Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
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Let's all drink and be happy

Fly me to the moon

Tonight we're eating sushi

For those who like jazz

Elegance of Italy

Drink up

Space travel

To the moon

Lover of abstract art

Let's go to Miami Beach

Surf and wave

Tonight I dress like my father

Let's have a martini

Remembering 1975

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

Polynesian daydream

Tropical birds

Shades of the seventies

Drink like it's 1959

Dress like it's 1972

Krazy and Loud

Drink like it's 1950 again

When in 1950, have a martini

Blue note 1940's jazz

Jackson Pollock it's not

Get ready for the luau

It's martini time

Make it a gin & tonic

The times are a changin

Wild and crazy cats

Vintage martini party

Craft beer lover

Vintage astro-ray gun

Geometrically cool

Shroom time

Boomarangs and starbursts

Straight to the 1950's

Indian elephants

Mermaid & tattoos

Chinese lanterns

Groovy snails

dinosaurs in space

Simple planes

Martian and spacedog

Faster by air

To the stars and beyond

Tailored to fit

Tomorrow's world

Prepare for outer space

Cars of years gone by

Surf Tiki

Let's ring in 1952

Love that jazz

Art in reverse

When in 1966. . .

Tiki madness

Spaceships and boomerangs

Diamonds and starbursts

Fabulous 50's

Pinpoint precision

Christmas Special

Starbursts and diamonds


Step into the past

Happy St. Patrick's day

Happy Independence Day


Heart of madness

Wine lover

Cocktail hour of 1957

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