Charles Pendelton
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Reviews for Chapter 32 (001-100)

Reviews for Chapter 32 (1-100)


*Please note: I will only be providing star-ratings from Goodreads*

My very first review is by Knyazhuk on 8/12/19 - (((((Katja hails from The Netherlands))))))
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Dear C.Pen,

It took some time but I have finished reading your book, and reviewed it. I have to say upfront you’re a very talented
writer, the words you use, the sentences, the formatting: it all comes together very, very well. It’s almost lyrical, poetic
even. Truly a beautiful choice of words throughout the entire work. The way the words describe certain people, the
dreams, the setting. It made it really easy for me construct an image in my head that really transported me to the 70’s
and your story. Which also brings me to the introduction part, you’re one of the few writers that gives such clear and
well written “instructions” to the reader. I think it really gives a clear image of the journey they’re about to embark on
and prepares them for the read.

And when it comes to the journey, it’s an intense one. I think you’re really brave to be able to write about this so openly,
and to share it with the public (in this case: me). I really would not put the label “disturbing” on it, I mean yes it is intense
and I would not approve of the sexual relationship between the two characters. However, it IS a lot to take in for your
average reader, you might say. Basically your point, or red thread in the story (as I like to call it) is the fact that true love
has no boundaries. I like to leave that statement in the middle, for there are so many different types of love and relationships
out there. What I do find interesting is that I am sure children often can and will get infatuated with older “role models” also
in a love-type-of-way. I remember being maybe about ten, eleven years old and being “in love” with someone who was 20+.
It’s really common for children to develop these type of crushes and feelings and sometimes even act out on them, maybe
not as severe as the characters in your book, but still. So yes that happens, but the fact that both of these people decided
to act out on it is obviously pretty rare. And also, illegal and yes well disturbing to a lot of people, because in the end it is
performing sexual acts with and on a minor. I also have a feeling Harmony knew and felt from the start she was in the
wrong but could not get rid of the strong feelings she has. BUT since this is kind of a personal memoir/experience it does
kinda turn the tables for me, I mean it’s still “wrong” but it’s not like you came up with this as a fictional story in your head
because you’re let’s say “into that”.  Personal experiences really do turn and change subjects around.

If I were to read this and knew the boy was of age or at least not a kindergartner I would say that the way he describes her
and the love for her is absolutely breathtaking. The way you write scenes, and having the knowledge that all this comes from
notes and journals, just makes it really magical almost? Really when it comes to skill, and being a writer I would really put
you up there upon a pedestal. But the age thing will just not fade, and I have mentioned to you before I am a pretty open
minded person, and went into this open minded. Even through the sex scenes, because again, if you forget about him being
a kindergartner, the love/romantic/sexual scenes are truly so well written with so much class. I’ve read a lot of erotic works,
but nothing that was so well written because this leaves so much to your own imagination and creation. But then once again
you remember him being 6,7,8,9 and so on and it just feels wrong. Coming back to me being open minded, just because I am
doesn’t mean the public will. If you were to release this in any way, you will suffer from the backlash and shrinks, therapists,
people claiming you suffered from trauma (this only you can answer, but I can imagine that having these experiences and a
love this deep at THAT age really does shape and form you)

Again I can’t stop telling you what a great and inventive writer you are, I know you say in the book that after this no more,
and that there is no more stories to tell. But really sir, you could be up there with the best. I really enjoyed the dreams he
had, they’re so vivid and significant to his character, his fears, his desires.  And the formatting is so well done, it reads really
easy, as if I’ve just bought a best-selling novella and am completely drawn in into Staten Island in the seventies and I’m
shadowing the kid everywhere he goes. I’m there when eats, dreams, loves, everything. To answer your hopes, it is heartfelt,
it is endearing, It really is over-flowing with love, admiration, affection, so much that I think anyone who reads it would love to
be loved by you and Harmony at the same time. If man were to work through the “disturbing” and “wrong” part of it, they could
truly see the gem that is this work you have created. Not just the story itself, but the ingredients used: the notes, the withered
journals; all of this makes it truly compelling. You provide the reader with so much backstory, information, details, that I just
can’t help but think that they will be transported to that era, to your story. Hell, there might be others out there, plenty even,
who have been through what you’ve been.

Now if I had to be sickening honest: as positive as I am about everything and anything else in this novel, the sexual aspect
is just something I cannot get over. And I’m afraid no other will. And they might be harsher than I am with my words. Which
does bring me to the question if you would want to (self)publish this work? Considering everything, I still do think it has much
potential. You’ll be a controversy for sure, but your story will be heard..and not everyone is the same. Plenty like me may think
it is still a beautiful story. And you will sure strike a huge debate on the “does love really have boundaries” question.

I would really love to hear how YOU feel about the book, and about everything.
If you foresee a future in writing, or in this book.

Charles Pendelton: Thank you Katja Knyazhuk of Lelystad, Netherlands for such a heartfelt review!
In truth, you made me feel like a Beatle for the entire week! And that is something I will remember!

After some time had elapsed, (one and a half months to be exact) Katja contacts me and we converse a bit.

*This is her review of my work on Goodreads*

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to proofread and edit this piece of art.
It will challenge your mind, your views and it will make you uncomfortable.
But all of this is wrapped in beautifully written text. So detailed, so shaped.

You will create the setting in your head and the book will play out in front
of your eyes. This is not your average book. But if you are open minded
and willing to push through you will be exposed to the true art of writing.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My second review is by Lesliearambula on 8/18/19 - ((((((She is from California, USA))))))
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Your use of language and description are breathtaking. I know that you were initially concerned about
the purple prose, but I think that it matches your storytelling style of this book and it does you great
favors in creating the atmosphere and mood that I believe you wanted—adoration and devotional love.

Similar to the previous notion, your ability to describe the nuances of human emotions and experiences
were amazing. One in particular was when you described the moth fluttering across eyelashes and leaving
a bit of the dust from its wings on your face. So beautiful. You have a knack for describing the emotional
journey in this book in a way that makes it relatable, universal, and gorgeous to read through. It is a very
difficult thing to do to capture so much emotion the way that you did and you pulled it off in multiple
places, all throughout the story, not just in singular scenes.

I was not exactly ready for what the content of the book was going to be. On that note, I was not prepared
for the age gap and explicitness of the relationship with Harmony that was presented here. However, I do
applaud your courage at bringing this story to the world. It may be difficult to have it received positively, but
your authenticity and genuine words really shone on the page and I do believe that if you are sincere about
showing it to the world, it will have a hard time, but will eventually find a place in the hearts of readers.

The concept of the embryo man was an interesting one. When I initially saw the cover, which is gorgeous,
I was intrigued about the concept of the duality of being an embryo and a man at the same time. I think that
you explained it well in the chapter where it is discussed and it reflects accurately a common theme/motif
of duality of boy/man throughout the story.

On another note. . .

As a reader, I would be hard-pressed in enjoying this book. To be honest, the idea of a relationship,
even one so beautifully described, that included a minor of the age of 8-11 performing such intense
sexual scenes would not be something that I would want to read for enjoyment. Although there are
some successful stories that broach this topic of love between an adult and a minor, it is definitely
a niche. I do think that your storytelling is beautiful and although it doesn’t always conform to popular
writing style, you have a unique style and way with words that was enchanting and intriguing. I am not
sure if you have already taken the precaution, but if this is truly based on real life, then you may want to
make a note about changing the names at the beginning. Also, including some sort of preface note about
the age gap and addressing that up front may make it more easy for readers to continue with the story and
not be so shocked when they begin reading. Overall, I am glad that you asked me to look at your work
and know that it takes a huge amount of courage to put your heart and work out there like that. There are
endearing and intimate themes in your book that really touched me despite the discomfort of the age gap.


My third review is by Michyestrada on 8/25/19 - (((((((((Michelle is from Guatemala)))))))))
If you enjoy writing, feel free to contact her on FIVERR for an unbiased opinion of your work!

The feelings embodied in the initial words of the book, drives you to want more,
you talk about the forbidden thing that is an unconventional love story, and I just
want to know more, to know that love story that is different from everything I've
read to this day. The way in which it is written makes the reading flow and when
you realize it you have finished a chapter and in just a sigh you find yourself
finishing reading the book.

The introduction of the characters, lets know from the beginning that it will be a story
that will make you see life in a different way, with the constant warnings you know
that you must have an open mind for the story to be told. Each of the people who
make up the narrative have a lot of solidity, at first I felt that there was a great void
in the explanation of Charlie's relationship with his parents but then I understood
that it was necessary to understand the development of it. Although I would have
liked to know more about Charlie's feelings about his parents.

Some descriptions of the places would be nice to be able to enter the history even more,
at first this shows quite well, but as the book progresses it is lost, as with the description
of the clothes, the smells and the space in which The characters develop, this would create
more solidity in the imagination of the readers to feel more closely every moment. Another
point that I would have liked to read would be Charlie's tastes, since these are very little,
apart from his relationship with Harmony, which others made, thought or liked to do more
and that were affected, improved or changed over time. It shows more growth and the
passage of time, as well as more empathy generated in the reader.

Harmony from the beginning shows that he is a character that exudes great respect,
in addition to mystery, someone lonely but brave, how he begins to interact with Charlie
and the warmth of his person is clearly perceived in the narrative. When they gave their
first kiss, I felt that they broke all the walls that society has created and I saw in a fairly
clear way how love should have no limits, in the way the story progresses, passion and
sensuality were made each time more palpable, how they knew their bodies and loved
each other more and more, although at first it is described that they had many talks on
diversity of topics that made them get closer and closer as the story progresses, but at
some point this is being lost, and it focuses more on the herotic part and although in
their actions you see the love they had for each other, it can be quite carnal.

The structure of the book is well used, it has a good introduction in addition to the fact that
the story is rising in interest as it is read, maybe you could add a little more emphasis on
each turn so that they can give a little More than hooking the reader, in the rest in what
conserves structure I feel that everything works very well and that allows to enter the
history in an organic way that gives naturalness and empathy with the narrator.

In some parts they feel the changes of scenarios or situations are a bit rough, although
it works for fluidity many times this does not allow the reader to properly assimilate it to
continue with the next situation that will arise. In these situations a comment can be made
regarding the time that is happening as they were feeling so that you can give a break to
the events and leave the acceptance time as normal.

With regard to the difference in age, this will undoubtedly be a subject that many people
will criticize in a negative way and the discussion on the subject will always be there, from
my point of view, today many people have come out to defend their way of loving. We should
not continue with what society has established, when we know that there are no limits to love.
There will always be criticism, bad comments, but that should not make our beliefs or thoughts
crushed, it should only be a motivating force to defend it.

One of your concerns was that I could hate Charlie, but I am completely honest with you and at
no time in history did I feel something like that. Harmony and Charlie will now live forever in my
memory, like a love story that has never been seen.

Charlie's dreams certainly help explain how he feels about the situation in a very original way,
creating an atmosphere of mystery in his surroundings. The end of the book is heartbreaking,
knowing how the love story ends so tragically, an interesting point would have been the description
of a full day of Charlie after knowing Harmony's death to learn more about his sadness.

Observations in specific parts:

In part 8 it can be quite disturbing, but this gives another point to the story, although it is confusing the
point at which it is real and not, in this part I felt quite disoriented about how the situation was going.

On page five of part 1, there is the phrase "It didn’t matter anyway. I had to go with my mother today for
shoes", which is not going well with the rest of what was written, since until that moment He narrated in
the present tense and the rest in the past. This happens again on the next page: “Today it was only the
A&P.; We spent most of the morning in there "

My favorite phrase in the book was: "There was no doubt about it, I thought, some men were just born
to be monsters." It is a very strong phrase that reveals not only a reality according to Harmony's violation,
but also with respect to the finger he judges, and the reality of life itself.

Her review on Goodreads. . . I loved the story, it has a unique plot that catches you from the beginning,
the romance between the characters produces a roller coaster of emotions, highly recommended.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fourth review is by dubraskabetanco on 8/26/19 - (((((Dubraska is from Colombia)))))
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The actual two page review from Dubraska (of FIVERR) is contained in my files.

Her review on Goodreads. . . This book really got into my mind, it's a very unique
story that maybe can shock some audience, but if you are willing to read this book
with open mind and open heart I tell you for sure that you gonna love it. It's a love
story, it's a self discover story, it's everything.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifth review is by Sara_Rawhi on 8/27/19 - (((((((((Sara is from the land of Egypt)))))))))
If you enjoy writing, feel free to contact her on FIVERR for an unbiased opinion of your work!

Her review on Goodreads. . . The book from the literature point of view is written perfectly.
It will make you imagine all the scenes as if you were there at those times because of how
flawless and accurate the details were. However the only concern is the age factor between
both main characters because they developed a love story. But lets us not jump into conclusions
because this seems to be a true story and it already happened a very long time ago. So basically
you are going to read about the life of 2 people and how tragically their story have ended.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixth review is by katiahernandez on 8/27/19 - 3/3/20 (GR) (((Muntinlupa, Philippines)))

This book delves into a relationship that you don't really get to read about it most books or watch
in most movies but it shows that love is love. The writing is absolutely beautiful and takes you
through the story with such vivid images and breathtaking descriptions of the feeling of first love.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new and unique to read.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventh review is by abantikabose on 8/27/19 - (((India)))

The Embryo Man by Charles Pendelton is an offbeat romance that
begins between a kid and an young lady Harmony. It's a love story
but an unique one at that. The age factor (difference) can make
some readers uncomfortable but going through it was definitely
worth it. The ending was tense and had me all palpitating.

The writing and the command over language of the author is impeccable.
Short and simple sentences, makes you interested in the story immediately.
The narration and the romance demands urgent attention.

Though moderately paced throughout it could have been improved.
I also wish it had a better cover to attract readers.
I will give The Embryo Man 4/5.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

My eighth review is by mayylinbay on 8/28/19 - (((USA))))

Hello! Thank you for letting me read your story.

I really liked the way you described things.
It was very formal and specific.

Honestly, the story made me feel uncomfortable.

If the boy was closer in age to Harmony, it would be okay,
but since he was still in elementary, it was very strange to me.

I understand that's what you were going for, but it didn't feel right.

I didn't like the way you emphasized words with astrix, it would make
reading smoother if you italicized then instead I like how to set the tone
in the seventies and described it pretty well. I thought that part was cool.

I also liked how it was in the point of view of the child,
even though it did make me feel uncomfortable.


My nineth review is by fatimatuzzahrra on 9/24/19 - (((Faisalabad, Pakistan)))


This novel is a romantic fiction taking place in New Drop, Borough of Richmond, Staten Islands,
from 1970 to 1974. The novel focuses on the story of a young boy named Charles at the age of
6 falling in an innocent love gamble with a 10 years old girl named Harmony. The story moves
along the time line up to 1974. The romantic story precedes tragedy and procreates a scenario
of unconditional love between two young individuals. Charles and Harmony are neighbours and
live across the street to each other. Charles being a typical American kid with Austrian and Italian
decent gets attracted to Harmony because of her exotic and rare beauty, as she belonged to an
Indian and Columbian descent.

Charles lives with his Father and Mother, who are major workaholics and while being in deep love
at the beginning of their marriage are now struggling with the relation every day, making way for
heated debates and arguments every day. Charles was a native to the said neighbourhood with
cousins and relatives living across the block.

Harmony, on the other hand, was brought up in Pithampur, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Her mother Jacinthe was Columbian and her father was Raj, a well-settled Indian. The house
Harmony had moved into was her parent’s old home. She didn’t have a lot of friends in the
neighbourhood; she worked at her brother’s furniture store. She was a girl trying to coup with
everyday situations in America, with a little or no individual support. She was wealthy, her father
had a textile business, but she lacked the moral charisma to make her love her life.


The story starts in 2008 when Charles’s girlfriend discovers a box with the journals and scribbled
notes he had written in 1970-1974 while having an interaction with Harmony. This rediscovery of his
past takes him to a wholesome recap of the few years he had spent with the first and supposedly
only true love of his life. Charles completely fades into the drastic memories of love he once shared
with a girl, he adored and cherished, resulting in her girlfriend leaving him, his friends isolating him
and Charles being confined in his apartment. Charles would spend most of his time recreating the
random notes and journals into a complete book that is under review now.

The novel gives a deep insight into Charles’ life. The boring summer morning he first saw Harmony.
He was completely amazed by her charismatic and exotic beauty. He went to confront her with a heavy
heart and an unstable beat. The novel beautifully describes the shyness and wonder of a young boy
trying to gather some courage in order to talk to her first crush. The fact that Charles was completely
under the charm of Harmony’s fashion sense and mesmerizing beauty, led the story to many twists
and turn. Charles would stare at himself in the mirror, comparing himself to Harmony and trying to
convince his mind to let go of the fact that he was much younger than her. Charles mother is 14
years older than Harmony had a connection with her, which in Charles’s perception as a kid was
very helpful for his cause.

Harmony being a living Indian Goddess for Charles, in real was a very simple and attractive individual.
She was humble and kind towards everyone, including Charles. Charles now had an unending urge to
become older than his age. He would do the toughest of actions, just to prove to himself that he was
man enough for Harmony. This novel then takes a leap towards Harmony and Charles being good friends,
despite their age difference. They would see each other every day and had grown quite fond of each other.
A beautiful scenario occurs when Harmony asks Charles how he felt about her. The tragic reply causes a
tragic but comic sensation, “You are like a big sister”. They both bonded very well. Roaming and talking
about stuff that didn’t even concern them.

This novel deeply reflects the process of falling in love. Love being the sensation of attachment and need,
as a drug would require you to need it regularly. A beautiful moment in the story comes, when Charles wishes
for Harmony to sing to her rather than sing for her. These minute details make the story full of life and realistic.

Everything seems to carry on normally, until one day Charles has a couple of dreams pointing to Harmony leaving
him because of his age. Charles being a kid at that time wakes up and overthinks about the dreams he had and
unnecessarily connects them to the fact that Harmony’s cousin was at her place. Charles confronts Harmony and
gives out a bit of sadistic vibe. Harmony was shocked by a sentence, “Why do you care? You’re not my girlfriend”.

The story takes a complete turn after this single sentence from this young kid’s mouth.

The part of the story where Harmony shares her first kiss with Charles is a fascinating occurrence.
Harmony kissed him to get rid of his constant indulgence towards her, but in contrast, seeing the
fact that Charles had pure love for her and no other resentments made Harmony stunningly fall in
love with him as well. Thus, since this intimate encounter, the story is moving towards a beautiful
and intimate relationship between both the characters. Harmony and Charles would share many
beautiful moments in each other’s company. Harmony’s birthday was a scrumptious momentary
representation of their love and affection towards each other. The manner in which Charles had
to consult his cousins for advice on how to make a woman happy was a very nice touch to the
story. The dilemma of the birthday card and trying to hide that huge secret from his mother,
showed the childish love and manly feelings Charles had for Harmony at that time.

They both having a sensational dinner and sensuous experience on Harmony’s birthday invokes
the fact of love and eroticism in the story. They both were enjoying each other’s company for a
couple of years now. The plan ”T” protocol consisting of Harmony’s imaginary crippled brother
would come in action, every time someone had exceeded into their personal space.

The novel would gradually uncover the passionate love and sensual relation between the young lovers.
The story unfolds new levels of intimacy and affection with every turning page. Charles had a constant
dilemma of being younger than Harmony and that he was a child, not a man. This constantly troubled
the young mind, but Harmony was there to help him understand the world and its entirety with all the
love and affection she had.

They both were living a dream, happy and undiscovered. Sometimes Charles would get a notion that
Harmony was ashamed of her, but he steadily understood the complications in their relationship. The
world would not accept their love just yet. With the passage of time, Charles discovers that Harmony
was not the same. Not intellectually, but physically. She seemed to be fighting an illness deep within
her. Charles noticed the changes in Harmony’s appearance, but could not pinpoint the problem due
to his young age. He could fathom the probability of losing someone he loved so much.

Harmony did not uncover any secret she had about her health. The moment when Charles reminded her
of the promise they made to not hide anything from each other, it complicated the story and hinted about
a major tragedy underway. For three weeks, Charles kept Harmony under his eyes. He would take great
care of her, her diet, her routine and everything related to Harmony’s health was Charles’s utmost concern.
Harmony out of the blue would ask Charles to love her, intimacy was held with care by Charles. He did not
want to hurt her in any way, not even a hard touch to her body was endured by Charles.

Then the story turns to Dark Monday, as Charles would describe it in the novel. He had to move to Ontario
for a week or so. He did have a feeling that inhibited him to leaving Harmony all alone. He was unable to act
against his parent’s wish; he would spend each and every day in Ontario thinking about the condition Harmony
would be in. He was facing a withdrawal; he had no idea how to get back to her as soon as possible.

Charles is back home, not seeing Harmony’s car made him think that she might be running some errands.
He discovers a letter for him by Harmony; he rushes to his room to read it in solace. The content of the letter
shook the story of the novel; Harmony had been suffering from cancer for a year. She did not inform Charles
to not break his heart. She makes a promise that everything is fine and that she will be waiting for him in
heaven. She inhibits Charles from hurting himself and doing anything stupid. Charles breaks down; he
had no idea what to do. Someone who he loved so dearly was not with him anymore.

The most emotional part of the story was when Charles is informed about Harmony’s death by his mother.
An agony for Charles, who at such a young age, had lost so much.


The story completes all the requirements for a well written and attractive romantic fiction. The novel has
many beautiful moments, the contrast of delight and tragedy make the story a remarkable creation by the
writer. Being a romantic story it has the right amount of intimacy and eroticism along with a beautiful narration.

The first three parts are more of a first-person narrative and could use a little bit of a conversational aspect,
but it can be neglected as the start of the novel deeply revolves around Charles’s mindset and emotional
dilemma. The story covers each and every aspect related to the main characters in great detail. The relatives
and minor characters in the novel are also given the contemporary notability that they deserved.

The aspect of young love and affection in a minor age has been deliberately exemplified in the story, along
with a bitter taste of reality that young lovers have to face. Love is not a mechatronic action, you cannot love
someone by will, only by need can you actually be in love with an individual. The story comprises of the fact
that Charles first created the need for Harmony in his life and in wanting to satisfy the need, created a need
for himself in Harmony’s life. Both of the characters were not sure about each other, Charles had his insecurities
because of his age. Harmony had insecurities because of the community and roots she belonged to.

The story has completely covered the aspect of love and affection in between human beings, who belong to
completely different backgrounds. They both being very distinct from each other, created a small world of
happiness and joy, comprising of the similarities they shared with each other. Harmony and Charles focused
on the best part of each other’s character, they would not judge each other on their past or the future they
could have. They lived in the present, enjoyed the time they had with each other. The fact that two so different
individuals could be attracted to each other in such a manner is the most amazing aspect of this novel.

Life and death have a role in the story. Nothing lasts forever; everything will go away sooner or later.
The deeper the affection with the lost individual, the more painful it will be to move on. Charles lost
Harmony, neither by choice nor by will. Destiny played a role in breaking the dream they were living in.
They both were experiencing a fairy tale, where everything was exactly how they wanted it to be.
But such dreams do not last forever.

The story completely reckons to a quote by Shakespeare: “These violent delights have violent ends.”

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My tenth review is by buzzcarla on 8/30/19 - (((Philippines)))

Hello Charles, first of all, congratulations on having had composed and having had the
courage to share your novel to others. It’s a rather very personal and tragic story, nonetheless
you were able to tell it as honestly as you could. Please see the comments below:

-    Your command of the English language is certainly on point and your literary prose is
also something that could awake one’s senses.  However, I did find the frequent shifting of
the storytelling and poetic rumination amiss. For me, it did interrupt with the flow of my reading
and I would suggest putting it before a chapter or before an episode of storytelling so it would
create a “flow” somehow. Something like this:

Chapter X
Poetic rumination
Entire storytelling body for the chapter
Poetic rumination    Chapter X
Poetic rumination
Episode 1 of storytelling
Poetic rumination
Episode 2 of storytelling

    You want your reader to feel uninterrupted, so they don’t lose focus/interest.

-    As mentioned above, your literary skills are excellent. And I think it wouldn’t be a surprise
that people tend to overdo it with this skill. During the part where you ate the shrooms and you
got so high, things got a little too descriptive. In my opinion, there’s no need to describe the
surroundings in more than a page because people could easily pick up that you were high and
probably also has an idea of what that feels like already. From that point, it became rather difficult
for me to read through the last 50 pages because there were parts where it was dragging.  

The same goes for some of your dreams that you have included,
I wasn’t so sure of the relevance of some of it to the build-up of the story.

You want the reader to get enough information and description of what’s happening
but not too much because this tends to overwhelm the reader and would discourage
them to stick to reading it. (although there are some exceptions, see below)

-    You have written and described the intimate scenes so well. I would say it was very honest and
raw, I almost forgot you were only a boy then. That’s how beautifully written it was. However, I would
suggest though that you mention Harmony’s age right off the bat. Although you did say she was way
older than you, I wanted to know by how many years the moment you introduced her to the readers.  

-    For the lack of better word to use, I’d say the story is exotic and that’s always a plus.

But with the exoticness or uniqueness of this, perhaps it would be of a huge help
if you include some picture of the said journal to bring the story up another level.

Overall, thank you for trusting me with your story. The honesty and rawness of it is
commendable and with some edits, I think it would be a good read where the story
will come in full circle. I hope you really do take it to an editor so he/she can help you
with the comments above should you decide to consider applying any of it in the book.

Good luck!

Even so, Carla gave me a pleasant (((5-Star rating))) and I respect that.


My eleventh review is by pulparmar on 9/1/19 - (((Thailand)))

I will be extremely honest as I write this, as you have been with your story.

I really did start reading Chapter 32 with an open mind, and I’m sorry that it
wasn’t something I could handle reading. I will not judge you for your story,
but I need you to know that I was uncomfortable reading this, perhaps the
same reasons others were. Age difference does not matter to me, falling in
love with some way older than you is okay. What didn’t make it okay for me
were the lines that were crossed because Charlie was a minor. I honestly
would have asked you to cancel this order, but I’ll be honest — I’m a college
student and every order helps me. So I read everything you’ve written which
is why you’re able to read this feedback. I hope as I move forward with this,
you’ll keep an open mind why I was uncomfortable, and why some people
would’ve felt the same as well, reading this. I won’t deny that you have a way
with words. So for this feedback, rather than the plot, the story you’ve told,
I will focus more on sentence structures, writing styles and as such.

There isn’t anything I can talk about in the plot considering there are real events
and commenting on them or suggesting an improvement on the plot would fabricate
the story. I’ll apologize in advance that I couldn’t keep an open mind throughout
Chapter 32 because it isn’t something that is legal. Circumstances like these would
have consequences but I won’t belittle your love by talking about laws.

Instead, I’ll talk about things that don’t relate to the plot. Let’s start on the things that
could be improved. Throughout the chapter, there were paragraphs or lines alternating
between normal text, italicized and bold. This made it harder to read the story, because
the text wasn’t consistent. Italics should only be used when needed to emphasize
something or for a short flashback scene dating behind the current time of the story.

Bold should be used little to none.

The next thing I wanted to talk about is the overabundance use of punctuation.
Like a lot of exclamation marks or question marks after a line. Also, describing
actions like Harmony smiled and enclosing it in asterisks (this was done everywhere).
It takes away from the reading experience—especially because if you lose the asterisks,
it can be used in a normal sentence. Also, the words written in brackets are overused,
especially since it isn’t needed—and using brackets a lot isn’t needed. As shown below.
It really does act as a hurdle in the reading experience.

Another thing I would advise on is that separate new dialogues in different lines rather
than them collecting up to become a paragraph. Just hit enter when you’re starting a new
dialogue, so it’s clearer to see who is talking and it looks cleaner, helping the readers
distinguish between the characters talking. A few sentence structures could use work.
And also making sure all your text font and size are uniform, for the ease of the reader
because otherwise, it’s just obstructing the reading.

I really do think you overuse punctuations in Chapter 32.
On a more positive note, I see that you have a distinguished writing style.

Definitely a way with words. You are able to translate your emotions well into words and
have the ability to make people feel. That is a good point. The pacing of the story consistent,
and you were able to show not tell for most of the part which is a quality needed in all writing
—it’s a good thing. You manage to show how each character is different and are able to
showcase thoughts and insecurities well.

I hope you understand that I don’t want to delve into the topic of the plot. Hope this feedback
has helped you. And I hope you are satisfied with it and my honesty, even if just a little.
Good luck with your book.

Thank you for ordering my gig and helping a college student out.


My twelfth review is by zoe_es on 9/1/19 - (((This reader is from Argentina)))

Did I love her or the situation as much as Charlie did? God no definitely not, but I can see
how in his innocent eyes he could of never thought of anything being wrong with the situation,
and every time he tries to reassure himself in any way that he was a man and not a kid those
were the moments in which I could tell he is definitely a kid, ant there is no way around it,
who fights harder to be treated like a grown up? Nobody but kids.

It definitely leaves a bittersweet taste, because on one hand I’m glad that is over on the other
hand I can’t stop thinking that maybe if he was older or maybe if she was younger, if the timing
wasn’t so wrong maybe it could have worked better? But at the same time I don’t think so, I think
it would of failed miserably overtime because Charles pleasured Harmony by doing and acting the
way she wanted him to, as if he was a little puppy following her around sometimes, I don’t think most
adults would do that kind of things because they understand the duality that a relationship needs, they
know everything cannot be love and constantly pleasuring the other, that in a relationship there are
differences and disagreements and that by overcoming them a relationship grows stronger.

I also cannot stop thinking what if things would have turned out differently, if that
wasn’t how things ended, but that’s a whole room of what if’s that will lead nowhere.

Is it outrageous? Yes. Is it immoral? Yes, a hundred times yes. Is it bad? Not necessarily, there are a
lot of people that think a book has to be nice and morally correct in order to be good, but the reality is
completely different, a book as any other piece of art is meant to make you feel things, love, hate,
disgust, happiness, even if it’s boredom at least is making you feel something.

It does touch a controversial topic, so not everyone will be pleased, but they will definitely be talking
about it, the writing is good, the pace doesn’t falter, the story is unusual but still a reality, and sometimes
we have to see those realities the ones that we would never expect to see portrayed. I think that somebody
who had never picked a book will be shocked to read this, even an avid reader will be shocked but would
be able to appreciate the haunting beauty in it, but also be able to recognize that the actions done by the
main characters are not ok, or maybe they’ll stand by the characters, you never know.

The last thing I have to say is that you have accomplished your purpose, if you ever decide to publish it
or it just remains in the memory of beta readers and other people you’ve decided to share it with,
Harmony is going to live in their memories, as a really complex character and person.


My thirteenth review is by shikhatd on 9/2/19 - (((India)))

Her review on FIVERR. . .

I am awed with the honesty with which you have presented things. Every chapter, every para, every
line drips with intellect and vulnerability. It’s good because it makes the readers trust the author and
in turn allow them to be open to the experience  of whatever they are going to find in the book.

There is fluency in the writing- In both of the adult and of the young boy. It is a difficult process
to go through for many authors but your unhesitating transcription of the events binds the book
together in almost a surreal way.

Also, It was intriguing to know the perspective of an outsider on the food and culture in India
that we Indians often take for granted.

Another thing I liked about your writing was that the erotic part of the book was written
sensuously without crossing the line into vulgarity. The emotions were preserved even then.

The complexity of the thought process and complete devotion of a young boy
in love is admirable. It could be well liked by the readers.

Her review on Goodreads. . .

The book definitely leaves an impact when you read it. It forces the readers
to think beyond the realm of what some of them might think of as comfortable
and blurs the line as to what they think is right or wrong. It broadens your horizon,
seduces you into grey and forces you to think beyond the black and white of life.

Personally I did very much like the book. I also liked the idea that it is not a story and
it might have happened to someone in the past. And since it has happened before
there are obviously no plot holes in the story, the characters are mature and complex,
the story is intense, the book definitely sparks an interest to reach the last page as
soon as possible. So I guess it is safe to say the author did a very good job at it.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fourteenth review is by sydneyysabel on 9/2/19 - (((USA)))

Personally, I don’t think this story fit with my tastes. However, I will still judge it fairly.

The writing was overall enjoyable, there was nothing standout about the prose which didn’t add
or detract from the experience. One thing I would advise is to be careful and conscious of when
you are explaining and when you are showing/ describing something. I found there was a lot of
explanation in places where it could’ve been shown or described to create a deeper connection.

On the flip side, some spots were described that I felt would work better if they were explained.
The last thing that kept me very confused was the switch in the font. There was a lot of italics and
bolding, sometimes together, but I couldn’t discern a proper use for it. All in all, it just made the
reading experience confusing and jarring on the eyes. Other than those things there wasn’t much
wrong with the writing or story I just didn’t personally connect to the characters or the overall story.

I really enjoyed the fresh perspective this story gave and the
ending felt powerful and contemplative but it just wasn’t for me.


My fifteenth review is by fatima_tanveer on 12/15/19 - (((Lahore, Pakistan)))

I’m 23, and I have a baby brother aged 8. I have fed him, clothed him and cared for him
like my own since the day he was born. I love him more than words can express. Your manuscript was
a little disturbing for me to read in the beginning and it was difficult for me to be objective with it (I hope
you understand this and don’t get offended). But I quickly wrapped my head around the fact that I was
reading about Charles’s life and his story should be read by dissociating myself from life as I know it.

I can’t lie and say that I understood your love from the beginning. It is not unusual for a little boy to feel
attracted to an older woman; it is classic human behavior. However, what distinguishes your story from
the countless incidents where this happens, is how beautifully you have penned down the feelings. I would
forget often that I am reading about a young boy because of how clear Charles’s train of thought was.
Harmony started with not much depth, but later in the book, I could see the personal tragedies she has gone
through and why she wanted the love of someone much younger. Because Charles could never hurt her.

It was beautiful to read about the evolution of Charles, starting as a 6 year to someone who experienced love,
pain, and loss in a tangible manner, and who experienced these emotions with a far greater intensity than most
of the ‘adults’ As I read on, I realized that even though we have always heard that love knows no boundaries,
your story succeeded in making me believe in the purity of love. In this age, the only love we know is based on
sexuality, but I felt something much deeper between the two protagonists. In their love, I saw reflections of a
mother’s love, a sincere affection yet an attraction that is beyond most people’s comprehension.

At the start of the story, Charles’s feeling was simply that of infatuation towards a beautiful woman, and the
woman reciprocated by gentle care that could only be described as affection. However, as the story unfolds,
the path becomes clearer for both of these. I have to appreciate you here because you were able to make the
reader feel what Charles was feeling. As I have stated before, it did get a little uncomfortable for me to read
but what rescued the story was Charles’s incredible clarity. Not everyone can attain the level of clarity as this
character, and the book highlights how vast can the human mind is, where literally age is reduced to a number.
When I read the line ‘That was the last time I ever saw her.’ My heart dropped a beat. These few words held
such grief in them that I couldn’t help but mourn for Charles’s loss.

The epilogue expressed such raw emotions that I have to mention it here. Not many people have the courage
to pour their hearts into a book for others to read, but let all your feelings come to life. Your emotions were laid
bare, and let me tell you, it takes incredible strength. I genuinely fell in love with your writing. You are such an
amazing writer, I absolutely loved reading your book. I could feel your loss, the longing in your heart and the
emptiness. Much younger than when many people find love, you found the love of your life and lost her.
But your love won’t die, as it will live forever through this story.

I will conclude with an Urdu quote that fits so beautifully ‘Har Ishq ka ek waqt hota hai. Wo waqt hamara nahi tha,
par is ka ye matlab nahi wo ishq nahi tha’ ‘Even though it wasn’t our time to fall in love, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t love’.

I would like to offer you my condolences for the loss of your love
And I would like to applaud you for spilling your soul on these pages.

Kindest regards

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixteenth review is by joyceanbooknerd on 9/13/19 - (((France)))

                                                            Chapter 32 Beta Feedback

1. The pace of the story is well done and keeps the reader engaged throughout, however, I think that some
sort of transition between the “parts” is needed to create a better flow for the reader. As it is now, when I
go from Part 1 to Part 2 to Part 3, etc., they feel either a little disjointed, because there’s nothing linking
them together, so for a reader, it feels as if there’s a tiny bit missing that transitions from one part to the
next – OR they feel like they’re just picking up from the previous section, so I would suggest structuring
the chapters/parts in a way that flows with more clarity for the reader.

2. There are some grammatical errors (mostly sentence structure and punctuation, some typos and misused
terms) and some misplaced or missing quotations, commas, etc. that can be ironed out with a professional
line edit. Another tiny issue is the use of exclamation marks when they’re not necessarily needed. In the
end, it comes down to personal style, but grammatically speaking, it should just be a normal period rather
than an exclamation mark. Normally, in formal written works such as novels, exclamation marks are rarely
used, except in the cases of exclamatory phrases, such as “Get out!” or “Leave me alone!” Anything else
doesn’t require an exclamation mark, grammatically speaking.

3. In terms of structure and formatting, there is an issue with some of the text. Assuming it’s not an issue of
compatibility (I read your text on Microsoft Word), I would suggest streamlining the formatting or explaining
at the beginning that the italicized parts are journal entries or recollections, because there are some instances
where it might confuse the reader as to what the “special” formatting implies. There are also some parts where
every other sentence is italicized and I, as the reader, do not understand why. Different fonts or forms can be
very distracting to readers, therefore it is better to stick to a single format.

4. Pg.9 of Part 2: “Tonight, however, there would be no animosity at the dinner table, for I was going to try
an experiment. Let's see, my parents have departed for a vacation and are no longer in the United States. They
are now touring the wonderful city of Paris. . . Make that Brussels, Belgium, and Harmony is in charge of me.”
– I would suggest clarifying that this is a “mental experiment” or a sort of daydream or whatnot, because it
could be confusing to a reader considering the way it’s described. And I would also suggest streamlining the
“Mushroom Trip” scenes, because they got a bit confusing at some points where there weren’t any dialogue
tags to denote who was saying what and there were a lot of italics that seemed rather non-sequitur.

5. There are many terms that are hyphenated that don’t need to be hyphenated, though they
can be easily fixed during a line edit. There are also some terms that are used incorrectly
or with the incorrect preposition or supposition, also to be fixed by an editor.

6. In terms of the writing style, it is very eloquent and detailed, however there are some instances where the
writing is much too flowery or overly descriptive/convoluted to be clear to the average reader. While one’s
style is undeniably their own, one must still take into account their readership, and some of the ways that
certain thoughts or emotions are expressed can be either misconstrued or not understood, so I would
suggest trying to revise some of the more flowery language just to add a bit of clarity for readers.

7. Finally, as for the subject matter, I hold no judgment, however, considering the “controversial” aspects,
I would highly recommend adding some sort of disclaimer or warning at the beginning (either in the
introduction or elsewhere early on), just so that readers will have a clear idea of what to expect.

Thank you for letting me read your book. I wish you luck in your writing journey. If you have any questions,
please feel free to ask me, and if you wish to hire an editor, I would be happy to offer my editing services.


My seventeenth review is by arami100 on 9/15/19 - (((USA)))

Dear Charles Pendelton,

This overview presents the most notable reactions encountered during my critique of your story
The Embryo Man. My goal is to voice concerns a general reader might notice in passing but are
not able to fully articulate into words. The feed provides possible ways to improve the story,
but ultimately, you must decide what advice to disregard or heed.

Reader Response: Love it!

Your story certainly has a lot going for it, some of which I’ve listed below.

It has been a while since I read a book a thrilling as this one. And I loved it! It had all of the components
that I love to read in a book. It was entertaining, suspenseful and so much more! Regarding the flow and
pace of the story it was done really well. At any point I did not have to stop and think about the story. It just
flowed and I did not lose interest. Also, with the characterization of the characters. I know that you had your
concerns about the age difference and if it was a problem. But from what I read, and, in my opinion, they
meshed well together; they didn’t feel forced with each other or with the plot. It was all believable and natural.

Nothing major really stood out when I was reading your story where I questioned it, especially the characterization
that you were concerned about. As I said earlier the flow, pace, and characterization was flawless. Romantic History,
as they say, has been by far been my favorite, genre, topic, to read. You really made it your own and I really appreciate
that. This story was original, and I have never read anything like this before and It just made me want more! By the way,
the ending almost ended me! The emotion that Charlie must have felt was gut wrenching. Bravo for going that route,
not many authors go through it and I always praise the ones who do. Bravo!! Overall, I absolutely enjoyed your book
and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.

with kind regards,


My eighteenth review is by Rashmi Chimmalgi on 9/23/19 - Rashmi is from Coimbatore, India.
My very first reviewer on Truelancer! If you need a great reviewer, then you should call Rashmi.

An Unconventional Yet a Warm-Hearted Novel Presenting an Honest Portrayal of a Child’s Love Feelings

“The Embryo Man” written by Charles Pendelton reveals a real love story of Charles’s own life that happened
during 1970s when his age was new to several human emotions like infatuation, love, erotic feelings, jealousy, etc.
It’s the love story with an unexpected twist at the ending between Charles and his girlfriend Harmony of Indian
descent. It’s not a usual love story with a “happily forever” ending between same age college students or colleagues
or life-partners. To be more precise, in Charles's own words, “It is a story of a young boy desperately struggling to
win the affections of a very mature teenage girl he cannot stop thinking of”. (Kindle edition Location 92 of 4106)

The book begins with Charles explaining his motive behind writing this book and clearly stating that the readers
may find this book unusual because of the love feelings arising in a mind of an innocent child for a teenage girl.
He has noted all his observations, learnings, feelings, and the American way of life during the 1970s, in a journal
named “The Harmony’s Journal” and has compiled in this book as a gratitude for Harmony. He beautifully explains
the first time he saw Harmony, her physical features, and her matured reaction on his first compliment for her brown
eyes. Charles’s parents have a troubled marriage and they are going through a lot of fights. In midst of this, Charles
develops affection and attraction towards Harmony due to her caring, friendly, generous, and open-hearted nature.
He always looks forward to spend more time with her and while living in her vicinity, the young Charles discovers
many aspects of her personality. He is longing for affection from Harmony and makes efforts to impress her in
every possible way.

As the story unfolds, Harmony starts liking the innocent nature of this child and his efforts to win her heart.
Her troubled love affair in the past where she was betrayed badly had wounded her mind deeply. But the warm,
caring, and pure-hearted nature of young Charles acted as medicine on her wounds and she too starts loving him.
Charles has made a brilliant attempt in connecting the readers with the child’s tender-hearted mind through a couple
of incidents like the young Charles’s secret efforts to purchase a birthday gift for Harmony and his sudden emotional
turmoil when Harmony’s relatives arrive unexpectedly and Harmony asks the child to leave home or hide somewhere.
While the story progresses positively with forming an emotional bond between the two, there is an unexpected twist
at the end where the brutal reality of life hits the child’s tender mind and leaves him devastated for a long time.

Charles has a good sense of choosing appropriate words and sentences to express his emotions which impresses
the reader. For example, when Harmony embraces the child warmly and caresses his face, Charles notes, “Her
altruistic personality was merely a reflection of her gentle spirit and the love she would offer me would far surpass
that of any gift given to impress.” (Kindle Edition, Location 966 of 4106)

The learnings presented in the story are mostly in a poetic and philosophical language, unlike traditional moral sentences.
Charles’s writing possesses lucidity and originality for effective writing that goes beyond simple communication.

The erotic experiences explained in the novel are not filthy, but somewhere, they seem to be a bit over-stretched.
The same happens with the dream situations, where the child dreams of Harmony leaving him suddenly following a series
of incidents. The reader may feel bored somewhere in the middle of these situations and want to jump on next chapter.

Barring a couple of flaws, Charles deserves an applaud for his honesty and efforts he has put to express what a child
of age 9-10 years goes through when he gets attracted to a beautiful teenage girl and how his mind attains maturity
when he learns some life lessons from her. His way of expressing genuine gratitude towards his beloved Harmony
for making his life beautiful yet   leaving traces of lifelong sadness makes the reader marvel at the maturity level
of Charles as a child and his pure love for Harmony.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My nineteenth review is by meghbhowmik on 9/22/19 - (((India)))

Thoughts on the Story – Reader’s Report

Language of the story – This is the very first thing I want to talk about, because this is what really stood out to me.
Seldom have I come across stories that have ornate language, but still manage to be perfectly lucid. This is one such
story. The language flows smoothly and beautifully, and has a poetic quality of its own, which adds to the charm of
the story itself, and heightens the theme of pure love and mystery (but more on that later). The story is replete with
detailed imagery which really sticks with the reader, but does not get so overly specific as to alienate them from the
story. Harmony’s description in the Gratissimum and in subsequent chapters is particularly alluring. The choice of
excellent – and author’s skill is apparent in how he makes Harmony seem ethereal and exotic, and a girl next door
simultaneously. Most people who have grown up in India (as I have) during the late 1990s and early 2000s will
probably relate to the narrator protagonist’s childish experiences, though I doubt many would be able to locate
a Harmony in their memories of childhood. The story thus becomes simultaneously personal and impersonal
for readers, blurring lines both in-text as well as outside of it.

The specificity of the date and time is another big plus. It really serves to highlight the timeline of the story and
ensures the reader does not lose track of the events as they occur. Because of the theme of mystery, it might get
difficult for inattentive readers to keep track of all that is happening, but this technique eliminates that possibility.
Should this books find itself in the hands of someone looking for a casual read and who is unwilling to make
any effort to read this in depth, this specificity will ensure that they understand the events recounted here.

It is worth mentioning here that I also like the dialogues. For a story that uses ornate language, dialogues can
seem unnatural and forced. Humans do not talk in ornate language in real life, but using simple language to
frame dialogues when the story itself uses poetic language can have a jarring effect. However, that is not the
case here. The dialogue blends in seamlessly with the rest of the story and gives it a cohesive structure.

Themes in the story – Aside from the theme of love itself; the one thing that really stood out for me is the theme
of mystery. From the very beginning the story blurs the line between fiction and reality, dream and consciousness.
Since the reader only sees Harmony through the filter of the narrator protagonist’s adoration, she is appears to us
shrouded in a flimsy veil of mystery – appearing not quite earthly, but somehow much more than simply human.

The theme of love here transcends the ordinary, the merely physical – it reaches spiritual heights while never
coming off as preachy or unrelatable, which again is a testament to the author’s skills. This is further highlighted
by the letter Harmony writes to Charlie at the end, with a promise to wait for him on the other side until his time
comes. The build-up of course has been taut, and the reader knows Charlie outlives Harmony, but the ending still
comes as a shock. The tragedy lies in how there is no way to get closure, and this happens right when every
problem seems to have dissolved.

Final thoughts – While some may be turned off by the elements of underage love, this story must be read for what
it actually is – a story of love that transcends age, race, time and even Death itself. It is masterfully crafted, and the
themes of mystery and sensuality woven together skilfully with the themes of love that is both physical and spiritual.
As a reader, I believe the book itself is genius, and ought to be read by all who believe love triumphs all. All in all,
I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 rating, subtracting 0.5 because my hopeless romantic heart bleeds for Charlie
who gets no happy ending.

I do however, recognise that in life there are often no happy endings, and we must be satisfied with what we get.
This book does a spectacular job of immortalising that – the little that we do get, and is thus a microcosmic
representation of life itself. I can only thank you for choosing me to beta read this book, for I thoroughly
enjoyed it, and wish I could’ve enjoyed it for longer!


My twentieth review is by paulaesmo on 9/28/19 - (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
This is the last reviewer I would use on Fiverr until March of 2020.

                                                                                    Book System

•    One-use characters: there were characters that did appear once or twice in the story but were essential for its
development around Charles childhood experiences that weren’t related to Harmony, which was important since often,
at the beginning, the reader could forget his actual age due to the unequal development of his mindset and body.

•    Main character development: yes. It could be clearly shown at the end,
when he is forced to deal with a reality without Harmony.

•    Character consistency: since the story is mostly focused on Charles’ and Harmony’s relationship, there aren’t
many particular traits between the secondary characters that could be noticeable and followed up if they were in
other situations. In the other hand, Charles’ and Harmony’s features were coherent through the story; there were
no changes in their attitudes that could have made me think I was mistaken them for other characters.

•    Writing style: most of the story is written with a simple redaction, expect for those parts in which Charles’
feelings towards Harmony are described. These section are almost written with a poetic and elevated redaction
(really pleasing to read).

•    Rhythm: fast paced but not rushed. The book had the intention to tell a story and it did it without filling pages.

•    Original base idea: yes.

•    Plot development: yes.

•    Surprise factor: yes.

•    Reader satisfaction (from 0 to 10): 10.

About the plot, I was really curious to see how a romantic love can really shake the clichés and even the funds of its genre.
The beginning of the story, which went smooth and simple, didn’t give a hint of what was coming at the the love Charles
showed towards Harmony and what he described about it, I took it at the start as a child’s first “love” (still having in the back
of my mind his age and how, from my point of view it was impossible to know how love feels like when you are so young)
but as the story progressed I realized it wasn’t a child idea of love but something that was truly beautiful and which seemed
out of this reality. It wasn’t moved (not in a positive or negative way) with Charles visiting Harmony often, with him wanting
to kiss her or with the sexual encounters; I began to understand and to attach with the story as Charles kept describing Harmony
through his eyes and as he tried to explain what Harmony caused in him, because, as I said in this paragraph, I realize this
love wasn’t a child idea of what love could be like.

Other than the plot, I found many parts in which I, as a reader, shared the same opinion with the narrator and Harmony.
This will create a connection to between the book and its reader, in case the connection wasn’t created with the idea of love
tried to explained in the story (the word “tried” is used because the idea we are getting of their love can’t be compared to
what it was like, as you mentioned in the final parts of the book). Plus, some parts were funny and relatable which is always
beneficial for the formation of a bond and for the intention of this book (“I need the world to love you as I have loved you”).

Also, to clarify the answer of the surprise factor in the Book System, at the final parts many things happened that I didn’t expect
to happen; as for example how their relationship ended because, being honest, it was too perfect for me to see a common break
up reason to tear both of them apart. And the reason that did truly tore both of them apart, at least physically, wasn’t one I could
have ever imagined, not even in my random dreams.

About the characters, to picture Charles’ mindset and comprehension of the relationship, considering his childlike body, was
a bit of a task at the beginning because he didn’t seem to be as the other kids but with its development, I am not able to picture
Charles without being an embryo man. Referring to him only, without touching Harmony, what called my attention is the divorce
of his parents and how this event didn’t seem to have any negative repercussion over him because it is really weird for a kid not
to be affected negatively with his/her parents divorcing; even though, this event happening and not having much of a negative
consequence over Charles in general kind of shows the relationship he had with his parents. Referring to Harmony, I didn’t try
to fond with her nor to dislike her and thanks to my neutral approach I can truly say that I would have liked to meet her; once
she addressed the issue of women being considered as things by men and I found that extremely favorable to get an idea of
what was so fascinating of Harmony because, yes, Charles adored her but with this moment (Harmony addressing this issue)
I, as a reader, could appreciate Harmony being herself, her own person and not being described through others’ eyes.

About the secondary characters, there is not much to say because the story is focused on the lovers, besides their participation
wasn’t much through the story so there are not defined characteristics that could separate one from the other if they had a
dialogue without specifying which character is talking. I would consider this an issue, however, I don’t find it as that in this
story since the lovers and their relationship development stole the spotlight and actually satisfied every need that could have
been formed.

Grammatically, I would recommend to search for some mistakes which I have pointed out in the documents you sent,
so if you would like, I could send the documents and the mistakes I found while reading the story. It’s very important
to address this issue since it isn’t pleasing to the reader’s eye and interferes in the process of bonding with the story.

Overall, I would re-read this story after some time has passed and I would recommended, of course not to everyone because
the sexual encounters could get a bad connotation, which I find difficult to give, not only because I took in consideration
what you said about being open minded but because she way those parts were written separated sex from making love.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-first review is by Hetali Shah on 9/26/19 - (Mumbai, India)

Intriguing title and a nice epigraph had me jet set on to read the book.

As the actual story starts, there's no dilly dalling around. It's evident who the story
is about and the the discriptions make you fall in love with the boyish charm of
the author, making you wish someone described you as he did harmony.

The background moves along with the narration, giving us small glimpses of the
days back then but never over powering the main characters. The way nuisances
about the teenage years and first experiences with love, heart break and other
sensual encounters are narrated makes it a very much interesting read.

It’s full of drama and a roller coaster of emotions leaving you teary eyed at certain parts.

It’s a love story but definitely not a romance novel. :p
Definitely worth a read.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-second review is by Tanushree Ahir on 10/7/19 - (Madhya Pradesh, India)

I liked this book.

People who are interested in reading American love story as well
as novel will most probably be interested in reading this book.

Readers can definitely enjoy reading it as it is full of drama and roller coaster of emotions.

Sometimes readers eyes with full of tears at certain parts of this.
The first love and broken heart and other sensual moments make this very much interesting.

Readers will be fall in love with the boyish charm of author.
There is clarification of thought and emotions and also harmony .
This book was very well written. The Author describes emotions very well.

I give this book 5 stars

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-third review is by Syahira Sahak on 10/11/19 - (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

                           ** spoiler alert **

This book for an open minded person especially for
the gap between their age it is a total mind blown.

From my perspective it is such a good love story book
and it also shows how you should treat your woman.

Tbh, while reading this I couldn't accept
the fact why their age gap was too big.

I cannot choose whether I support their love or not
but I still like the storyline which make me forgot that
he was just a kid. But in the end I still love the book. 

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-fourth review is by Pooja Padaliya on 10/13/19 - (Morbi, India)

             Very unconventional love story.

It's all about how Charles and Harmony fall in love
      with each other and take care of each other.

        The Novel is obviously worthy to read.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-fifth review is by Sanjana Srikanth on 10/16/19 - (Bangalore, India)

                        Book review of The Embryo Man

•    Delved into too much detail and explanation before the introduction. The reader may skip those pages.
•    Has a lot of back and forth which may give the reader a feeling of a possible tragedy in the love story –
with respect to the usage of ‘is and was my best friend, etc.’.
•    Introduction gets the reader thinking about what exactly happened with Harmony, and why the author
must wallow so much in his self-pity to the point of talking about death.

Part 2
•    Shift of focus on North America’s struggles could end in the reader losing focus for a bit.
•    Deep dive into Harmony’s origins.
•    Falling in love with Harmony well-written with usage of the right, engaging words.

Part 3
•    The part about the dreams and the narration of how your relationship with Harmony blossomed is too
deep and intellectual for a child’s thinking. Try to tone it down a little.

Part 4-6
•    In-depth information about Harmony’s past enriches the reader’s understanding of the emotional baggage
she is carrying, and her initial reluctance towards future relationships.
•    The chapters are really long, with extensive explanations about the love you feel towards Harmony.
This confuses the reader, as one, they may lose focus because of the length of the chapters, and two, a
growing child’s imagination and thoughts are usually not as extensive as you have described. The reader
may feel confused as it seems like you are writing all of this now in reminiscence, but felt all of the
emotions since the age of six. Such powerful emotions seem a bit unnatural for kids at that age.


The book has been written really well, with extensive enunciations at the necessary places.
It follows a good narrative path. It would turn out to be even better if the points mentioned above are considered.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Feedback was never left, and I did not push the issue))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-sixth review is by Suchita Saraogi on 10/14/19 - (Nagpur, India)

This book really tempts to go on read it and which actually got into
my mind, it's a very unique story that might be shocking for some,
the climax was really unimaginable but if you are willing to read
this book with open mind and open heart, you will surely love it.

It's a true love story, enjoy every little narration till the end.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-seventh review is by Sheirly Cyrol on 10/17/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-eighth review is by Sheeba B on 10/15/19 - (Bangalore, India)

Love isn't passive, it is a everyday choice. It is something that connects souls
and when the sun has set no candle can replace it.

In 'The Embryo man' by Charles Pendleton, he exposes the deep love between
Harmony and the author whose souls were so deeply soaked in love. He breaks
all barriers and unveils the nuance of what love and devotion truly is.

The story begins when he beholds the most beautiful women of his lifetime, Harmony,
the love of his life. Charles decides to investigate his new neighbor and learns that she
is of an Indian decent after the beginning of their conversation which leads to the start
of a the journey of love. He is so drawn into her that little Charlie was not able to resist
meeting her everyday and seen we see the inseparable bonding of two human beings.

Charles' worst nightmare comes true when learns the truth about his lover's condition.
Sadly, sometimes it's too late.

Prepare yourselves for the journey of love, romance, friendship and sorrow as Charles
develops the personality of a man trapped in a child's body and an angel who bring out the
essence of love. The two bare out their souls and are consumed with passion for each other.

The romance, the energy and the despair all takes you to the peak of emotions.
The author takes you on a journey that feels so real.

Charles sheds light on the hearts that are connected by love and nothing could
ever change the love and devotion that they had for each other. The story brings
our emotions and curiosity as it unwinds itself.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My twenty-nineth review is by Mow Chowdhury on 10/22/19 - (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Hello Sir,
I have just finished reading your book.. The love that you have for harmony
can not express in a word. The letter of harmony brought tear into my eyes.
When i was reading i can imagine every scene. Thank you sir for letting me
read your love story. It just touch my heart. I really love it.. Thank you.

Sincerely Your
Mow Chowdhury

((((((((((((((She knows where to leave feedback on Goodreads))))))))))))))


My thirtieth review is by Sumegha Arya on 10/28/19 - (New Delhi, India)


The book is about true love story of Charles (a young boy in his middle childhood grew up in a town
called New Drop of Staten Island in 1970’s) and harmony (a south- Asian teenage girl)  who have a
huge age gap and belong to different cultures. Inspite of that their chemistry and love was so deep,
pure , true and making its way to the ecstasy. Charles had the instincts of a young man in such a
young age that he experienced that state of deep love in his middle childhood which people fails to
experience even when they become mature man. The story is about how these love birds explored
and lived their deep love even after the fear of non exceptance in the society for their love. But at
the end the two soulmates were departed by death of Harmony. And Charles has to live with her
memories and pain of losing his anjel.

My Opinion

Author has succeeded in writing a book of his true love story that I stayed up all night just to finish it.
Starting with coverpage , I was stopped for a moment on its first glimpse (as I was not expecting
Indian touch in it). It was so beautiful and describes whole story on its own. As it was being told that
this manuscript contain truth of someone life and not an imaginary story so I decided not to expect
anything and just read it as it is cause it was truth and cannot be folded according to someone’s wish.
It is just the way it is. Now it comes to the story, I loved it so much that I was lost in the story and felt
so connected within the words and the feelings intermixed by author in the story. However initially two
facts were really hard to digest. One is how a boy in his middle childhood can have that sense of love
and second, he has an amazing understanding with a girl almost double his age. But then I relate it to
my experience, sometimes mercy of god is so strong that, things beyond human imagination happens.
Three things I loved in the story


The depth of authors love. The way he enhanced the beauty of his love. Sometimes people took their
sexual desired feelings as love and love ends with those feelings itself. But here author was connected
not to just physical beauty but also with the inner beauty of his lovable anjel. It seems like author has
given everything of his part into that love. The way two expressed their love by physical contact was
Incredible and was my favourite part in the story. The way author came in physical contact with his
love anjel was so deep and pure and maybe desire of everyone.


I liked qualities of Harmony. Perhaps, she was a kind of person who can be loved without any limitations.
And, her approach towards the love of Charles was very nice because she accepted the true love of the
boy half of her age, understood him and taught him in his life about love and many things other.


Breaking all the barriers of the society and loving each other without any fear of acceptance in the society.
Strength of the story is that it is a true story and written very honestly by all heart of author and has the power
to make people feel connected to the story.

Weak Point

Ending is very painful but can’t be changed because it was truth. Reader should not finish
the book with the feeling of sorrow. Therefore, author should add some lines of positive
view of gratefulness and glory of love that he has experienced at the end of the book.
So that other get courage to love pure and deep and not afraid of pain in love.


I would say it should be written in simple and plain English (as I believe Indians will be highly interested
in it so for them simple and plain English will work more). Writing style is not much lucid.


I would like to recommend this book to that age group which has seeds of love in them and who
are in the age of exploring to love that is especially teenagers and every age group above that.


I would like to give 4.5 stars to this manuscript.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((She probably forgot to leave feedback on Goodreads)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-first review is by Ervina Ediwin on 10/26/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

Dear author, I really like your work.

This novel touches the bottom of my heart because in this era it hard to find
a partner that will accept all your imperfection. This novel bring tear on my
eyes and at the same time a smile also plaster on my lips. The author does
an excellent job on describe that people should not judge couple that have
different gap of age. Because love doesn’t based on someone love. This
is because even though Charles and Harmony have a different age where
Harmony is older than Charles, both still fall in love deeply to each other.
Although the ending of this story is sad ending I still love this story.

This story definitely worth to read.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-second review is by Abigail Malanie on 10/29/19 - (Sipitang, Malaysia)

Actually I'm not like reading novel but after I read your manuscript I found
that your story are interesting because it related to your love story. Even
though Harmony was more older than you, thats why what we call 'true love'.

However, I'm very sympathy for the lose of your love, Harmony.

Overall, I really enjoy your manuscript and keep share your
happy and wonderful moments by writing.

(((((((((((((((((((((She never left me a review on Goodreads)))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-third review is by Feleviane Feqa on 10/25/19 - (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

This book brings me to an excitement to know what will happen next to both of them.
Really like how the story line going. However, I couldn't accept that the gap between
their age is so big. But, surely this book is good to read. This is where your mind will
be blown and you will asking yourself how can a young boy fall in love so hard with
someone older than him and keep loving her until the end.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-fourth review is by Fina Nech on 10/28/19 - (Malaysia)

                                    ** spoiler alert **

First of all, a very much thanks for letting me read this book.

As a bookworm, I’ve read tons of books from fiction to non-fiction, every book from
love-stories to crime scene investigation, from history to modern funny stories, but
this book I tell you has its own uniqueness since I haven’t read this kind of book.

Can’t be denied that I was so shocked at first knowing that I would be reading a
story about a young boy will fall in love with grown woman. I guess that’s how the
story become interesting as we wanted to know more what will happen between
their love stories as this kind of love is so out of norm of the society.

As I read through the book, what I can conclude that the storylines are arranged
very well, but some may be a bit confusing especially when the writer forget about
the incident, but somehow, I do think he managed to keep it alive. Note that I read
this story twice, and on my second reading I found just a minor mistake which on
page 33, where on the very first paragraph, the third line where “he” should be
“He” which I assumed that you are referring to God.

Besides that, the writer can pass the messages to the reader with a very vivid and
clear description so that the reader can feel the emotion of what Charles actually
feels towards Harmony. I’m actually swayed when reading this book and amazed
with how the writer managed to bring me into various emotions.

Somehow, I feel like the climax is a bit late, but it did hit me hard as it was not as
I expected. I really though that they will get through this love story together, but
it ended up for me tragically as Harmony got sick and passed away and Charles
didn’t manage to bid her farewell in a good way. That’s where I feel so upset
and it did hit me hard too.

I hope that the writer find his happiness and I am so thankful for giving me this
chance to review this book. This book is a challenge for me as it narrates a love
story between a kid and a grown woman, which brings me a whole new perspective
that love also can happen even in such young age. It’s amazing how this boy has a
mature man point of view and the way he treated the woman it is really something
beyond what a boy in such young age could do.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

My thirty-fifth review is by Adetee Gauur on 10/30/19 - (Gurgaon, India)

I have read your book and I would like to congratulate you on your journey. It’s not easy to bare
open your heart in front of anyone and you are giving others to read it, analyze it, & review it.
Kudos to you! It takes a lot of courage to do so. I have written this as a review of the book,
and you can see my comments that were developed based on my reading experience.

Here is my review of your book.

The Embryo Man – my first impression of this book was that –
it was not a casual read, and it was a different experience.

The very first thing that I noticed that the book needs a lot of editing.
The author has already mentioned this in the book.  So, I won’t comment further on that.
But the need for editing is visible enough to affect the reading speed.

The story (plot) has potential, but it needs a little more work on it to bring out its true content.
There are many loopholes in the story that need to be fixed before it can become an enjoyable read.

The characterization demands attention because many places the characters didn’t convey the story well,
and did not fit in much. The angle of the minor being deluded is brought out well, for the minor explains his
confusing feelings as love. But the reader has to get the context, where the expressions of love are misguided.
While it is a credit to author’s writing that the descriptions are intense, the story has to flow with more fluidity.

And sometimes, the details have gone for overkill, and take away the readers’ enjoyment of the story. This book
is certainly not for the soft-hearted people. In most cases, the author has used the graphic descriptions that are
sure to unsettle readers. The whole book is divided into 8 chapters which I feel is totally up to the author’s interest
because it is the story that needs to be conveyed thoroughly, for that it doesn’t matter if it has 8 or 12 chapters.

CHARACTERS. They need a lot of attention. As of now, they do not have much scope. Characters are the life of any
story; they should connect with the readers instantly. Also, don’t glorify the characters, let them connect with the readers
gradually. That way they will be more human. Harmony’s characteristics are described well, but it would be lovely to
know her emotional side as well. Timmy’s character does not have much to do and is creating loopholes in the story.

LANGUAGE.  It is good and decent. Though, it isn’t required to use so many italics in between the story. It confuses the
readers and kills the flow of the story. Few of the scenes feel repetitive. There are no lengthy words, which is a good thing.
The scenes are perfectly described in a few parts of the story, especially in the first chapter. But later it feels like they lost
their essence. The focus totally shifted to the story.

COVER. The cover is pretty amazing and I loved it at first glance.
It does take you to the world that the author has created inside the book.

There are many quotes in the story that are written beautifully to get along with the storyline.

Simply out of curiosity, I asked Adetee how she would rate the October 2019 edition of my novel. . .

Hi Charles,

I would rate it 3.5 stars as of now, but it has the full potential to be the 5.
You have to work on that. Good Luck!


My thirty-sixth review is by Shreya Bariya on 11/1/19 - (Kathmandu, Nepal)

The book "The Embryo Man" is a great story written by Charles Pendelton.
The way he describes about the experiences about his first love and about
their emotions and feelings are really intriguing. It can be relatable to many
other people of the same age as the narrator in the book. Everything is new
and the narrator is experiencing it for the first time which is really interesting.

Everyone's first experience is special and I could feel the emotions through this
story. This book is really worth reading. The quotes, the events and the story itself
is a knowledge of how life is and what's it like. I recommend others to read it as well.

Also, the writer did a very good job. Best wishes to the writer and the book.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-seventh review is by Muskan Raikwar on 10/24/19 - (Delhi, India)

Muskan left me a 5-star review on FIVERR.

                           It read. . .

Yup your novel is really great.
I am happy to read this novel.
Thank you

She is now following me on Goodreads,
so maybe she really did read my book.



My thirty-eighth review is by Vercelli Johny on 11/5/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

Indeed this is a different kind of love story.

The fact that this happened in real life left me a lot of impressions.
At first, I was thinking that you are too young to know what love is
but as I keep on reading, you are just someone that is in love and
there is no one can deter you from loving someone. Every moment
you spent with her, only the two of you know what it feels like. I too
used to have someone that I love so much, even till this days, but I
lost him because of some complicated reasons and I still miss him.

All I can do these past years is to just bury my feelings for him.

When you said that everything you do remind you of her, I know that feeling
and it hurts so much that you can't have and share those moments anymore.
We know that as long as we live, those shared moments that we had with the
person we love, we will cherish it forever. I am sorry for the lost of the love of
your life and it must had been hard for you. It is a wonderful story.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My thirty-nineth review is by Sherley Milly on 11/5/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

I read it within only 5 hours and a half and believe me,
I read this fast because the story line is very good.

It was full of emotions. I can feel the emotions through your writing.

It is very different from what I have read before. It was unbelievable at
first that at such a very young age, the little boy could think and feel so
many mature things that an adult could not even know how to react to.

I was eager to know what happen next every time I read a new page.

The words used are so easy to understand, and I am feeling like I'm the
world of your story when I read your novel. Thank you so much for such an
amazing, heartfelt and full of love writing. I always love reading romance and
love story or writing especially the one that is based on the real life events.

It's a very heartbreaking ending, but the love poured through
the writing was clearly seen and felt. I hope to read more from
you and find your novel in a bookstore. Have a great day!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fortieth review is by Dymphna Eully on 11/5/19 - (Sibu, Malaysia)

Dear writer, Your manuscript is very interesting and i finished read it in a
few hours because i wonder about the ending. I really enjoy reading your
manuscript and i think some of them will argue about their age gap but to
me it's normal in this era. It's show that to love someone doesn't look on
a aspect like age but it was sincere from heart.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-first review is by Glenda Alexis on 11/8/19 - (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

First of all, I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your novel. As a bookworm,
I have read tons of love stories but this novel is one of a kind since I’ve never read any novel like this before.
From my point of view, what I can say that the storylines are set out very well but some may be a bit confusing
especially when the writer forgot about the incident but somehow, I do think he managed to keep it alive.

The writer should pass the messages to the reader with a clear details so that the reader can feel the emotion of
what Charles actually feels towards Harmony. I really thought that they will get through this love story together but
unfortunately, Harmony got sick and passed away and Charles didn’t manage to bid her farewell in a good way.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-second review is by Marieanne Julie on 11/10/19 - (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-third review is by Anne Jt on 11/10/19 - (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)



My forty-fourth review is by Claudia Ann Sylvester on 11/6/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

This love story is beyond what I've imagine. It has love, heartbreak and happiness at the same time.
It is so pure and fill with love. The way Charles describe Harmony is just so beautiful. Every time they
see each other, Charles would compliment Harmony. I am in awed! I wish there was a boy who would
do the same to me too. Even though Charles fall in love with a much older girl but he knows what is his
feeling for Harmony and love definitely does not define by age. Within time, Charles and Harmony fall
in love and together discover the thing called love. I'm shocked that Harmony has cancer and is leaving
Charles but she knows the best for him. She does not want Charles to be in a burden and the best way
is to leave. Losing someone you love is just hard and it is heartbreaking. I hope Charles is healed and
are enjoying life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story. It will remain forever in my heart.



My forty-fifth review is by Adawiyah Rustam on 11/11/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

Hello sir. First of all, I want to say thank you so much to you because give me an opportunity to
read your manuscript. To be honest, I have never read story like this. This story is very different
from any love story that I've read. I really like your relationship with Harmony because both of
you are so loyal and really love each other. I also really want to have this kind of relationship.

It is the best feeling ever when there is someone who really love us so much. When I reading
this book, I think its too early for you to know about love, but I realize that no one can stop us
when we are too in love with our partner. I also use to have someone that I love so much even
till this day, but unfortunately he left me without strong reason and I still can't accept that and I
miss him so much. I am very shocked and so sad with the ending of this story. I can feel when
you said everything you do will remind you of her. It very hurts when we are used to shared the
moments with our love and now we can't do that anymore with them. We must accept the fate
and keep moving on even it hurts. I am sorry for the lost of the love of your life and it must had
been hard for you. I hope you can be patient and accept all the provisions of God. I want to say
thank you again because letting me read your manuscript and it is a wonderful story.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-sixth review is by Jyoti Sharma on 11/7/19 - (Bihar, India)

Finally done, it's really nice to read.

The way you narrated the whole story it's really good.
It was interesting to read.

She only sent me this feedback. . .
She did not put it on Goodreads.



My forty-seventh review is by Nurul Ain Yusuf on 11/16/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

The Embryo Man by Charles Pendelton. First and foremost, thank you for letting me reading this
book. This book has its own unique way to presenting the storyline. This story is about a young boy
who fall in love with an older woman. It is true that I am a little bit shock of this character when
reading this book, I never expect that I would read a love story between them. But, this is what
exciting about this book, you will be wondering about what happen next in their love stories.

This make you want to finish reading every scene, so that you would not miss the storyline.
From what I read, I can say that the writer is very good at putting the readers into various emotions
in reading this book. I am also very amazed that the storyline is arranged very well. Even though,
there is some confusing scenes, I think the writer manage to recover it and keep it alive.

I am expecting them to have a beautiful life together, but it turns out that it is not like what I expected. I really
like the plot twist when I thought that they will go through a love life together, but it ended up with Harmony
got sick and pass away, and also Charles did not manage to bid her farewell in a good way. It really hit me
hard with emotions. It taught me that life is full of surprise, we never know what will happen in reality.

This storyline really bring me to a new world where there is a possibility that a young boy would fall in love with
an older woman who is older than him. The young boy is very matured in treating the woman very well. It is an
amazing opportunities for me to be given this chance to read this book. I am very amazed with the writer that
has a new perspective in coming up with the idea of the storyline. It is really beyond your imagination.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-eighth review is by Noorsyazwanah Solih on 11/16/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

First things first, It is a great pleasure to be given chance to read this story. It might feel weird
at the beginning as the story are not the one that anyone would expected or in other words, it’s
not like a cliche story like other tales nowadays. However as the story develop, It will began
to attract you and make you want to read it more from one chapter to another chapter.

I love the way Charles is trying to describe his loved, Harmony in many ways that make us feel
like in their own story. Even at the first moment I read it, it does feeling a bit strange as this story
is about a young guy that is falling in love with a mature woman. However, the more I read, the
more I felt that the love that He develop to Harmony is really a genuine one.

Besides that, this story also teach me that love can exist in anyone regardless of age. It might hard
to be accepted by the society since it’s not a common thing to be happen but still we cannot refuse
the fact that love does not have boundaries. Charles also give me a lesson that if you are truly feel
that she/he is the one, then just go ahead and make efforts to show him/her how you truly love them. :’)

The other things that I love with this story is that it is not always gonna be a happy ending for every
tales. It shows us the reality of life and teach us that life is not always gonna be beautiful. It does
break my heart the moment when Harmony get sick and sadly passed away. Furthermore, the fact
that Charles didn’t have his chance to bid his farewell in a good way to Harmony really hit me.

Lastly, I truly hopes Charles can get and find his happiness throughout his life.
I am sure you will find it one day. Stay positive and be strong as you are and
thanks because you have taught me a lot of things about love and life. :)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My forty-nineth review is by Annabelle Anne on 11/17/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

It was an amazing story to tell, the storyline was so great even though there was a sad ending
but the way how harmony and charles spend their time together was so precious because they
take care of each other. This novel worth to read till it makes me read twice. I recommended this
novel to anyone who like love story because this novel is not like other love story, this give alot
of different feeling to readers. This novel also makes me like i was the one who in the novel.

Overall it was a great story to read. Thanks author for writing this novel.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fiftieth review is by Anis Aida on 11/21/19 - (Terengganu, Malaysia)

This manuscript entitled “The Embryo Man” is definitely kind of new storyline I have ever read and always
got me excited to discover more things written in this beautiful story. It is a story about a man’s heart that
had been stole by a beautiful woman named Harmony back in years 1970s. Started from that moment,
the man tried his best to win the woman’s heart and soul. Don’t be surprised! He was already attracted to
Harmony when he was a kid, or you can say, a boy fell in love with a young girl. As you know, love is not
about to be made for just fulfilling our own desires, but as to reach the two hearts to be the pure and lovely
one. Fortunately, the man knew the best to show that love was the best moment that ever happened in his
life and not to be rotten by unpleasant interest. Every single detail about the woman’s beauty including her
body language and her personalities, all of them had been noted by the man who was in a pure lovesickness.
I got my tears fall out as I only read in the introduction that the man wasn’t live with his first love but another
person. Why love must be cruel? But I tried to keep reading the story to find the reason behind the relationship
between the man and Harmony that couldn’t happened. I love a story where the two souls started off to be friends
first as to discover more whether they are meant for each other, thus, there were many sweet moments they have
created as friends, not too rushing by building love without thinking the consequences, moreover, he was still a
child. I think I got the hint why the title of this book is “The Embryo Man”. My own reason, because he was falling
in love when he was a child. Starting from that, he learned to know what the true love is by exploring Harmony’s
heart. What made this story more interesting, Harmony came from South Asian. Not much stories I could found
about two loves come from different regions. So, I glad that I found this!

I think, the author is not afraid of showing his interest in making such a unique and lovely story, not being affected
by famous topics but kind of typical and such urban styles that almost readers prefer to read. Not every reader has
the interest in reading such an old story that is written with using few years back timeline, but the author has proven
wrong. This manuscript is definitely recommended for those who are searching for a story that are beautifully written
and overwhelming with pure love that actually existed in the 1970s. This book is not a typical one but full with
metaphorically words that will keep your mind wonder to the imaginary world back in years 1970s.

((((((((((((((((((((((((I forgot to tell her to leave her beautiful review on my Goodreads page))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-first review is by Tasnem Maatouk on 11/20/19 - (Cairo, Egypt)

First thing the story was unexpected for me as a reader, it was new
and the good thing about it is that it based on a true story so you
will feel the writer’s happiness, love and pain. I loved how the writer
describes the scene perfectly as he remembered it that made me
feel like i was there with the characters, I enjoyed reading it.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-second review is by Finna Hasmidah on 11/23/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

“The Embryo Man” by Charles Pendelton is an interesting book title that tell a love story between
Charles and his lover (Harmony). This is a real love story. This book is very touching to the reader.
This book also give some moral about love. I love one quote from this book that say “Don’t say it,
if you don’t mean it”. This quote give moral to me that love is not a joke. If you really love someone
you can say it. This real love story is very good because give the moral and inspiration to the reader.

This book tell about Charles that love his lover (Harmony) with all his heart. At first, Charles afraid
to tell his feeling towards Harmony because they have different age. However, he still keep trying
to know and close with her. One day, when he and Harmony be a friend and finally they have a
relationship. They love each other and they so happy with their relationship. Unfortunately, at
the end of this story, his lover (Harmony) passed away and Charles was so sad.

As a reader, I’m sure you will enjoy to read this book because it includes the
love story, happy story, sad story and some quotes that you can learn in your life.

What’s even better is this a real story.
Therefore, I think a reader will never regret if read this book.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-third review is by Siti Nurhamimah Asnain on 11/23/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

The embryo man written by Charles Pendelton is a story that greatly affects the emotions of the
reader. Thera are a time a reader will happy, sometimes can be angry, and eventually readers will
be sad. First of all, I want to say very much thank you for give me a chance to read this book. In the
beginning of the story, I was a little bit shocked because I do not expect that a young boy can fall in love
with a grown women. However, over time this story become so interesting and make me as a reader can’t
stop reading. It is because I wondered what would happen in the future between harmony and Charles.

There a to many conflict in this story, it is including a love, family, and sacrifice.

At the first, I also expecting they will be together and have a happy ending but instead, harmony got sick
and passed away. It’s really touch my feeling. I can’t imagine how Charles felt at that time, as I know he
love Harmony so much. He can even describe Harmony in detail it indicate how much he loves Harmony.
However, this story also teach us that loving someone doesn’t mean we will have it. We can we cannot
even imagine what God has set in our lives. We have to believe that every test that God gives will make
us stronger and better person in the future.

Lastly, I really hopes that Charles can find his happiness in his life.

I know it is very hard to forget someone that we really love, but as a human
we can’t do anything with a fate. I am so thankful because can read this book.

This story taught me a lot things about love, life, and sacrifice.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-fourth review is by Aina Rasyiqah on 11/24/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

Hello sir, thank you for giving me an opportunity to read this book.

The embryo man written by Charles Pendelton is a great story I would say.
The story line itself is a new and fresh that I couldn’t found at any other story line.
I have been read a lots of novel, but yours is unique. It is not just like any other
romance novel out there. Indeed, this novel teach us that not every love story
end as a happy ending love story. It is a reality of life. The love story between
Charles and Harmony is very touching. The love story between Charles and
Harmony will give a new point of view to the reader about love.

I personally believe that, everyone who read this book can feel the
same as Charles feel to Harmony when you found you love ones.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-fifth review is by Nurul Qamaria on 11/29/19 - (Johor, Malaysia)

This story/past is one of a kind. This is something I have never read before.
I will never get to experience this type of love story from others and I am sure of that.
Well written, that it took me on a ride while reading it.

Most importantly, it's really beautiful but the ending had me in tears.

There was no cuts, everything was straight to the facts, no censorship and that makes this genuine.

Reading it had made me want to meet this beautiful Harmony.
Oh, Charles' a one lucky soul to have loved and be loved by her.

How I wish I could get this beautiful story's hardcopy book. It's well written and each
word had given me imaginations of me being there as an invisible spectator too.

I might had been dreaming about it too!

I am very lucky to be given an opportunity to get to know your beloved Harmony.
May she rests in peace. May she lives on through this beautiful manuscript.

I would definitely read this again!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-sixth review is by Nafeeza Naf on 12/1/19 - (Mangalore, India)

Charles Pendelton's "The Embryo Man" depicts the true love
story of Charles's own life in the early 1970s as a child.

It is related to Indian women named Harmony.

This is a very different story, in which Indian culture is described
and there is a lot to learn about the human mentality.



My fifty-seventh review is by Zaty Fauzi on 11/29/19 - (kedah, malaysia)

The book cover is interesting but I suggest you to add something
like abstract design or something else to attract people on the cover
book. As for me, I tend to attract to something beautiful first and then
I will buy that thing. So I suggest you to make the cover book look more
interesting. And for the story telling and content, it was all perfect.

I tend to feel and get into the character when I read it.
I wish you all the best on your journey!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My fifty-eighth review is by Nur Zaidatul Fardah Dahlan on 11/25/19 - (Sabah, Malaysia)

First of all, I want to say thank you very much for letting me read this book. As a bookworm, I’ve read tons
of books from fiction to non-fiction, every book from love-stories to crime scene investigation, from history to
modern funny stories, but this book I tell you has its own uniqueness since I haven’t read this kind of book.

Can’t be denied that I was so shocked at first knowing that I would be reading a story about a young boy
will fall in love with grown woman. I guess that’s how the story become interesting as we wanted to know
more what will happen between their love stories as this kind of love is so out of norm of the society.

As I read through the book, what I can conclude that the storylines are arranged very well, but some may be a bit
confusing especially when the writer forget about the incident, but somehow, I do think he managed to keep it alive.
Note that I read this story twice, and on my second reading I found just a minor mistake which on page 33, where
on the very first paragraph, the third line where “he” should be “He” which I assumed that you are referring to God.

Besides that, the writer can pass the messages to the reader with a very vivid and clear description so that
the reader can feel the emotion of what Charles actually feels towards Harmony. I’m actually swayed when
reading this book and amazed with how the writer managed to bring me into various emotions.

Somehow, I feel like the climax is a bit late, but it did hit me hard as it was not as I expected. I really though that they
will get through this love story together, but it ended up for me tragically as Harmony got sick and passed away and
Charles didn’t manage to bid her farewell in a good way. That’s where I feel so upset and it did hit me hard too.

I hope that the writer find his happiness and I am so thankful for giving me this chance to review this book.

This book is a challenge for me as it narrates a love story between a kid and a grown woman, which brings me a whole
new perspective that love also can happen even in such young age. It’s amazing how this boy has a mature man point
of view and the way he treated the woman it is really something beyond what a boy in such young age could do.



My fifty-nineth review is by Siti Nurhasni Shahida Zarakia on 12/9/19 - (Kelantan, Malaysia)

Manuscript Review by Hasni Shahida (aka) Siti N.

The Embryo Man is one of the unique title, honestly before this the reviewer never read book like this.
Basically, the love story the reviewer read is based on the conflict about parents, cheating and so on.
At the first time, the reviewer did not understand about the title, but the title attract the reviewer to
investigate more about this topic. This is a true story written by an author. The author tells the story
of his romance with a woman known as “Harmony”. Harmony is an Indian girls, with a beautiful face
and blown hair. The characteristics of this girl made the authors interest in getting know the girl more
than that. At that time, the author can’t express their feeling because of the different age between them.

In this manuscript, firstly the reviewer would like to critic about the introduction of story it was too long and
it will make the reviewer bored in the early story. The author should short a little bit the introduction and focus
more on the chapter one by persuade the reader wondering about the story. This story was sad based on the
reviewer opinion, this is because the author really deep this story, and the reviewer can see the honest of the
author wrote this story. The reviewer think that this story can encourage more people to appreciate someone
loving each other. Based on reviewer read this story, on the first chapter have a little bit confuse who’s the
woman that the author mention, and make the reviewer want to know more the character.

Secondly, the reviewer would like to comment about the epigraph that shows by the author, it seems like the
author really accept the destiny that occurs in his life between him and harmony. In this part, the reviewer
wants to say that love is so cruel that harmony does not appreciate the author's presence. Although we don't
like someone, we need to take care of each other because we are just ordinary people who have feelings for
each other. Here, the harmony of violence against the author, for example Charles's slapping harmony and the
contempt of food cooked by Charles' mother, is one of the acts of bullying committed by Charles's harmony.

So, the assessor wants to say that love requires sincerity and not through coercion as it will distort one
of their hearts. Based on the experience of the assessor, the story has a positive and negative impact
on the reader because through this story, the reader can distinguish between true love and false love.

However, the reviewer would like to recommend to all reader out there to reading this book, because it give us
moral value about love. Love is something subjective to describe, because every person have their own taste
and their character in love. While the reviewer read this manuscript, the reviewer can feel the authors very
disappointed because harmony not accept his proposal. But the author also need to understand the difference
of age between them also prevents Charles' proposal to accept Harmony.

In conclusion, everyone has the right to seek true love, and it must also be acknowledged
that love does not reflect one's background. Moreover, we should be well-aware of what is
happening in our lives, the author tells a very interesting story and critics believe this story
will be in high demand because it is full of teaching and has good impact for the reader.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((I forgot to give this reviewer my Goodreads page))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixtieth review is by Varsha Reddy Busa on 12/12/19 - (Telangana, India)

Sir, the novel is really amazing, the way everything was described is really beautiful.
An excellent story of a boy ,who is madly in love with a girl who's older than him.

This novel perfectly defines the feeling of a boy during his first love.

The touch of humor to this romantic love story makes it a stand out novel.
The way Indian culture way presented is really amazing.

I was carried away by the novel as if it was a watching the whole story.

There may be many romantic novels, but never with such freshness, intensity and power.
The climax was the most unexpected ending.

Despite the flaws, it's a pleasure to accompany The Narrator with such beautiful story.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-first review is by Kalpana Erupula on 12/14/19 - (Secunderabad, India)

Hi charles, you are true lover showing your love and effection on harmony nobody
can love as you. You respect and accepted her likes and dislikes. harmony being
Indian loves her traditions like food, dressing etc. your love story gone with happy,
struggles and suffers. But its very hurting to hear she is not there. My suggestion
is don't lose your heart harmony is not gone anywere she is with u in your heart.

thanking you, kalpana

(((((((((((((((((((((((I asked her to leave feedback, but she hasn't)))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-second review is by Yokes Kes on 12/31/19 - (Tuaran, Malaysia)

I feel like the climax is a bit late, but it did hit me hard as it was not as I expected.
I really though that they will get through this love story together, but it ended up for
me tragically as Harmony got sick and passed away and Charles didn’t manage to bid
her farewell in a good way. That’s where I feel so upset and it did hit me hard too.

I hope that the writer find his happiness and I am so thankful
for giving me this chance to review this book.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-third review is by Akshitha Suresh on 1/14/20 - (Hanamkonda, India)

hello Charles Pendelton sir, I am impressed with your book I always believe that without
entering into love we can't build our world. really sir love doesn't matter of religion, age if
we love someone we can't forget them till last breath sir you proved in this book it's your
real-life story really sir this is true love your love story is a great story of a unique story with
a different ending a very very good and romantic love story you described very well sir I will
wait for your second book sir you book is an inspiration to present youth peoples what is love?

I will suggest to my friends to read this book, sir, by ordering in amazon after realising it

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-fourth review is by The 3Ple A Sister's on 2/3/20 - (Tuaran, Malaysia)

The novel has many beautiful moments, the contrast of delight and tragedy
make the story a remarkable creation by the writer. Being a romantic story it
has the right amount of intimacy and eroticism along with a beautiful narration.

The first three parts are more of a first-person narrative and could use a little
bit of a conversational aspect, but it can be neglected as the start of the novel
deeply revolves around Charles’s mindset and emotional dilemma. The story
covers each and every aspect related to the main characters in great detail.

The relatives and minor characters in the novel are also given the contemporary
notability that they deserved. The aspect of young love and affection in a minor
age has been deliberately exemplified in the story, along with a bitter taste of
reality that young lovers have to face.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-fifth review is by Rita Arora on 2/5/20 - (Noida, India)

Blessed to read such a wonderful love story
Charles Pendleton is an amazing writer
Moreover he's a good person

The best part about his writing is
You can't ever get enough
Cheers to you man, well done!!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-sixth review is by Lakshay Thakral on 2/6/20 - (Noida, India)

An exceptional masterpiece
What a beautifully written exquisite love story
One in a billion i suppose

The best book i've read in a long time
More power to you Charles Pendleton
Please grace us with your work again

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-seventh review is by Arshi Fatma Quraishi on 2/15/20 - (Navi Mumbai, India)

"The Embryo Man" written by Charles Pendelton
is an amazing love story I have ever read.
Full of emotions, care, love and romance.

Sometimes I cried also..

I recommend everyone to please read it once to know
how love is so pure with the person you laughed, you
play and how it remains for the whole life to be loved.

I really loved this book.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-eight review is by Ekta Srivastava on 2/15/20 - (Uttar Pradesh, India)

It's adorable love story, a very different kind of love story

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My sixty-nineth review is by Rubi Parveen on 2/14/20 - (Chandargh, India)

it's a very unique story that might be shocking for some, the climax
was really unimaginable, Love story once again proved that love
doesn't depend on age very beautifully you narrated sir.

It's a true love story, enjoy every little narration till the end.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventieth review is by Komal K on 2/21/20 - (Chandargh, India)

I have read tones of books in my life but these one was completely different of all. I was able
to finish the whole book in 2 days, as it is very interesting in the beginning itself. I loved the way
the way it is started. The first two pages have the introduction of the story which attracted me
towards it. I am a woman and the way writer respects his love Harmony, I thank god there are
men on earth still like him. I felt much attached with the book as I went deep inside the pages.

We all have someone in our life as our first love. It feels like spending the whole life with
them; but sometime the fact is something far away from our expectation. “The Embryo Man”
is a must read book for every lovers who feels like living and dying with their loved one. The
book is about a love at first sight of a young boy and a lady. I learned what love means in
real, love doesn’t mean to die it means to live with someone and for someone.

The book was very amazing; as I started reading it I read it over and over again.
If not wrong I fall in love with Harmony. She is the main character in the story;
she really has a power to make anyone fall in love with her at first sight.

The book is very well written and everything is just perfect,
as I was reading the whole story visualized in front of me.

I must say that it is a must to be read book for everyone; it is a book
with a true meaning f love. I am thankful to Charles for sharing his
story with me. I really appreciate you for sharing your feeling with me.

At last I must recommend every book lovers as well as lovers to read this book.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-first review is by Rohit Kumar Biswal on 2/28/20 - (Bhubaneswar, India)

Hi Charles ,first I am going say THANKS for you give me this opportunity read your story .
It is fantastic and beautiful ,I have readed different types of story but its my first time where
I can feel the every word that written on it .

At first I thought it will like any other story ,At start it like any typical American classic love
Story but when I crossed 10% I think that’s when it become interesting then after that
I did not think of anything ,the story was in mind ,I continuously just ask myself what will
Happed next…

Like that I just competed you story ..
About the story…

The English is simple but yet romantic ..
very romantic and it attracts the attention from the plot ,making story interesting .

The narration was perfect ,completely line up made the story beautiful
and interesting about what going to happen next .

Honestly from start I was expecting its going to sad ending
but I did not know it going to be like this .

At last I will say this story is hidden jam ,it should publish with best publish house so it
could attract more to your story and its really worth it because the book is worth it ..


((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-second review is by Sumit Pawar on 2/29/20 - (Pune, India)

First of all 'The Embryo Man' novel is based on true story of author Charles Pandelton,

This is the love story of small child Charles and a girl Harmony older than him.
It's very interesting to read that how their friendship and then love grows. The
story is with full of friendship, love, emotions, care. As story moves on it makes
you to feel what will happen next.

The way author describes the beauty of Harmony and his feelings towards her is just awesome.
The storyline is very realistic and you will get to know what true love is.
The unexpected end of story made me very upset and sad.
The sense with which the author has written this master piece is just amazing.
The words and sentences used are adding more beauty to story. While reading
you will feel like you are actually there, living or watching their story.
I am not giving more spoilers here, You must read this book at once you will fall in love with content.

Thanks to Charles Pendelton sir for giving such a masterpiece.

I'll give it 4.8/5.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-third review is by Prameer Vidhate on 2/29/20 - (Pune, India)

This is one of the incredible book by charles pendleton. a great love story which make readers
fall in love with the book. the one of the amazing thing in this book is the story begine smoothly
and didn't give any hint about upcoming turn. the story is based on true event, which happen
around the Charleg and Harmony.

Harmony is a mature women and Charleg is a young boy fall in love with her. storyline is always
a main part of books. that has this book its own unique. the one most lovable thing this book teach
to us that love is not wear mask of age. maybe the situation like this love story are not acceptable by
society but when the love turn into ambession, then the True lovestories happens. sometimes readers
might be shock within reading because it is a unique story. The real things had been feels by writer are
so perfectly describe in the story, in which readers make feels to like they are on the spot. The truth of
life is that everyones life always uncertain. The ending of all chapters of life are always not happy.

Charleg is a best writer who give us this unimaginory book.
Surely, this book leaves an loving Impact on readers.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-fourth review is by Preety Kapoor on 3/2/20 - (Chennai, India)

I was a little sceptical at first, as Charles mentioned that this story was going
to be different and nothing like what I had read before. I had my reservations
about it, as all love stories claim to be different, however, I was happily
surprised that this was something I have never experienced before.

I read this book with my husband and we laughed and even cried throughout
the latter half of the book. The book also mentions erotic encounters in a very
good light, they are very detailed and also explain what is going in the writer's
head. All I want to tell you is that it was a lovely experience and I thank you for
sharing this experience with us and I can testify the fact that this is something
very unique and different and is nothing like what you have read before.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-fifth review is by Keerthi Chaudhary on 3/7/20 - (Medak, India)


The book explains about the true incident that took in author’s life. It narrates how can love blossomed between a
teenage girl and a 6 year old boy in late 60’s, which is unacceptable for society by then. The book narrates author’s
first love story in his childhood which lasted for lifelong. It describes the feelings, confusions, imaginations of the boy
at that tender age with a unspoken maturity. The book contains 8 parts with an Introduction and Epilougue  seperately
written other than Gratissimum and Farewell to Notes and Journals.

It describes how love can be in its purest form irrespective of barriers like age, society, right, wrong, etc.,. It describes
the purest form of love in its nature. The authors describes his emotions, imaginations, in a very detailed manner. This
story in the book also proves love is above all i.e., it can happen anywhere, anytime, irrespective of all the odds in the
society including society itself as a barrier. And how first love cannot be forgotten.


In the section of book analysis, I want to make separate notes of positive and negative side of the book and is as follows:

•    Narration of the story.
•    Description of love as in its purest form.
•    Language is easy to understand in the book.
•    The feelings, imaginations are described in a very detailed manner in separate font styles.
•    The headings/ quotations are very apt related to the situations described in the book.
•    Maturity of the child at that tender age and girl’s state of mind are very clear for readers.
•    While reading book, readers feel as the events are happening in front of their eyes.

•    The content of the book might become controversial i.e., may receive criticism.
•    Intimacy is written in detail word to word.
•    Private moments of the couple.
•    All age groups may not encourage for reading.

•    Private moments should not be written with that detailing i.e., explaining emotions is enough.
•    Vocabulary used in private moments is somewhat disturbing.
•    Narration of book is so good that readers stick to it till the completion but cannot read at once
        as emotions are in their extreme level.
•    Vocabulary and language easy to understand i.e., one can read without dictionary.
•    The maturity of the child, and the loving-caring nature of the girl are very well crafted.
•    The emotions described n the book directly touches reader’s heart which is the highlight of the book.
•    The Phrase “Once I was terrified of death…..
Now I am terrified of life” blown me away.
•    The ending of the book is heart-wrenching.
I recommend this book teenagers specially as love had lost its true meaning these  days.

I rate this book 3 out of 5.

Thanking you for giving the opportunity to share my views on your manuscript.

P.S. I think you should fulfil Harmony’s last wish of giving the love you had received from
her to someone as she always wished for your happiness. May her soul rest in peace.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 3-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-sixth review is by Deepak Gokhale on 3/11/20 - (India)

“The Embryo Man” written by Charles Pendelton is an epic love saga that tells us everything
about how normal boys and girls fall in love and whatever they have to go through in their life
in this phase. It believes that love at first sight do exists and it also does a very specific and good
narration of what all things a girl or a women expects for her boyfriend/spouse/husband.

In the book, Charles speaks about his romance with his love in a way that may seem a little much but
his narration tells us that his intentions and his actions never were meant to be such. After his romantic
gestures, he even speaks about his dreams and what all he expects from his life and what are his life goals.

The compiling of all the matter is intense and touching and tells us about taking
life serious as it is as unpredictable as our thoughts and actions sometimes.

So, we lastly we can say that the book is a complete mixture of a person's life travel, a man or women's
feelings about their love, about their dreams, some out of the box thinking ability and refusing to bow
down to traditions. It is a combine effort of Charles to describe his love Harmony and his life at the age
of 9year, his efforts for his dreams and to protect his love Harmony from traditions and other influences.

The book ends on a tragic note that refreshes our mind
with the saying that "All stories don't have Happy endings".

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-seventh review is by Vandana Gokhale on 3/13/20 - (India)

In his book, I Charles Pendelton has done an honest portrayal of his
feelings about his child age love abd how he feels at that age. To start
with, the story touches our heart because it is a rel life experience story.

We can feel all his emotions at each stage and lines of his book in each chapter.

It tells about the eternal and true first love of a 9year old boy, who
irrespective of tradition norms, loves a woman who is older than him.

This story reveals everything about what a person
feels and expects from the people in their lives.

It also reveals that every girl or woman expects a pure relation
and feelings of love and care from her spouse or betterhalf.

It leaves an impression on your heart and mind that forcea you to think
that you should be very dreamy and confident for what you think and say.

It teaches us to dream big and makes our mind to work hard to achieve it.
In all, its a pleasure to read the novel as it refreahes our mind and thoughts.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 3-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-eighth review is by Tariq Ahamad on 3/20/20 - (Udumalpet, India)

An exciting love story..

With an artistic format, the novel starts with a great and stunning introduction.
Surely, any reader will easily fell in the stream of epic words projected in almost
every part of the book. An unforgettable experience,..

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My seventy-nineth review is by Vidya Bhuskute on 3/24/20 - (India)

Charles Pendelton in his novel- The Embryo Man has portrayed all walks and phases of life
so perfectly that we are forced to peep into our lives immediately and find out what's missing.
And for this, I really want to thank Charles a lot for letting me read and review this book.

I never read this kind of book before and during the book reading, I found the lost me.

It is an excellent story of a perfect balance between love, life and career. In the age of 9 years,
he falls in love with Harmony, a girl much older than him. It also describes that a girl wants loyal
and genuine boy in her life. Charles fell in love with Harmony at the first sight, and he also
discusses about his romantic moments with her and that in someone's view would look
somewhat bold. But, actually he is expressing all his feelings & emotions in front of us.

In all his efforts to express and present his love life in front of us, he also makes sure that he tells
us that life goals, ambitions and our career is also equally important for us to achieve success in
our life. So, as a whole, the novel revolves around the ideas and thoughts of our day-to-day life and
the situations and circumstances that occur in our life on daily basis. That is why, it is a whole package
of emotions, roller coaster of love and career goals, and description of deep and true love for someone.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eightieth review is by Gauri Mokate on 3/24/20 - (India)

Charles Penselton has proved to be an outstanding writer with a great
sense of imagination through his novel 'The Embryo Man'. He gives
amazing story delivery and great presentation of his real life story.

The novel has an interesting and intriguing title.

The novel is a simple and attractive love story without any trill or suspense,
but still it keeps you entertained with each line that you read. Charles, as a
young 9 year old boy, who doesn't even know what love is, falls in love with
a girl who is much older than him and everything in his life goes upside down.

He starts feeling himself as Luckiest person in the world. He also portrays his
romantic life with harmony, his love very sensitively and without hurting anyone's
emotions and feelings. His novel hias narrative background, because of which we
feel attached to it and can imagine his story in front of our eyes while reading.

Because of all these reasons, I think this novel is one of the best
novel that I have read till now and will always remain in my mind
and mobile memory, so that I can read it whenever I feel to.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-first review is by Akash M on 3/29/20 - (Maharashtra, India)

To start with, reading Charles Pendelton's novel - The Embryo Man, i feel like I have read the
best book of my life till now. The book, in its own way, cherishes all the beautiful and sometimes
painful moments of our life, that sometimes we just ignore and move ahead. It tells us that in our
life, love and the pain that follows it, both should be respected and cherished equally.

In the book title description, he explains how he never wanted to publish this book and did not
have any intention of telling the world his tale. But the dream of his long lost love Harmony,
forced him to publish the book. He could not ignore his dream as Harmony meant a lot to him.

He also explained in the novel that having a partner by your side is such a blessing
of life. But besides all these things, the writer also suggests is that every person
should have a goals in their life and try his best to achieve them all.

As a whole the novel entertains is, makes us emotional, and motivates us
and encouraged is to develop ourselves to become the best version of is.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-second review is by Pallavi A on 4/2/20 - (Aurangabad, India)

I have to start with saying that I have read one of the finest novel till now.
The novel has described each and every phase of human life so nicely
that we are forced to peep into our lives as well.

Charles Pendelton is one of the finest writter I have read in my life till now.

He has reflected his whole life so attractively and perfectly and mentioned
each and everything in clear detail that we are forced to think that whether
we should be satisfied with where we are?

Charles reflects his love story with Harmony and tells us about he fell in love
with her and how their romance went. He also tells us that being in love with
Harmony was so much beautiful and successful for him.

With his love life, he also describes about his aims and aspirations.
He explains us that dreaming about something and trying hard to
achieve it is the most vital part of everyone's life.

Altogether, Charles Pendelton's novel is a full package of feelings,
emotions and ambitions that you will love to open and read.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-third review is by Guatami Kumar on 4/4/20 - (New Delhi, India)

The story is truly unique, It was a emotional rollercoaster.

I often found myself laughing and enjoying the bizzare yet lovely couple.
The author is a charming personality and his description of his love interest
Harmony is truly amazing.

I must say, at some moments it felt that all of this happened in front of me.

The intricate details and expression of whats going in the author's head is truly amazing.
The book has you laughing and has you crying too, and is the author likes to describe it -
It is unlike any other you have ever read before, or will ever read again, I’m sure.

And I can testify to the fact that the above is true.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-fourth review is by Divya T on 4/6/20 - (India)

This is very cherishing and heartwarming novel written by Charles Pendelton,
which describes every stage of life beautifully and elegantly. His novel describes
his attraction and love towards Harmony and also says that it reflects both way.

In the starting chapters, he tells us about his affection towards Harmony and all
he does to make Harmony feel the same for him. After Harmony falls in love with
him too, he further describes how their romantic life goes. The romantic life that he
describes may seem a little awkward to read sometimes for some people who can't
accept it, but he is just putting his heart out there, and there's nothing loud in it.

In amidst all the feelings and emotions the author feels, he does not fails to reveal
all his dreams and aspirations to us. He explains to us and makes us realise that
goals, ambitions and targets are equally important in our lives. We should achieve
a particular level of success in our life that no-one else thinks that we could and
we should prove ourselves to others in all possible ways.

Therefore, this novel written by Charles Pendelton
is a whole book of emotions and experiences.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-fifth review is by Asma Olakh on 4/12/20 - (Lahore, Pakistan)

I have done reading this novel...
It Opens another World for the readers

When I started to read this ....I was expecting simple and casual
as like other manuscripts i often read, but it is different and a good
one i really find it so, i find it catching my attention.

I have red several of novels but this is really ample....
A Very Different one!

I really Enjoyed it and Thanks To Charles Pendelton to allow me to read this.
I Loved It! Its not that simple love story as mentioned and it left me cherished.

I Would Highly recommend this novel to one who like to read love story...
I am Sure You would love it!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-sixth review is by Irfan Amir on 4/17/20 - (Lahore, Pakistan)

An intense novel, nicely poised between sweet romance and erotica.
The story is credible and narrated with an extraordinary writing style.

A magical mix of dialogues, dreaming, and opinion.
I am confident this work will be received well.

The title is fine and relates with the central theme.
The cover design is fine too.

Go for it!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-seventh review is by Ajlaa Aqilah on 4/17/20 - (Puchong, Malaysia)

“The Embryo Man” written by Charles Pendelton is such an amazing and beautiful love story
I have ever read. It’s very wonderful and different story. Honestly, I love it so much the storyline,
all the characters, the climax, epilogue and the final. This novel full of emotions, care, love, family
and romance. The love of Charles and Harmony are very beautiful and unique. This sweet couple
teach us to always appreciate your loved ones and do not ever take it for granted. Your love story
once again proved that love doesn’t depend on age and they proved that how pure love is with the
person you laughed, play and remains for the whole life to be loved. Very beautiful you wrote it
and present it to the reader, you showed life has no end and really fabulous story.

Overall, I would say that the best part was the epilogue. I really do not expect that Harmony will die.
I hope that she will recover from the cancer and they can live happily with Charlie. But again u proved
that “love does not have to be one”. Even Harmony was died but Charlie can feel that their loves still
exist. Charlie sacrifice their sadness by moving on and express their feeling by writing special lyrics
that echoed the madness and the longing which forever captured the heart of his own despair to fulfill
Harmony’s wishes for the last time. In this manuscripts, I love this sentences so much that Charlie said
“ you can replace objects, and you can repair things, but a woman as wonderful as Harmony can never
be replaced. Nor can my life ever be mended. As a women it made me cry and so touched. Charlie
characters was so charming and always respect harmony. I am sure that even Harmony was died,
but she must be so grateful and so lucky to be loved by such a gentleman man, Charlie.

Lastly, I really enjoyed reading your manuscript starting from introduction till the end of the story.
Honestly, you have a superb writing skills. The words that used are bombastic and very easy to
understand. In fact it is not boring and I as a reader always eager to know what happens after
one part to another part. You are very creative to blend the idea of the love story between Charlie
and Harmony even they do not together but we as a reader can feel the true meaning of love.

What I learnt was, love needs a lot of sacrifices and always trust that everything happens must
be a reason. As the saying goes “every cloud has a silver lining”. Surely, I am very recommended
everyone to read this amazing manuscript especially for those who want to know how love is so pure.

I hope you will write more novel so that you can polish and expand your writing skills widely.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-eighth review is by Parnika Gupta on 4/18/20 - (Jammu, India)

Thank you Robert for sharing such an amazing book with me.

As Robert already told me that the book was going to be different than what I
have read I set my expectations a little higher and so as I expected it was incredible.

The book takes you on an amazing journey with Charlie who goes from
a young boy to a an adult and his experience with the love of his life.
I will not reveal much as that will spoil the story line for everyone.

But the book is sensuous and sensible in an amazing way.

I love how Charlie is that sensible person in the story and that is the characteristic
that stays with him throughout his journey through every up and down.

I recommend reading this book.

It was like reading a journal from someone's past and
going through everything with him. A must read.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My eighty-nineth review is by Kay M on 4/19/20 - (Arima, Trinidad and Tobago)

Some love stories happen once and never end until both lovers draw their final breath.

Love is an exquisite thing and if you are privileged to experience it at a tender age, then
you are among the lucky ones—such is the case of Charles Pendelton and the loved that
almost immediately engulfed his entire being as he sets eyes on the attractive figure with
long flowing hair moving into the neighborhood. Charles’ subtle interdiction to this book
is heartwarming and touching.

Embryo Man recounts a five years’ experience between the author and this beautiful lady
whom he met at a very tender age of 6. At age 6 it was difficult or rather unbelievable to
express fully what one feels about the opposite sex.

Charles’ endearing love story was one so strong with a lot of lessons and take-home points.
Looking at the level of bond that grew between the two despite the age gap was a pointer
to something very special and unique.

The author’s relentless effort to tell the story in its original form refreshes our mind with
the very essence of childhood—the innocence and sincerity in every word and action.

1970 was the magic year and Harmony was the name of the lady. Charles's meeting with
Harmony was fate, but the courage and boldness of young Charles was something to reckon
with. Not many of us knew what love felt like at that age or even how to speak up about our
feelings. Much of what influenced the author’s life was the fact that he grew up among female
cousins who had many experiences with men—this taught him a thing or two about relationships.

His bond with Harmony grew stronger as time passed. Charles also had to
deal with the fact that his parents were lately not the couples they used to be.

1971 was a good year, young Charles learned a deal from Harmony about women-emotions and love.
I could remember fervently my youthful day as a younger mother trying to teach my sons a thing or two
about being the best man when they eventually find miss right. The memories of those years flooded
with deep emotions—one that always leaves me with smiles when I remember.

1972 was another magical year, Charles’ entire life was burning with desire for Harmony as he longed
to kiss her. His dream, the very imagination haunted his thoughts that Harmony does not love him.
Twisted feelings, long nights of dreams and finally he explodes—the outburst of emotions won
him the first lover’s kiss from Harmony. It enkindled the start of a new face of the relationship.

The love was a strong one however the worse happened, Harmony passed away and Charles
was left to walk the earth alone savoring all the sweet-bitter memories of a life well spent.

Charles’ experiences fueled his writings, and he finally did well to gather them into one piece,
letting some of us into his world. There is just so much to read about and understand in this book,
but I will also drop my pen here and let you read the page of this real-life recount by yourself.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninetieth review is by Hanis Zulaika on 4/19/20 - (Kedah, Malaysia)

This type of novel is romantic fiction which taking place in New
Drop, Borough of Richmond, Staten Islands, from 1970 to 1974.

This novel entitled “The Embryo Man” is definitely kind of new story
line I have ever read and always got me excited to discover more things
written in this beautiful story. I can say what I like about this novel is the
story are full of friendship, love, emotions, and care. As story moves
on it makes you feel curious on what will happen next.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-first review is by Ahmad Zaim Adil Zaimi on 4/20/20 - (Terengganu, Malaysia)

The  Embryo  Man  is the  journey  of  two  innocent people  being  deeply  in  love  and
devoted  with  each  other  in  ways  that  readers  would  not  typically  expect.  The  main  
were Charles  or  also  known  as  Charlie,  and  Harmony,  but  if  Charlie  were  to  review  
this  book, Harmony would also be put first because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

The embryo man is not your every day love story as it features a plot where people think
it’s too good to be true and that’s what gives appeal to the book. The way Charlie has
been handling his emotions at such a young age shows that maturity can be developed
even if they are mere school kids. The sentimental value that was carried by Harmony
for Charles valued more than everything than the whole world.

In  this  journey, Charlie  was  the  victor  and  was  also  the bereft  but  alas,  no  one  in
mankind  can  overcome  their  fate  no  matter  how cruel  it  is.  Harmony,  a  pure  soul  
who  was once  broken  to  pieces  but  not  long  after  that  her  fate  was  sealed  for  a  
better  by  her acquaintance with Charlie, the cute neighboring school boy across the street.
Both characters portrayed  love  in  its  purest  form.  

The  type  of  love  that  knew  no  boundaries  and  obstacles. Love that ignored
the differences and flaws that each other. The type of love that most humans failed  
to  find,  convey  and  nurture.  If  only  people  were  this  loving  and  caring  towards  
one another. It would become a breathtaking future to be imagined.

What  we  can  learn  from  this  book  is  the  sad  reality  of  what  life  is.  You  can  love
someone for eternity but they won’t stay for that long. You can give your all in a relationship
but if it ends, it ends. Just like that. It’s just a matter of how and when. Scary. But that’s just it.

That’s the reality of life that every one must get through and overcome. Another thing that I like,
is the love displayed by Charlie and Harmony. It makes me want what they have and I’m sure  many  
would  agree.  To  conclude,  I  honestly  would  recommend  this  book  to  people because  its
nature  is pure  and  sincere.  It  was  written  with  heart,  something  that  not  many have.  

To  Charlie,  you  have  lived  a  long  life  and  hope that  you  will  
find your  peace  of mind despite everything that has happened.

Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us, it was fun while it lasted.

I would give this book a 3.8/5 rating.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 4-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-second review is by Ace. P on 4/21/20 - (Delaware, United States)

A well-detailed narrative, storytelling at its finest

There are just so many ways to tell a story. This book is also not your regular love story.
Charles Pendelton’s power of expression and vivid descriptions adds a lot of life to the book.
They say that love is blind, but Charles could see enough to understand as a boy the moment
he met Harmony that she was the one for him.

Just like the author, I will tell you that this is one love story you will want to read again.
Embryo Man is laden with thought-provoking emotions.

The play of words and the expression of emotions were so deep right from the introduction.
What I did not know from the onset was the fact that those were the hearty expressions of
a young boy’s passions. This book is remarkably unique for the key players, Charles and
Harmony. From the beginning, there was nothing unusual about two people falling in love
until you notice the age gap between Charles and Harmony. Charles was barely a boy
while Harmony was already a mature lady when they got entangled in the wheels of love.

The love that existed between them was something magical. Like Romeo and Juliet, this love
was to last forever, and death could not conquer it. 1970 was the year Charles first set his eyes
on Harmony as she moved newly into the neighborhood. To think the mere sight of the beautifully
adorned figure with long flowing hair through the window could provoke such emotions in a boy
was something strange to me at first. However, when I peer into my past, I could remember
there was a time I had such strong feelings. I let the emotion fade naturally.

I lacked the courage and words to express them.

Charles was a boy of big heart and courage who realized what he wanted and went for it.
He learned a great deal about life and women from Harmony. At age 6, his perception of
love was all about the excitement in a kiss. I love the way I felt when I read this book.

The writer did not hold back his feelings with words; he poured it all out. This book
flooded my memory with events from my boyhood days. I’ve read this book twice and
haven’t gotten enough yet. I enjoyed reading this book and I’m certain you will too.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-third review is by Royal Doll on 4/21/20 - (Multan, Pakistan)

Charming title and a pleasant epigraph had me jet set on to peruse
the book. As the real story begins, there is no dilly dalling around.

The book certainly leaves an effect when you read it.

It powers the perusers to think beyond the domain of what some of them
may consider as agreeable and blurs the line with regards to what they
believe is correct or wrong. It expands your perspective, seduces you
into dark and powers you to think beyond the high contrast of life.

The foundation moves alongside the portrayal, giving us little looks at the
days in those days yet never over controlling the principal characters.

The story finishes all the requirements for an elegantly composed and appealing
sentimental fiction. The novel has numerous excellent moments, the complexity of
love and tragedy make the story an exceptional creation. Being a sentimental story
it has the perfect measure of closeness and sensuality alongside a wonderful portrayal.

Essentially you are going to find out about the life of 2 individuals and how sadly
their story has finished. This is not your normal book. However, if you are liberal
and ready to push through you will be presented to the genuine craft of composing.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-fourth review is by Samreen Amjid on 4/21/20 - (Pakistan)

"The Embryo Man", a content that kept me engaged for hours.

I started reading it for overcoming boredom in this quarantine
but I wasn't able to move my eyes from it.

It's the storyline of a young boy, who was trying hard to be a
man for an angel, was the real thing which kept me intact.

Charles and Harmony gave another story to be taken as an idol.

The way in which Charles describes the beauty of her angel is simply
amazing and it nearly wishes of every woman. At the start, the story was
all about the feelings of Charles but after the confront of Harmony, it turned
into a love story that is far away from the general rules of the world.

The snapping of Harmony changed the scenario. It accompanied by
the harshest truth. The dreams of the writer added fuel to the fire.

The novel isn't a simple love story.

It revolves around the true meaning of feelings of what we call "love".
It questions the present-day definition of love.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-fifth review is by Sukiedits on 4/24/20 - (Santa Rosa, CA)

The Embryo Man is a story I never expected myself to fall in love with.

In the beginning I was uncomfortable with the age gap between Charlie
and Harmony. I thought it would be impossible for a relationship to blossom
between them, but the book proved me wrong. The time they spend together
is written so beautifully that after the first three chapters, I could no longer
deny the love between them.

At times I felt that the story was slow, but later on I appreciated this
aspect because I could truly experience the moments in what felt like
real time. Over the course of the novel I found myself fully invested
in Charlie's feelings and his relationship with Harmony.

The Embryo Man, both heartwarming and tragic,
teaches us all the lesson that love has no boundaries.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-sixth review is by advanii on 4/27/20 - (Karachi, Pakistan)

When I completed reading this novel, I found myself
wondering who I am to rate this masterpiece.

This novel is phenomenal, the finest I've ever read in romances.
The plot's simplicity and subtlety, and the characters' adorability
are profound and there's no way, for anyone to read it straight
down to the end without shedding a few drops of tears.

The novel takes us on a journey through various emotions but finally
lands in a serious path and makes us feel for Charles who has lost
his beloved Harmony. Few of the dialogues were so painful such as
"Can anyone out there understand what it's like to lose everything?

Why did my angel have to die? Why do you hate me so much, God?"
I was literally crying. Moreover, Charles's love for Harmony was so
pure, we hardly see this true love in real life.

I'll share this novel with my friends too.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-seventh review is by prudential_vel on 4/27/20 - (United States)

The romantic novel "Embryo man" was written by Charles Pendleton, narrating his
true love story that occurred in the 1970's when he was still a young boy of fewer
than six years of age. At this time, the writer was young but he had started feeling
love, affection, and jealousy. The novel narrates about how Charles, a young boy
aged six years, falls in love with Harmony of Indian descent aged ten years, a girl
slightly older than him. The author explains how the "young boy" falls in love with
Harmony at first sight and struggles to win the love of a girl who is older than him.

At the beginning of the book, Charles explains why he wrote the book, and he aims
to capture the reader's attention by narrating an unusual scenario whereby an innocent
young boy profoundly falls in love with a girl who is in adolescence and somehow older
than him. Charles explains vividly and emotionally at how he was impressed by the first
time he met with Harmony, the way he was fascinated with her beautiful appearance.

While Charles is continuing to grow affection for Harmony, he found himself in difficult
times since her parents are involved in domestic violence. Due to this challenging situation,
Charles is forced to spend some time in Harmony's home, where he comes to realize more
about Harmony's good personality; she was kind, humble, and loving to him. Charles tries to
connect with the reader by narrating how the "young boy" would go to the extent of buying
flowers for his older girlfriend as a way of expressing his profound affection.

The story is exciting because Charles tries to connect with the reader through the use of vivid
images and breathtaking descriptions of love and emotions. A good example is how the "young
boy" dreamt that Harmony had left him; this makes the reader sympathize with the "young boy,"
and the reader automatically wants to jump to the next chapter. The book is full of drama and
emotions; Charles narrates about the true love from a young boy, which at some points he
feels heartbroken and encounters other sensual feelings.

What I can conclude from the story is that the book is excellently written when viewed
from a literature point of view. It brings a lot of imagination to the mind of the reader,
and this makes one go on and on. The fact that it's a true love story makes the reader
be emotionally connected with everything that's happening in the narration.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated ? Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-eighth review is by nimangi on 5/1/20 - (Sri Lanka)

The most sensual and exceptional love story you will ever read in this quarantine!

It was 21st August 1970, an average day that any kid would have, but certainly not
for Charlie. Charlie was just six years old when he first saw Harmony on that special
day, the lady who turned his average kid life upside down. Time flies like a wind since
then, changing the lives of Charlie and Harmony, welcoming us into a really controversial,
yet exciting love story and the story leaves us with one interesting question. Will Charlie
and harmony be able to conquer the social limits and norms and win their pure &
innocent love? What would be the end of this exotic love story?

This book “The Embryo Man” by Charles Pendelton is a book for people “who want to travel
through the past, tangling in an infrequent, exciting and sensual love story, while going back
and forth to their own love stories in real life”. I'm so glad that I received this book during
these gloomy days of quarantine, and it was the most unexpected and infrequent love story
that I have read so far. The author brings out a real-life experience in the form of a romantic
love story and the characters are very well defined with finer details.

The author has aligned the characters and the incidents well and the storyline twists around
how young Charlie and teenage Harmony grew and devour their love whilst trying hard to
forget about social hurdles. Sometimes Charlie’s own words reflect how he struggles deep
inside, to embrace his love, forgetting everything else and let me quote this as an example.

“On this very day, I have done as a child what no other has professed before.
Like a magician preparing to elude the masses, I have performed the impossible.
Not only have I stepped through the eye of a needle, but I would lead Harmony through
it as well. Hand in hand, we will face life’s problems together. Never to be alone again,
for I have found a stable dwelling within the heart of an exotic dream” (page 74).

As the story progresses, Charlie and Harmony reach the pinnacle of their love
and we can feel how this young boy loves his perfect woman and how he needs
to preserve this love forever. Just by knowing the innocence, honesty, and purity
of his thoughts, as readers, we want him to have this lady forever, despite all the
social norms. But suddenly the paradigm of characters changes rapidly, as the
story reaches its climax, and it ends completely opposite to what we all expect.

As I read through the pages, sometimes I started to wonder if it is possible for a boy at this
young age to have such deep and romantic feelings towards an elderly girl. But then again it
got me to realize that it was the very specialty of young Charlie and the reason why Harmony,
such an exotic and stimulatingly beautiful teenage lady felt so deeply in love with him.

The author has an excellent choice of words and his expressions are flawless.

The book would have been more enjoyable to me if the author used less of Charles's
imaginations, as sometimes it could be a bit puzzling. Apart from that, this is an outstanding
and imaginative love story and I recommend it for everyone who is looking to spice up their
romance and sentiments during these tiresome days of quarantine.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My Ninety-nineth review is by likhitha01 on 5/3/20 - (India)

This book is certainly of a different kind.

It offered me a chance to rethink the definition of love. Love has no age.
The fascinating title and a well-framed gratissimum urged me to go further.

The author starts the novel by saying that one should be open-minded to
read and feel this story. This story challenged my views, my mindset and
my perspectives about what love is. The age of 9 or 10 is an important step
in everyone's life. I believe in the case of a few people there will be an early
puberty hit. But, for Charles, it was the time when he found his true love.

There was a man who was trapped inside the child's body.

He felt everything that a man should feel for his girl. Despite the age gap,
Charles loves her immensely and he aches for her affection. The effort he
puts to gain her love is just breathtaking. The book goes on where the author
expresses his love for her in many ways. Her broken past relationship makes
her uncertain about giving herself another chance. His poetic essence made
me feel his emotions and the ending brought tears in my eyes.

This being Charles Pendelton's debut work, he has succeeded to express his
feelings and also to make the readers feel his emotions. Though I felt things
were stretched a bit at a few places, this book held me on till the last. More than
calling it a romantic story, I would call it a heart-breaking, exquisite love story.

I would recommend it for anyone who can read this with an open
mind and an open heart. Also, this book is an impeccable piece
of art for people who are looking for some unique story.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


My One-Hundredth review is by kainat26 on 5/7/20 - (Pakistan)

Actual the best harmony book which establishes the Values of a woman.
I got pleasure reading it and am thankful to the author of this book.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated 5-Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))