Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
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                                             Flor de la costa No. 3

This cigar has very little smell to it, and the wrapper has shriveled in certain spots, due
to the passage of time. The dimensions are 6-1/4 x 1/2. On the dry toke, it tastes like
a pre-Cuban that has been stored away in a cardboard box! Upon lighting, I release the
smoke through my nose and it flows out effortlessly! This cigar produces deep rich clouds
of smoke, but the taste is like sweetened tea leaves, with nothing much behind it. A below
average cigar that imparts a lingering taste of cheap pipe tobacco in my mouth. As it passes
the two inch mark, the flavors become heavier and a bit more distinct. There is a slight tarry
taste that I now find appealing, but overall this cigar holds very little in terms of complexity.
For the most part, I cannot deem this cigar worthy of anything.

                                                                                                  Free Cuba Maduro Churchill

To the eye, these cigars are an abomination! Not only are they unevenly rolled,
but all the wrapper leafs appear to be noticeably different in color! Furthermore,
they're loaded with veins, they're baggy, and they also possess an array of soft
spots on each and every one! I will dry them out for two weeks before returning. . .
They are now somewhat firm. The outer wrapper is a bit coarse in texture, and
smells like an old record sleeve, while the inner core smells like the bottom of a
long neglected ashtray. The cold draw unfortunately tastes like that ashtray. Also, I
can tell there are leaves of Cuban seed origin herein. Anyone who has ever smoked
a dried-out, pre-Cuban cigar will be able to attest, and to pinpoint the taste when it
comes again. Upon lighting, I find this cigar burns rather well, and the smoke is
mild enough to be released through my nostrils with no sting! There is however,
an unusual taste which on my tongue; the taste one could expect from licking the
bottom of a dirty ashtray. It soon begins to burn uneven. If there is truly any Cuban
seed tobacco in here, it has become overpowered by the Dominican filler. An imperfect
union. As the smoke becomes thicker, it tastes like I am smoking burnt vegetables.
As I approach the 'three inch mark,' the taste of beans (burned beyond recognition)
appears, and it is foul. It isn't long after this, where I find I must discard it.

                                                Graycliff Avelino

This cigar smells just like one of those "J&R pre-Cuban Farah's" I used to buy in the early 1980's!
The inner core has a scent as soft as a honeysuckle. On the cold draw, there is that pre-embargo
taste I long for! Upon lighting, I can taste a faint nuttiness in the balance. Releasing some smoke
through my nostrils, I can distinctly taste the majority of the tobacco is aged! This cigar is pleasant
on the palate; however, I feel they should be aged for at least one to three years in good humidor
before smoking. There is definitely something lacking or missing that I unable to ascertain! As I near
the three-inch mark, I proceed to remove the upper band, only to find the wrapper leaf has adhered
to it. A simple lick and stick solves the problem, but still there is something irking me. . . As I continue
to smoke, the taste is now a cross between milk chocolate and dark chocolate! I am hesitant to
remove the large band because I know what is going to happen. I could not remove the band without
totally desecrating it, (which is very unusual for a Graycliff) and am happy the leaf did not adhere to it
this time! At the two-inch mark, the flavor is as bold as a hazelnut! Quite delicious!!! Overall, I find these
cigars should be aged until they are covered in white webbings; Then they will be exceptional!

                                                         Graycliff Platinum Series - "PG"

This cigar has a mild scent of molasses and birch. On the cold draw, I can taste a subtle
mixture of wood and cardboard. Lighting up, I find this cigar releases moderate plumes of
yellowish smoke, but is a bit tart; or should I say, as bitter as a rancid candela. I would not
recommend this cigar, for it does not age well. After the ash falls, at around the quarter of an
inch mark, it begins to exhibit a more pronounced taste. A more resiny taste; like an Ashton
on steroids! After awhile, toward the very end, I begin to feel the ill effects of this cigar.

                                                  Graycliff Turbo

This cigar can certainly stand on its own merit! Smells like fine snuff from an emperors private
stash! Just a little snip and it burns perfectly! The draw is equally as terrific! Super smooth, but
don't let it out your nose! Creamy and smooth on the palate, and will produce thick clouds of
billowy smoke. A serious cigar that is very non threatening in appearance, but nonetheless, will
rob you of all dignity should you smoke it on an empty stomach! One for the discerning smoker
who requires just a wee bit more than the average cigar holds. Halfway down, the rich taste of
macadamia nuts melded into a warm crème brûlée will prevail! Every cigar is exclusive to each
individual palate, but this one in particular will make every smoker proud! I have to admit, most
cigars just lay in the humidor growing old, but this cigar beckons to be smoked! At around the
two inch mark, flavors of dark chocolate and burnt toffee are intensified! I shall continue to
smoke this cigar until its very last puff, at which time I will be showered in grief. 

                                                                                    Graycliff Turbo Edición Limitada 2010

This wrapper leaf smells like a stick of licorice from 1972, that has been brought into contact with horse manure,
while the inner core smells like a coat made of the finest horse hair. I would not go as far as to say it has a barnyard
aroma, because the smell is very subtle, but then again, they are coming out of a thin plastic bag! Considering that
these cigars are made in the Bahamas, I would strongly advise everyone who has never tried a Graycliff cigar, to
reconsider! If you do not want to pay an astrological sum of money for one of these cigars, I will post a link on the
bottom of this paragraph where you can buy them for next to nothing! It is the best connection you will ever find!

After snipping the head slightly, I find the cold draw to be impeccable, and within it I can taste a certain
earthiness and hay. Upon lighting, I find this cigar is still too strong to be released through the nostrils, but
as smooth as silk on my palate! This cigar produces the whitest smoke, and has the most delicate ash I have
ever seen. Like a savory milk chocolate truffle, this cigar continues to impress me! I think I will spend more
time smoking, and less time writing today!!! At the three-inch mark, the flavor becomes more intense and
delicious! This is without a doubt, one of the best cigars of the year, and I cannot say enough about it! At
the two-inch mark, there is a rich nuttiness which has emerged in a sweet toffee core. Every puff after this
seems to be richer than the first, and if I cannot find a potential winner, the "Graycliff Turbo Edición Limitada
2010" will undoubtedly become the winner of the prestigious Charles Pendelton award of the year!

What does that mean? I have not a clue, but it sounds pretty good!!!

                                                          The mysterious Griffin!

I would first like to begin by saying that this cigar, in particular, is extremely rare and cannot be obtained
anywhere, at any price. Measuring in at almost nine inches, with a ring gauge somewhere in the lower 40's,
I can only say it will be a treat to finally be able to smoke one! Years ago in the early 1990's, I purchased a
bunch of them at a nearby tobacconist for fifteen dollars each, and buried them in the bottom of my humidor.
They are as elegant as they are beautiful in appearance. Considering that no one has any knowledge of their
existence, I am honored to be able to describe for you all, my experience! The smell of the wrapper leaf is
consistent with that of a new pair of fine leather dress shoes; only with less intensity! Looking down into the
core, I find it to be as distinct as a fingerprint, and the external leaf has a thin dusting of white powder, or in
layman's terms, cigar mold. The cap cannot be distinguished from the actual wrapper, and I can only attribute
it to the spectacular workmanship of someone I will never meet. On the dry toke, there is an essence of aged
cedar with a draw that is absolutely phenomenal. I am preparing to light it. . . Releasing the smoke from my
nostrils is exquisite and can only be described as enlightening! Each and every puff is smooth and creamy,
layered in a rich white velvet haze! The ash is burning perfectly, but I am sure it will fall soon. This cigar is almost
too perfect for words, and even though my mouth isn't exploding with ever-changing flavors, it doesn't have to.
If I had nothing but a few hundred boxes of these mysterious Griffin's, I would resign myself to smoking no other
cigar but them; they are that good! In my opinion, having the perfect weight and size to go along with everything
else, constitutes a great cigar. The balance is very soft and delicate, which makes it the perfect evening cigar, but
not for after dinner because it is not overly robust. I have tasted twice, a subtle nuance of a flavor most prevalent
in certain desserts, but what is it!? Of this, I am unable to ascertain. Possibly pulverized nuts and honey, but now
I am guessing. As we come to the end of a wonderful cigar, we close the page to another day as well. Another day
of happiness is still another day lost, and so tonight, when the night falls darkly and I close my eyes, I'll be pondering
that great voyage. The journey which takes us to another place in time; the other life we live. For some it is a passage.
An open door to a land of peace which lies unrequited near the stars. A place that is indistinguishable from our current
home. A region on earth where the sun is always shining, the water always sparkles, and the love which has long since
died is miraculously reborn. Only there can I hold you again. . .

                                                Gurkha Ancient Warrior Presidente

Allow me to start by saying, the measurement of this cigar is 8.5"x52! The outer leaf which is
mildly spicy causes me to sneeze repeatedly. It possesses the scent of a clean stable, while the
inner core is sweet with a fragrance of freshly cut apples and wood. On the dry toke, there is
a syrupy maple flavor intermingled with that of horses and saddles. Upon lighting, I find this cigar
burns well. The smoke released is not billowy as I expected, but somewhat airy. Before the 7"
mark, the ash begins to curve downward like an old toenail, but hangs on. I can denote a mild
taste of coffee. Past the 7" mark, the taste becomes more defined. Before the 6" mark, the
ash falls to the ground. All said, this cigar appears to be going in one direction, and that is good!
This is one stick that can really hold its own! Past the 5" mark, the flavor of java is replaced by
a more nutty flavor, where the smoke becomes billowy. I can now taste roasted walnuts, or
roasted peanuts in the balance. The flavor soon changes to an exquisite dark chocolate! Oooh
wait, there's more here. . .  Something really good! Similar to a dark rich espresso without any
undertones of bitterness! A smooth yet complex balance!!! Espresso and toffee surrounded by
a sweet caramel core! Nice!!! At the 5" mark, this cigar is just bursting with flavor! (There are
three inches remaining.) The intense espresso flavor is now at its peak! I like the fact that there
is nothing at all boring about this cigar. At the 2-1/2" mark, I can taste the tarry resin where
the cap begins to unravel; it is removed. The best thing to accompany a fine cigar while taking
notes for the first time is water. As I pass the 2" mark, the stub is still mellow! There is now
a mild undertone of varnish or lacquer signaling the end of a wonderful smoking experience.

                                                     Gurkha Beast XO (Gordo)

First off, I will begin by saying this cigar is a beautiful black with reddish hues which
are visibly noticeable in the light. The outer leaf smells like a fine leather strap, while
the inner core smells like the inside of an exquisite $600 leather dress shoe! Using my
titanium hole punch, I manage (with a minimum degree of effort) to break through the
thick rhino skin which secures the cap! The dry toke also tastes of exotic leather! Upon
lighting, I find the smoke to be thin. I find it hard to believe that a medium-bodied cigar
with such a dark wrapper could be so mild! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I could
have sworn I just caught the essence of a Lars Teten in there; or for you newcomers,
those Acid cigars with that perfumed oil! I have to remember that people nowadays
have no recollection of the Lars Teten brand. As I smoke, the ash remains steadfast and
strong, while burning ever so perfectly! Without warning, the 1st band bearing the name
"Beast" becomes unglued and pops! I cannot say I've ever seen that happen. As the ash
slowly approaches the 2nd band, the taste becomes more pronounced. It now, tastes like
tarry licorice, but is still burning flawlessly! As the ash nears the 2nd band, the flavor has
become more hot than enjoyable. . . The ash has only fallen twice. As I spit for the 40th
time, I wait for the Maduro toxins to kick in. Since I chew my cigars, I dare not swallow!
As the leaf slowly unravels, I do the old "lick & stick," and it is as good as new! This
is an excellent cigar for those who care for its particular taste; I for one am not a fan.

                                                                  Gurkha Beauty Salomon


 Allow me to first begin by saying that this cigar is absolutely gorgeous! Its shape is a vitola, which I believe
resembles an old time Perfecto with “the twisted end,” or better still, a San Cristobal Maestro. The shape on
this baby is 7-1/8 x 58, and is a joy to behold, literally!!! The wrapper leaf seems to have an amphibian smell,
 like that of a toad with a hint of pre-Cuban, but the inner core I find I am unable to ascertain. On the cold draw,
there is a discernible hint of a spicy, or somewhat peppery taste. Snipping off the end, I proceed to light up, only
to find it is exceptionally mild. So mild in fact, that I can release the smoke through my nostrils without even a
hint of discomfort. There is now a very light caramel taste, but nothing overly intriguing. The ash which almost
immediately begins to droop presents no definition. That is most assuredly due to its flakiness, and so I must keep
turning it to ensure a proper burn. To me this cigar is very one dimensional, however, its box and presentation are
quite impressive! Soon the fluffy ash falls to the ground, but to my surprise it remains intact. Before I can reach the
smaller band, the flavor which slowly begins to present itself, starts to intensify. Upon removing the 1st band, the
only taste that comes to mind is of toasted bread. I cannot say I’m sorry I bought a box of these smokes, because I
will probably age them for many years, to try again in the next decade. Eventually, the bready taste becomes more
pronounced. Upon removing the 2nd band, I find I am unmoved by these cigars. As I approach the final two inches,
I can taste the intense resin. While chewing this cigar, it has a rooty look to it which is very similar to the "El Rey del
Mundo" cigars I can recall from years past. At least it’s not all saliva, roots & veins like from those horrible things!

                                       Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Churchill

This cigar has a wonderful appearance, and looks as though it has been dipped in dark chocolate!
If you factor in the exception of a few bumps and veins that are quite noticeable, I do not think it
would be enough to deter a buyer from making his final purchase! Just smelling the wrapper leaf
has me thinking of dark tanning oil, and all those beautiful exotic places, I've never been to before!
The core is spicy and reminiscent of a classic Don Tomas! Rolling the cigar around in my mouth,
I can almost taste what should be an exquisite chewing tobacco leaf! Releasing some smoke from
my nostrils, I find there is a good amount of aged tobacco in there. The smoke is very light for such
a dark cigar, and as in the case of most Maduro wrappers, I do not expect this cigar to burn evenly.
It is strange the way smoke flows out of this cigar, almost as if someone is blowing air into it! This
cigar burns so slow, I think I may be smoking it forever! After the first inch falls, the cigar is bursting
with rich nutty flavors, but it seems a buildup of resin has accumulated, therefor prohibiting the smoke
from becoming billowy and thick. Nevertheless, I have a little reaming tool I created from an old coat
hanger, that seems to seems to work just fine. Now it is perfect! No matter how hard you pull on this
cigar, it will never become hot! After awhile, the thick billowy smoke returns! I don't believe that cigars
are a magic stress reliever; they don't remove the stress, but merely alleviate it, so we can further deal
with the problem at hand on a clearer day. Then on that clear day when we open the box, we are so
surprised to find nothing in it! That is why I smoke cigars, and these Gurkha's are plain awesome!

                                                                      Gurkha Class Regent (box pressed) Torpedo

To the nose, the wrapper leaf has a very spicy smell, and just by looking at it, you can see where the rich
resin seeps through! The inner core is of the purest and cleanest stable, while the cold draw has no taste
whatsoever. Upon lighting, this cigar jumps from medium to full-bodied instantly! A little smoke can escape
the nostrils, but it is a bit sharp and unpleasant. The smoke is not billowy, but almost thin. As I roll the cigar
around on my lips, I find it is smooth and delicate, like the tip of an overly sensuous finger. Before even an
inch can pass, the ash crumbles off. There is a zesty hint of caramelized walnuts in the balance, that will
eventually meld into a sweet pecan. Don't worry about leaving this cigar unattended for brief periods of
time, for it shouldn't go out! As far as the burn goes, it is quite flawless! Right around the 'three inch mark'
where the label is to be removed, the taste finally becomes more pronounced! Very similar to the walnuts in
"honey walnut shrimp" that is so delectable, but overflowing in caloric content! Around the 'two inch mark'
the flavor becomes bolder still, but a resinous taste most would find unpleasant. It is time to ease up on
puffing. . . Okay, now we're back to that honey walnut savoriness which will last until the very end.

                                                             Gurkha Havana Blend Robusto

I'd like to start off by saying, that the outer leaf of this cigar smells very much like dog excrement on the bottom
of a new sneaker! Any type of manure or barnyard smell related to cigars is usually a good sign! The inner core
is spicy in the most subtlest of ways, along with an undefinable syrupy smell, I find quite enthralling! The cold
draw, however, is devoid of any essence at all. Only a mild hint of pre-sweetened cardboard prevails. Upon
lighting, I find the smoke escapes my nostrils with the greatest of ease, and in doing so, I can taste hints of
vanilla bean extract! As I continue to smoke, I can denote an uncompromising flavor of wood, that has been
slightly offset by the delectable taste of ground walnuts! This cigar is truly a charmer, and for the price, one
cannot go wrong! A cigar with no unpleasantries, and an impeccable draw! It makes me happy, I bought the
bundle!!! Don't expect the ash to hang on for too long, but by the time it falls, the smoke is as white as the
powder that remains by my feet. There is nothing I like better, than a cigar that has no intention of going out,
nor diminishing! At this point, the smaller band has been removed, and the flavor has turned into a smooth
caramel. Heavenly!!! No uneven burn here folks! As I approach the main label, the taste has become
predominantly that of a coffee nature, and the caramel taste has dissolved around it. I will always leave the
cigar bands on while smoking, to either admire or protest my disdain, while in thought. (The second band
has been removed.) As I approach the finish line, which is approximately two inches from where the taste has
woven itself into a delightful resinous core, beckoning me to continue, I realize I cannot lay the stub down
to rest, for there is still life left in it! Nothing brings more peace to the mind, and joy to the senses, than the
placidity of an enjoyable cigar; and no, it is not an addiction, but rather an affirmation of one's character.

                                                                               Gurkha Warpig Belicoso

To the naked eye, this cigar has a wonderful appearance! The wrapper leaf looks almost burned, like a chestnut
pulled from an open fire, and after removing it from its cellophane sleeve, I am surprised to find it has almost
no smell whatsoever. Perhaps the smell of a leather belt, left hanging too long in your local haberdashery! The
inner core bears the essence of rich milk chocolate, intermingled with the scent of royal snuff! Snipping off just
the tip, I find the cold draw to be smooth and effortless; unfortunately, there is no taste at all I can discern. Upon
lighting this cigar, I find the smoke flows through my nostrils beautifully without any sting! The smoke is very
light for such a dark cigar, but it doesn't (at any time) become uncomfortable.  Suddenly, a burst of exquisite
chocolate flows into my mouth, and I find it is the perfect accompaniment to my cup of evening java! Occasionally, a
lacquer taste seems to supercede the richness, causing the edges around the ash to expel some of their emollients,
giving the brown wrapper leaf a wet sheen! I do not think that any part of this cigar has its origins in Cuba, but
rather elsewhere, of which I can only assume. Needless to say, this cigar burns brilliantly! Not one of my
favorites I'm sorry to say, I wish it were, but that just isn't the case. Watching the prominent vein in the leaf
travel up into the cigar ash, I notice the wrapper slowly begin to split. The last two inches are ruined, as the
wrapper leaf unravels and falls off. Sadly, without any tragacanth gum on hand, there can be no mending.

                                        Gurkha Titan XO (Gordo)

From a glance, this cigar is absolutely gorgeous, having a dull sheen which only
compliments its appearance. The outer leaf has a zoo-like smell, similar to the
reptilian cage or that of the mighty gorilla, while the inner core smells like freshly
trampled horse dung. The cold draw possesses only a single mild quality, which
can almost be questioned on whether the ancestral roots are (partly or neither) of
Cuban seed origin. Upon lighting, I release some of the smoke from my nose, and
it is mellow. This cigar has a wonderful taste and its unique flavor resembles a
Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey! Nothing could be better after a hard day's work, than
to lie back in a comfortable chair with one of these bad boys! The ash is burning
moderately even, and the smoke emitted has become moderately thick. The outer
leaf is not black, as it appears, but rather a very dark brown. After two inches, the
burn becomes slightly uneven. As I reach the 1st band labeled "Titan," the taste
changes to a more perfumy and more intense character. There is an essence of
what some might consider to be Cuban seed in the mix, cleverly hiding within a
resinous core! A divine smoke!!! As I get down to the last three inches of this
cigar, it becomes super rich like the finest of all dark chocolate! It now has the
smoothness of a finely aerated cup of frothy espresso! My favorite!!! (Hold the
sugar!) At the two inch mark, the flavor is bold, yet without being offensive.

                                                           Gurkha Widow Maker

To my nose, this cigar smells like a cross between black shoe polish and freshly cut wet grass, while
the inner core smells like burned out ashes of a driftwood fire (and) or a newly renovated horse stable!
The smokey smell is very subtle, but nonetheless there. On the cold draw, I can only taste a mild hint of
pepper. Upon lighting, I find the smoke is not thick and billowy, but light and airy. As I release some smoke
through my nostrils, I am surprised to find there is no sting! Don't let the wrapper leaf fool you, there is aged
tobacco in here! This cigar is very consistent in not only the way it burns, but also in the taste it imparts upon
my palate. For a dark wrapper, the flavor is very smooth! The subtle nuance of flavor is a step up from milk
chocolate, and a step down from dark chocolate. At the four-inch mark, the flavor becomes progressively
sweeter! As I get to the two-inch mark, it almost tastes like I am smoking a stick of pure chocolate! Always
remember, that the wrapper leaf of a "Widow Maker" is fragile and will unravel if not kept perfectly humidified!
Unlike the "Dragon Fury" which needs absolutely no humidification at all!

                         La Herencia Cubana Core Corona

This particular corona appears to be a box-pressed cigar that is not a standard 42 ring
gauge, but rather, a 44 ring gauge size. The outer wrapper leaf smells like a pile of autumn
leaves, while the inner core smells rich and flavorful; thus equivalent to the smell of a low
fat fudge bar! Slightly piercing the wrapper, I find the draw to be effortless! Upon lighting,
the powerful taste of a full-bodied cigar is revealed. This is a big cigar rolled up into a little
cigar, and certainly, it is one helluva stick!!! It feels like I am chewing on a tree branch with
a nice draw that is beginning to come alive! The dark and rich flavors I am tasting are of
earth and wood. This cigar kind of resembles a "Santa Clara 1830 Maduro Robusto"without
being overly spicy! As it burns down, the ash is in perfect alignment with the wrapper! As I
approach the two-inch mark, the smoke goes from light yellow to a billowy white!  This cigar
is too bold and intense for the morning hours, and should be reserved solely for a night cap.

                                                                             Hoja Nica

This cigar measures exactly 6-3/4 x 3/4 and smells like a sweet horse stable! Bold and spicy tones come forth,
when the core is gently inhaled through one nostril. On the cold draw, there is an overly sharp spiciness that tingles
my lips, tells me this cigar is going to pack one hell of a punch! The wrapper is a Corajo, but its taste far exceeds
that of most Maduros. As I poke the hole with an rather expensive steak fork, I gently begin to puff. There are
certainly undertones of an ancestral Cuban seed, dating back, even before the rise of Batista. It then becomes
subtle, with a graceful pleasantry that truly defines its character! I do believe that individuals put far too much
emphasis upon the type of cutter which should be used, when in fact, all that is really needed is a sharp instrument;
especially, when the cigar is somewhat dry. If it is overly moist, it will quickly become plugged with tarry resin and
therefore rendered unsmokeable! At which point, it will be time for the Guillotine, Renauld! Upon lighting, I can
honestly say, it almost feels like I am smoking a Montecristo! Whether Cuban or not, that is not important right
now. As it begins to burn, thick white smoke is released, but it is not billowy. It is however, one notch above the
intensity of a Macanudo, but then again, it is only smoke; for I am in no way referring to its flavor! Bold, powerful,
and spicy, are the only words that can possibly be used to describe such a cigar, which for now can be only
obtained in Nicaragua! It doesn't take long for the ash to become fragile, and drop to the floor. As I approach the
three inch mark, the rich and tarry flavor seems to come alive emanating in a very rich and fulfilling smoke!

                                            Hoyo de Monterrey Governors

The outer wrapper has the faint smell of a horse stable, while the inner core smells sweet
and earthy, like that of the finest tobacco snuff! The cold draw leaves a very brief aftertaste
of peach tea. Releasing the smoke through my nostrils, I find there is very little sting, which
leads me to believe that the majority of the tobacco filler has been aged!

If you're in doubt; there's no need to shout, 'cause you can never go wrong with a Hoyo!!!

Creamy notes of butterscotch fill my mouth to captivate my palate, surrounded by a warm core
of oak! The ash will fall off after the first inch, and the burn is only slightly under par, but overall
this cigar is right on the money! It may not be the Rolls Royce of cigars, but it is certainly one of
the oldest cigar brands in the world, and it didn't get there from being just adequate; it got there
from being exceptional! I can fault a Montecristo for being too overwhelming or intense,
and I can fault Macanudo for being too mild, but I have yet to find fault with a Hoyo.

                                                                     Joya de Esteli

The length of this cigar is 6-3/4 x 3/4, and upon removing the cellophane packaging, the first thing to
assault my senses is the rich smell of only the finest Hungarian snuff! The inner core, however, smells
like Kiwi shoe polish! Punching a hole with a watchmaker's screwdriver, I proceed to document the
cold draw. . . It is unmistakably weak; perhaps, weaker than the mildest of all edible seaweed. Upon
first light, I would certainly compare this to a Macanudo. The smoke, which can best be defined as
light and airy, can be released through the nostrils quite effortlessly, but the draw is slightly
constricted. After awhile the cap begins to unravel, and I find that most disappointing. This cigar is
more dull than it is relaxing, but after the first two inches, the smoke begins to thicken immensely!