sleeve.
Its length is 5-5/8 x ½ (which is probably a 32 ring gauge) A couple of noticeably
veins, but with an exterior that feels more like finely polished steel than any cigar
I have ever felt, I am very impressed!This Mexican gem has only a hint of cedar
smell, and on the dry toke, I can taste nothing. I am now prepared to light it. . .
This cigar has almost no pull, and so I believe I will be smoking this for awhile! Very
bold; very robust, almost like a mini version of a Cuban Sancho Panza, with all the
characteristics of an El Rey del Mundo Elegante! Twenty minutes of smoking, and I
barely lost an inch! Why is it that with every thin cigar, I find myself flicking the ash
like a cigarette? I am now sipping some delightful Dom Bénédictine herbal liqueur,
which is making this little cigar taste something like a dessert robusto! Wow, I just
tasted Nicaraguan cacao! That drink is better than cold chocolate milk, hot cocoa,
and a medium latte combined! Forty minutes later and I am down two inches. I just
released a minuscule amount of smoke from my nostrils, and behind the sting, I tasted
the most exquisite meatloaf. . . Now that's crazy! An hour later, and I still have two
inches left! The cigar is getting richer in taste as it slowly burns down. I am now looking
at a tarry stump in a crystal ashtray that does not want to call it quits! It would be good
to have a box of these little smokes. After an hour and a half, I am down to the one inch
and will not take it further. It was a very enjoyable cigar, and even though I only buy
the thicker ring gauges, this is one stick I will not soon forget!

                                                       Oro Esteli

This cigar measures 6-7/8 x 3/4 and smells like a new leather shoe! Although, after a few
minutes, it barely has any smell at all. The inner core, I find has aromas of both Cuban and
Nicaraguan fillers. To the nose, it possesses a very earthy smell. On the cold draw, however,
I can only taste a mild essence of Cuban seed. Upon lighting, if I were to be blindfolded, I
would say for certain, that this cigar was unmistakably an H. Upmann! I would not be surprised
to find that this particular cigar contributed partially, if not wholly to the noble H. Upmann line;
considering that it not available outside the jurisdiction of Nicaragua. This is a very rich and
rewarding cigar that comes together in a clear cellophane pack of five, the same as "Hoja Nica."
Yes, it is safe to say, I am delightfully impressed! The wrapper leaf shows telltale signs of age,
bearing some dark green mold spots, but looking at the package as a whole, I would say they
look very unappealing and appear as though they have fallen into the category of "seconds."
The light blue smoke produced from this cigar rivals that of the "Hoja Nica," and the ash falls
off at around the one inch mark as well. At the 1-1/2 mark, I do notice that the smoke has
become much thicker than the cigar I have previously mentioned! And also more robust &
tarry! I would not recommend this cigar to beginners, unless you want it to be their last
cigar! The smoke has now become billowy and intense, and I mean that in a good way.