Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
Chapter 32 (1973) pt 6


Tears were dropping out of my eyes and falling into ecstasy. As she made me stand, I was shaking
like a leaf on a tree with rapturous lust and was at the absolute pinnacle of this incredible emotion!
Every vein in my organ was now so pronounced and bulging, that if Harmony would have poked it
with a pin, I could have probably spray painted my entire name on the wall with it!

Harmony rolled two fingers around the tip of my throbbing pink helmet, as she so often referred to it,
and it immediately began to drool. She then used the clear syrup which dribbled out as a lubricant
to bring me to fulfillment. I screamed as emotion gave way to pleasure, and the magnificence of man
overflowed into the palm of her awaiting hand and fingertips. It was beyond anything my little mind
could ever have conceived, and there was so much fluid in that gorgeous hand of hers, I was stunned!

So relieved was I that the pain in my testicles had finally diminished,
I could have collapsed.

With the utmost dexterity, she used her sexual prowess
to emancipate my heart, until I became her prisoner.

Trapped within a loving amulet, never to be released I am yours forever. So eager
and willing was I to please in this hour of glory, that my very existence would hinge
upon her every word; until my own imperfections began to consume my waking life.

*To me, she was God's finest creation*

“Now tell me,” she said in a seductive voice which seemed to repress any anger,
“who would you rather play with, me or Ursula?” Before I could answer, she was
halfway to the bathroom, where she washed the remains of my love down the sink.

In the mirror, I could literally see the actual handprint with not only the shape of
each finger, but the three lines in each finger as well! Almost like a photocopy of
her hand had been emblazoned on my glowing buttocks. I ran my fingers over the
stiff welts and thought of how far I progressed in just a few short years. Don't get
me wrong, I fancied the thought of my parents being this much in love! To feel true
love, but I knew it was all just a matter of time before the marriage disintegrated.

In a poignant daydream, I visualized the two of them going on a year-long cruise
and awarding Harmony sole custody of me. A selfless act in my eyes that would
bring me untold joy; for then Harmony could adopt me, and we'd be left to dine
upon ourselves. Or at least, that's what I chose to think in my developing mind.

Harmony asked me where it hurt. “Are you kidding me,”
I responded in a
semi-rebellious tone. “I think you broke my ass,” I said laughing and sniffling!
“Don't feel bad, look at what you did to my hand.” “No, you did that to your
hand, I just cried.” “If you don't want it to happen again, try to remember
who wears the pants in the relationship.
I nodded my head in agreement.
She then applied some soothing creme to the affected area and it felt good.

“I'm so sorry about the last one,” she said with a devilish grin.

“No you're not,” I vocalized rather defensively.
Her smile grew. “I know,” she exclaimed, before
that adorable little thing she so often did!

Whenever Harmony was excited, she would hold the tip of her tongue in her teeth
as she giggled playfully!
My heart skipped a beat whenever she did it! As I looked
at her swollen palm from where I stood behind her,
it seemed to look
purple. How delicately fragile and ladylike she stood observing herself in the mirror,
as if she were standing before a judge who was about to pronounce sentence.

                                                             The Druids - Cool, calm and collected
                                                                               Pg 205

Affably, I wrapped my arms around her voluptuous body while my cheek rested firmly
against the layers of her tousled hair. How do you just become her, I asked with eyes
closed? So content in the love my heart was forming. You would be amazed, what
a woman will do for the man she loves. Did you really mean what you said to me
before? About? You know. “You need to help me out a bit, said Harmony in
such a way, as if she knew full well the question at hand.
Perhaps, she just wanted to
hear it from my own lips. Putting your thumb inside me, if I didn't do as you said?

For some reason, I could not look at her when I said it.

I'm sorry about that, I got lost in the moment. Ever so casually she knelt down beside me
on the bathroom floor. Forgive me? Um-hum, (There was a long silence) but you still
didn't answer my question. Yes, I would have, and it would have sounded like I was killing
you, but I would have been extra gentle. Please tell me, and I need you to be honest; would
you have held it against me? No, I said, still in a trance from the spanking. I then reached
out my hand and began to caress that bright red thumb of hers with mine. This one, I asked
curiously? She nodded in a manner that might have implied a childlike innocence, before saying
yes with a courageous smile. I then wrapped my hand around it ever so graciously, all the
while looking into the ocean of her eyes, just happy to be a part of her world. I couldn't resist
seeing her smile. I needed her to be happy for me to be happy.

Harmony then escorted me out into the living room where I let go.

How do you know about all that stuff, I asked. I'm a reader. If I find something is arousing
my curiosity, I will search for information on the subject and delve into it. In California, those
books aren't hard to find. I'm also an advocate for woman's liberation and believe we deserve
equal rights, better paying jobs, and more respect than we've been getting, don't you agree?
Yes. You had better say yes, or you'll be feeling my hand again!

We then embraced each other tight.

To live with hope can lead even cowards through minefields, but to lose one's salvation
is a far worse option than being heavily oppressed. Indeed, I would become fractured
beyond a shadow of a doubt and broken in every conceivable aspect concerning love.
Surely, I am overflowing with joy this hour, and not an unkind word do I have to say
for even the devil himself. But time as we all know moves forward without ever seeing;
without ever knowing; without ever feeling. Time as we know has already forsaken us.

Today was a wonderful day, and I will always give thanks for it.
Tomorrow, however, I shall tarry in the pit of despair with the ungodly,
for time is a master of deception; an illusion without any magic or disguise.

Only a few numbers were missing from the equation,
and no one ever sees that margin of error.

Where unspeakable evil presents itself in the form a cordial smile.

The seasons were turning;
and how was I to know the end would arrive before the beginning.

“Most men would not allow a woman to go near that area.” “Not even you?” (((Laughs)))
“Not even me! Most men have too much pride to allow themselves to succumb to the glory
of their own lustful nature. Aside from them not being able to understand love, apart from
their own selfish needs, they make it seem like we're nothing without them. They treat
us like dogs, and they think they're doing us a favor by having sex with them!”

“Like we-need-you? Most of them just want to throw you down on the floor and have their way
with you. No touching, no foreplay, nothing! But what they fail to recognize is that our needs,
need the same attention given as do theirs, but because they have strength over us, they feel
they can control us by bullying us and manipulating our emotions. Furthermore, they treat
like objects! We are not objects, we are human beings! We may tend to be more emotional,
and we may get hurt easier, but we still require love, don't we? Try explaining that to a man;
they don't see it that way! As long as we cook for them, clean up after them, wash their clothes,
bear their children and fuck them, that is all we are good for!

Just a piece of merchandise to be there at your beck and call,
like some pathetic, emotionless robot-whore!

If they understood their own sexuality, there would be no misconceptions about love,
and we would all get along just fine; am I wrong here, Charlie?You're not wrong.”

“Deep down inside, most men are cowards confined to their own will, and since they

cannot fathom a woman probing around inside of them in such a way, they consider
to be a gay thing. It is okay for you to do those things to us, but when it comes time
for us to reciprocate, then it becomes a gay thing? Grow up for goodness sake!

                                                                               Pg 206

Why is that, because you're no longer in control? A real man is not intimidated by
a woman! Especially, the woman he proclaims to love with all his heart and soul.
Sometimes, I wish I could shake some sense into them! Underneath their cool exterior,
they remain children. Children who always seek to get their way at our expense.

Then for the icing on the cake, they don't want us to have an opinion!

We should keep our mouths shut and not speak unless we are spoken to!”

“Does your family treat you this way?” “Not my family, my culture;
most men in general, and everyone I've had the displeasure of dating.”

Harmony was clenching her fist, and I could see by the way she had half
of her lower lip curled into her mouth, that she was becoming enraged.
I wasn't quite sure what to say in her defense, but I did know I had
to change the topic of conversation,
and I had to change it fast.

“How could anything with you be gay?” I uttered nervously, not knowing I was,
in fact, laying the groundwork for the whole relationship's foundation. “How?
Well, for starters if I used implements or objects on you, which are dreadful,
and I would never do such a thing; that could very well be considered a gay
thing. But you know what I have, and I know what you have. You're a boy and
I'm a girl, correct?” “Uh-huh.” “What's queer about a boy and a girl enjoying
each other's body?” “Nothing.” “That's right, you enjoy being in my company,
and I enjoy being in yours. You love me, and I am equally indebted to you.

Very soon age is not going to be an issue, but until that time comes and according to the
laws of this country, you do not have an opinion either!” “What do you mean?” “I mean
that if anything, ‘God forbid’ were to happen to your parents, or if anyone ever found out
what we were doing together, they would tear us apart like animals regardless of how we
feel within ourselves about each other.
All laws are governed by rules and by right they
should be, but there are also exceptions to every rule, and I believe this is one of them.”

With a hand on my knee and a sad look in her eyes, she proceeds to
kiss me lightly upon the lips. “There is something I must tell you.”

“Five years ago, I fell in love with a young man from Oakland County. In the beginning,
he was so sweet. Always surprising me with gifts, or sneaking up from behind to cover
my eyes! Anyway, after a year he was recruited into a gang called, Los Trajes. They were
a dangerous gang with a violent past, who extorted money from honest hardworking
people. Not to mention all the drugs they did that turned my Alberto into a monster!

Another year later, I find out my boyfriend is cheating on me, and so I confront him
about it. Like a punk, he says to me, “cierra la boca, perra,” so I slap his face. Would
you like to know what he said, when I told him I was breaking off the engagement?
He said I was nothing more than a filthy immigrant whore and demanded to know
what was wrong with me! Then he thrust me up against the wall and raped me!

I was so dry, and the blood;
it was all over!!!

Harmony was now swinging her arms and crying uncontrollably. “Then he beats me for
bleeding on his Persian rug!!! Over and over again with his fists, he wouldn't stop. For
awhile, I thought I was blind in my right eye. I couldn't see out of it for almost a month.
Do you have any-idea of the pain I felt at that moment? Do you? My-heart--died!!!

I held her face in my two small hands and said, “when I'm older I want
you to take me to him. I want you to watch as I smash his face open!!!”
                                                 Kings Verses - I stand nowhere

I brought my fist down so hard on the wooden table, I nearly broke it.
She took hold of my
numb little hand and held her lips to it. . .

“And lose you?

                                                                               Pg 207

There was no doubt about it, I thought, some men were just born to be monsters.

“I would never do anything to hurt you,” I said, sounding almost desperate for I was pleading
to convey my point. “Even if you were to break up with me, I would still honor and respect
you.” “I know you would, but I am not breaking up with you,” said Harmony in a trembling
voice before bringing a hand to rest on my cheek. With the tips of my fingers, I parted my
lover's hair, so that her view of me was unobstructed. As she looked into my eyes, I looked
into hers to find the agony of that bitter moment. A pain so great, it unmistakably changed her
very appearance. If eyes are a mirror of the soul, then she was in Dante's Inferno right now,
and her expression was so serious that when I looked into them, I could almost see the striking.

“I am so sorry Harmony.” I said with such conviction my voice was shaking. “Thank you
my sweet baby,” she replied, as tears the color of night streamed down her face. As I listened
attentively to her voice, every word spoken was channeled through a nightmare she had been
forced to endure. Harmony then wipes her eyes, smearing the mascara from her face.

A few minutes later, she would drive a stake through my heart
by saying something I never expected to hear come out of her mouth.

“I will never stop loving you, Charlie. Even when you grow older and decide, you too wish
to knock me around cause I no longer please you.” Her voice cracked on the last word, and
she burst into tears covering her face with both hands.
Upon hearing this, I instinctively
moved back, the same as I would have had she thrown a glass of ice water in my face.

Harmony was now crying hysterically. To imagine myself hitting her like that went
far beyond the scope of any normal form of reasoning. It was incomprehensible.

                                The Mixed Emotions - Search my heart

As the whole scene came into focus, I was so hurt that she could even say such a thing!
To assume that I could be capable of such an act. As I unwillingly watched this beast
pummel my girlfriend, I felt myself being pulled apart by emotion. For anyone to hurt
her like that was simply unthinkable. Before long, I was beginning to lose control as this
heartfelt sadness I had never known before, slowly overtook my senses.

Not knowing what else to do, I threw myself at Harmony and held her tightly in my arms
as tears streamed down my chin. “No one is ever gonna hurt you again,I cried out
in anguish! “I promise you. I promise! As I struggled to catch my breath gasping, I
bellowed, “I'm gonna kill him!!!” The rest of this scene, my mind seems to have blotted
out. I can remember feeling her hand on the back of my head and neck, but that is all.

Everything else after this is a blank spot.

When the anger subsided, I recall telling Harmony about an incident that happened last
year. A rather small insignificant occurrence that would end up meaning the world to her.

As the story goes, I can vividly remember my dad yelling at my mother over something
pertaining to money, and my mother was becoming more and more unsettled. Then from
out of nowhere, she sprung up from her seat and slapped my father hard across the face!

“What did your father do?” “He slid his chair back, got up and then left the house.
He came back about five hours later, but he never hit her. . . Just like I will never hit you.

Why can't you just be eighteen, so I can marry you? If I was eighteen, you wouldn't have
given me the chance to prove myself to you. She thought about my words and said, do you
realize you are the only person who has ever truly adored me? Thank you. I never thought I
could be loved like this by anyone. My whole life, I have always felt rather plain. So ordinary
in comparison to American girls, but you have shown me otherwise. Her misty eyes were once
again becoming watery, and so Harmony ran her hand across her right cheek where the tips of
her fingers became wet. “The way you make me feel, and the way you treat me. Even though
you are still young and learning, you have given me so much, I could never repay you for it.”

*You already have my love; you already have*

                                Maywood - If you and I

                                                                               Pg 208

There is a place where the vultures gather.
Not ordinary birds of prey; something indescribable.
They wait for that nectarous river to run dry before swooping up
from Abaddon
and out of your most hallowed thoughts to tear your
eyes from their sockets.
Since you will find you have no energy to stop them,
they allow themselves
the indecency to eat into your brain till the festal is over.
Then, for the rest of your meaningless existence, there is no other way home
but to grope through that channel of broken glass on all fours; ever suffering.
Ever weeping at the thought of being forsaken by all you hold dear.
When the angels can no longer protect you, you will fall from grace.
You will be exiled to an abhorrent plain on earth, where you will be forever
banished, until the mere concept of God becomes nothing more
than a contemporary English version of a fable. The clock is
moving forward at an alarming pace. . . So loud it begins
to sound like a bomb.
And how could we have known
the enemy of time would be our abductor?

“I'll do anything you want,” I said, “even that, because you're my world.
I want you to feel
the same way I feel when you are doing those things to me, as when I'm doing them to you.
I just want you to be happy all the time, like the happiness I feel when I'm alone with you.”

As she tried to smile through the tears, she held me close and spoke in the voice of a whisper.

“Oh my love, that is all I wanted to hear.”

Without exception, I offered my body unto her, the same as I
would have offered her my neck, had I found out she were a vampyre.

During this time we spent together Harmony would often ask me if I was ready to 'open up to
her' and moved her fingers as though she were playing an invisible piano. “You know I can't
say no to you.” I told her she didn't have to ask anymore and to just do it, but she insisted
it was all part of the game. “I need to feel that intense desire; that wanting. That need from
you that you crave me so, and wish more than anything else for me to be pleasured and
happy. If I ever get the feeling you are becoming uncomfortable with it in any way, or
if it ever begins to feel like a task, I want you to tell me and I will stop doing it.”

Over a period of time my lover was granted supreme access into a land which
encompassed that of my own loving heart, and with each and every finger,
Harmony would indeed caress my very soul. The gentle massage performed
deep inside in a fluid motion would only enhance our love for each other.

My exotic angel, you have given your love unto me,
and I
have given you mine. Together we shall create a new world!

“For me this is the highest honor a man can bestow upon a woman,” said Harmony proudly,
before telling me to relax. She then told me she had never done 'this sort of thing' before.
“I'm not sure how we should go about it,” she said half confused and half bubbling over with
excitement! I carefully removed my clothes, and she made me lie outstretched on the couch
with my neck supported by the cushy armrest. Intimately, she rolled some saliva around on
my sensitive area with her index finger. Like an exquisite painting, this scene would often be
reproduced, yet somehow without all the allure and mystique which had grown from knowing.

                                                                               Pg 209

From the position I was lying in, I could see the implicit markings of that beautiful palm. So
feminine and sensuous was this beautiful bright red hand that had just slapped the living hell
out of me. On more than one occasion, I would use that precise image to keep myself in line!

I reveled in the knowledge that she was all mine and allowed her to take pleasure in my body
with a moist and glistening finger. With her palm up, she curled back the others and gently
began to insert her forefinger, stopping only after the tip had passed the great divide! So
eagerly she prepared to fillet me, with an expression that seemed to be waiting for my
“Are you okay? Should I stop?”
“No, I just need to hold your other hand.”

She then smiled lustfully and extended it for me. As I held her left hand and gazed at those
meticulously manicured fingers, I realized at that very moment what an honor it was to
partake in the glory of her being.
To watch her face as she braved this new world. To see
her conquer it with eyes closed and moaning. To watch her tongue slide over her lips as we
interconnected to become one mechanism. That supreme esoteric joining of two people in love,
who have woven themselves into the very fabric of life's laurel to become love's honorer.

An occasion of joy, where the Empress and king are in fact, modern-day peasants who play
their part so well, they have earned their status in the real world.
During this act, Harmony
showered me with love and affection that was so becoming of her. As I lay enrapt in her
I rolled my tongue around the base of her hand, near the wrist.

                 “May I,” she asked, as if out of breath?

                I looked at her with a very perplexed face,

                         and she repeated the question. 

                                May I go further?

“Yes, I said, full of confidence and longing, but not really sure what all the hype was
As Harmony continued to push her finger further down in an ever-gentle motion, I
felt my body's natural function begin to reverse itself. She then formed a slow and steady
rhythm of sliding it in and out, while pleasuring herself at the same time. Strange as it
seemed there was only a mild pinching, or should I say a rather mild stinging sensation,
before pleasure overtook me. As her warm inviting finger immersed itself in my helpless
body, I held onto her other hand while gazing at those delicate, overly sensuous fingers!

I couldn't help but watch as she gratified her own sexual desires, while oohing and ahhing
and biting oh so tenderly on her lower lip. As she penetrated the boy, the man came alive
and that impressed her! While she massaged the soft flesh of my sarcoline walls, I too closed
my eyes and began licking the entire portion of that delectable palm, surrendering only as
I made my way up the length of four brunneous fingers,
which I held together and made like
the whole hand was a Good Humor bar!
*Truly our love had no end*

                                                        Peter Frampton - I'm in you

The only two things I was thinking was
is she really doing this to me? (((and)))
My God, I love her so much!!!

My senses were reeling as my tongue swathed wildly!
So intimate were we now, conjoined in love; so revealing!

Make no mistake, eloquently and with fervor will my love release itself in a loud sonorous
discharge. The time is at hand for the moment is near, and I've all to do to keep myself
from exploding! I can feel you ravishing my heart, causing my body to quiver. Nibble on
my flesh in that adoring way and fill my mouth with your saliva, so that I may be brought
to fulfillment in a land of epicurean delights. I looked at her face; her raven hair, and that
image carried me away in its splendor. Just the way she spoke while a part of her was
inside me was unlike any language I had ever heard before. So dignified was it that I
found myself perpetuated above mortal man, as if I had somehow graced heaven.

“How noble are you, my lord,” I heard her say in a subdued voice, “to offer yourself
so humbly to I, who have nothing. I find you to be rare; so rare a breed. To covet and
scorn if I may. To thrash in rapture, I say not, but to love. . .
I do my lord! I do!

                                                                               Pg 210

She went on and on in a Shakespearean tongue, and it made me feel as though I were
an emperor in my own kingdom. I had everything a boy could ever want and so much
more. Later when she stopped speaking, Harmony took me into her loving mouth and
brought me to new heights. There she reversed her hand to tantalize my prostate gland
until I released my passion! As I erupted like a mini volcano, it was there in that
wonderful place where she drank from the fountain of my concupiscent loins.

Upon licking her lips, Harmony said only one word. . . “Tangy.”

She then looked up at me with an
appearance so striking, my heart swelled! Those
Manila eyes. Those full Indian lips. That South American allure she wore around
her like Miss World! Miss Universe!!! All that is a part of me is yours my love,
for you have become the owner of my heart. The writer of my destiny. . .

Without you; I shudder at the thought of that.

In circles of men and women alike, I was sure to be laughed at, or ridiculed, or
scorned, but to this angel who found a place in her heart for me, I was beyond
reproach. Today, no matter where I go or who I'm with, I will always feel as
though a part of me is alone. When the emptiness inside your heart becomes
greater than your own will to survive, it will consume your soul until everyone
around you is a stranger. And it's not that you don't love them anymore; it's just
that it hurts so much to see that beautiful shoreline, where you and I once stood.

I was consumed by her passion. Enthralled in the very aspect of just being beside her
as we enjoyed life together, let alone the magic of becoming one with her in such a way! 

“On the eve of this very night, I found my soul mate.” I turned my head to her on that
couch and asked her what a soulmate was. “Would you die for me if you had to?” she
asked, in a gentle tone. “I would die for you if I didn't have to,” I verbalized quite honestly.
“Then I am truly your soul mate, she exclaimed most happily! “That is the only way to
if your partner is undoubtedly your soul mate; and I would gladly die for you as well!”

*Do not fear my love, for I will be older soon*

An hour later, I was prepared to use my tongue again, and this time I was reeling with desire!
With her hands clasped onto my head, I began doing that thing she loved so much. Licking
in and around her gentle area like I was licking an ultra-thin sheet of candy, while trying
not to lick through it. This is the way Harmony told me awhile back that I should do it.

I felt like a songbird that had just been released from its gilded cage, and
would never again have to sing for anyone. Songbirds only form melodies
because they are looking for their mate. Once they find their companion,
they are content with each other and their warbling intonations will cease.

Slowly, I inserted two fingers into my lover's warm body, before continuing to entice her
with my thumb. Caressing her sweet spot was such an ambrosial treat for me, and she had
become so delicate! So sensitive now was my lover, using her sharp nails to claw at my
scalp, and her head thrown back in absolute ecstasy. With extreme benevolence and quiet
dedication, I tasted the sticky petals from the sacred flower of life, until it became my own
breath. Removing my fingers, I parted the sweet folds of her love. Tantalizing her flesh
with my tongue, I darted in and around her glistening area, without any harsh penetration.

Soon she would erupt and quake, and within that sensuous expanse, I tasted what can only be
described as the purest of well water. A feminine secretion which seeped from her walls of flesh,
followed the order of gravity down the inner portion of her thigh to mildly grace the intricately
woven mesh of the fine upholstery. Breathing through my mouth helped me stay the course!

I heard my sweetheart gasping for air and turned my face toward her, only to see her
exhaling rapidly. “You are sincerely a gift from heaven,” said Harmony in a very winded
tone. “Now you can do with me as you wish,” and I went wild! Thrusting my tongue in deep,
as if wanting to come out the other side of her like an eager python! I tasted the walls of
her love, like I was licking around the inside of a honeypot while trying desperately to
get every last drop of her wonderful essence. There in the opening of a dark chasm,
I breathed in deeply that musky and engaging aroma.

                                                                               Pg 211

That individualistic scent which separated her from all other females, until she was
but a part of me. In a short while from now, when my lover has once again climaxed,
I will be ready to make love to her. Afterwards, we settled down on the bed, basking
in the afterglow of loves peaceful resolve. Looking up at the ceiling while holding hands
and sighing blissfully; thoroughly content in the emotional intimacy we shared together.

As I became drowsy, my eyes closed. I then drifted apart from her in sleep.

The following day, Harmony would use her thumb to make love to me, and I would
find myself telling her it was okay. I belong to you baby, of course it's okay. Indeed,
I savored that experience, because it was something I allowed Harmony to indulge in.

To deny her this, after all she had given me
would most certainly be a travesty of justice.

My angel you shall always be
This world, my heart I give to thee
A song that plays forevermore
of love for whom I do adore

Sunday morning upon waking, we watched as the snow continued to fall. Seeing

my lover stretch as her eyes first opened was the most beautiful part of the day!

Harmony said she had returned from a midnight journey that led her to the South of
France where she worked as a prospector; mining for metal ore and other valuable
commodities with a crew of many. Everyone was rich and everyone was happy.

I, however, was nowhere in the equation.

As she cracked open the window, an icy breeze blew in. The sky was the purest of white
and the air had become so crisp! I went out to shovel and found that a six-foot drift had
curled up alongside the main walkway. Apart from this, everything seemed to be brushed
clean from the wind. Since it was extremely cold, it didn't take very long before I could no
longer feel my fingers. I went back inside where Harmony removed my mittens. “You're
freezing,” she said, and began rubbing my hands! A few minutes later, we took a steaming
hot shower, before making love on the couch. Harmony then made the most sumptuous
chocolate covered Belgian waffles; I ate so many, I could hardly breathe! I then rested
on the couch while she washed dishes and cleaned up.

She was heaven in the form of a woman.
She was everything perfect in the world.
She was my life, my love, and my best friend. 

But this was not to be, for something awful was coming.

On the side doorstep under the old wooden awning were two gifts
that had been left by white socks. A community cat who Harmony
threw occasional scraps to. Never had I seen anything like this before.

As we observed the mice with their heads chewed off, neither of us wished to
touch them. “I don't like the looks of that,” I said, sounding most apprehensive.
“Don't worry, they're only gifts for all the scraps of food and milk, I've given him
over the past few years. It's just something cats do, they thank you.” “Did he have
to thank me too?” (Smiles) “He knows you are my lover, silly. Cats aren't stupid!” 

Little could I have known the fate we would both suffer, for this was more
just an omen. It was a premonition of disaster. What was coming for
us could not be stopped, and it was far too late for any kind of reckoning.

The best thing that could have possibly happened at that very moment
as we walked inside the house and closed the frail wooden door,
would have been the overwhelming smell of natural gas. . .

                                                       And a spark.

                                                                               Pg 212

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