Charles Pendelton
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Chapter 22

                          The great quest toward evening

After an overabundance of food and drink at the barbecue, John and I came
to a mutual decision that would involve the use of mescaline tonight, and so
without further hesitation we hurried from the backyard to the car. It felt like
the Gods were smiling down upon us, as I jumped into that 1968, raspberry
red, Toyota Corolla deluxe coupe! Occasionally, his mom lets him borrow
it. Especially when she needs something from the store, and doesn't feel like
going! John would have taken his car, had it not broke down again. First it
was the starter, then it was the alternator. Now it's the catalyst converter!

As John started the car and began revving the engine, I turned up the radio and a song
began to play. It was “Something in the air” by Thunderclap Newman, and at that very
moment, it was the best song in the whole entire world! Nothing even came close!

Thunderclap Newman - Something in the air

As the wind blasted through our hair, it formed a vortex in the car ruffling up scraps of
paper, and sucking out very thin pieces of clear plastic cellophane which could be found
around cigarette packs. When John stopped at a red light, I could see a florist outside the
flower shop talking to one of the patrons alongside the azalea plants. He was either giving
advise on annuals or perennials, or simply discussing the basic facts about gardening in
general. Whatever it was, it was soon forgotten as the light turned green and we sped off.

                                                                The Syn - Flowerman

We soon ended up in Great Kills, but they had only weed. In Bay Terrace, they were all
and had nothing to sell, so we drove to Oakwood train station where they told us to
back tomorrow. We then headed into New Dorp, only to find it was a ghost town.
By this
time, The Merry-Go-Round came on and were singing their hit song, “Live.”      

The Merry-Go-Round - Live

After the song ended, John turned off the engine and sparked up a bone where we sat
parked by the St. George Malankara orthodox church of India. Looking out the open
window, I was but six arm lengths from the steps. Flashbacks in my mind from earlier
days rippled the lake of calmness in my brain. I made the sign of the cross before taking
in a nice slow hit of mother nature. In a disturbing kind of way, I felt as if the herb was
purifying my soul as it expanded my consciousness, thus bringing me that much closer
to the higher power. I then thought, if I died now, would I go to the Indian section?

The thought made me smile, and it wasn't long before I fell into a dream.
A pendulum ride like a swing, that would take me back nearly two years.

It was somewhere in the fall of 1980. A conflict between John and Paul that
would almost end a lifelong friendship. I must admit, I don't quite remember
the day, but to the best of my knowledge this is what happened. John and I
were hanging out in his room, as we usually did after school. We listened to
with Tony Pigg and got high to Riders on the storm by The Doors
                                                 The Doors - Riders on the storm

With us that day were Pete, his brother Tom, and Richie Cakes. We had just
finished passing around an emerald green bong that was partially filled with
pink lemonade, and everyone was mellow. As Kansas came on to sing “Dust
in the wind
,” I looked around to see the room, beclouded in a resiny haze!
Kansas - Dust in the wind

Ten minutes after we finished smoking the doorbell rings and John goes downstairs
to see who it might be. Paul enters and so we all come downstairs. He is now furious
with John, because John smoked all the weed without him, rather than waiting until
four O'clock as was agreed upon. “Getting a little fat there flabby, aint'cha? Look at him,
in a few more years he'll be the size of Mount Rushmore!” Paul then began lumbering
around the room like a comical version of The Thing” while grunting heavily under
his breath the words, “um so hungry.” The entire house was now engulfed in laughter!

“I smoked, now I gotta eat the refrigerator and the stove! You really are a piece-a-work,
let me tell ya. You say one thing, and then you do another!” As Paul began patting John
on the shoulder, his facial expressions made him look like Jimmy Boils from across the
street! You could see the madness beginning to emanate from within his soul, and that
was neither caused by John, nor a result of the present situation. . . A fall perhaps.

                                                                              Pg 107

Jimmy looked like one of them trees I'd seen near my school. The one covered in
fissures and knots, which made him look almost obscene! So repulsive, in fact, that
upon a chance encounter, many young girls have recoiled from him in inexplicable terror!

“You had to smoke it all without me, didn't 'cha Johnny.
Couldn't wait that extra second for me now, could 'ya Johnny?
Ahhh, but your livin' well now, aint' ya Johnny!

Paul was now cocking his head, bearing both his upper and lower teeth, as if he were
This action caused him to squint his eyes like the boil man!  We were laughing
so hard I was in stitches, rolling on the floor! Then Paul started laughing even louder
than us! Stomping his feet on the carpet without provocation; rattling the curio cabinet!

Immediately, John bolts up the stairs saying he has something to show me. After five
minutes, he still hasn't come down yet, so Paul decides to rouse him! “What are ya
doin' up there Morris; eatin' all them vittles. Are ya havin' snacks up there, scumbag

eatin, and maybe you'll have a stroke; do us all a favor!”

*Paul was now laughing
even harder than us, in a deep hearty bellow!*

Roaring laughter could be heard coming from that house more than
a mile away!
Eventually, John comes down from the attic. With him, he is carrying a
large picture completely covered in dust! So thick, there was no image visible.

“What have we here?” asks Paul rather

“Is it a picture perhaps?” he questions in an overly delicate voice,
with undertones of sarcasm suppressed to the point of exploding!

“Sit down, you don't need to see this.”
“Sit down,
what am I a dog? Sit down, now roll over! What are you a jerk off?”
“Just be good and
sit down.”
“Don't talk to me like I'm a three year old!”
“Look Paul, you are-not-going to-see
this picture!”
“Bullshit, I'm not gonna see it! Show it to me or I'll pull
it out of your hands and
smash it against the wall!”

“All right, you wanna see it? Then I'll show it to you.”

Without anymore hesitation, John proceeded to
blow a century's
worth of dust straight up Paul's nostrils, and he went ballistic;

vehemently throwing his arms around and about
his face like he was standing in a giant beehive!

He then threw two punches at John's upper arm! “You're
a fucking asshole! You know
I'm allergic to dust!!! We're not done, pal!” Paul then storms out of the house and
John smiles. “Who's laughing now?” asks John calmly, as he slams the front door hard!

“He thinks he's a clown! He comes over, he disrespects me in my own house!

After a few weeks, John and Paul were hanging out again like nothing ever happened.
I can recall it being a Thursday when I rang Pete's doorbell. “What's going on, Pete?”
“Not too much. Paul and John are at it again.” “What happened this time?” “I think it'd
be better if John told you himself.” I could see Pete trying not to laugh, and so I walked
over to John's house to find out what I missed! “What's up there, Johnny?” I yelled
happily, through the open screen in the old living room window. “Come in!” Casually,
I enter. “Paul is fucking dead; take a look at this. I'm showing everyone what a deranged,
mental case this guy is!” As he opened the cabinet door, I could not keep myself from
laughing! Paul must have been really mad to do something like that, I said. “Him mad?
My mother came in last night and saw it sitting on top of the television!” “Him - Mad?”
“Was she upset?” “She was screaming!!! My sister was with her and her jaw dropped!
Like a stupid jerk she says, look ma, you can even see all the little lines in it!!!

John's sister Emily was quite adorable. At the same time she was equally shy with
an air of pleasantry that could not easily be defined. She dated only one young man

who she would eventually marry and move to a neighboring state. Never did she have
to work, and seven children she would bare. God truly blessed her with good fortune!

                                                               Picadilly Line - Emily Small

                                                                              Pg 108

“Don't laugh, because when I catch him, I'm gonna punch his head off!
That fucking piece of shit! Do me a favor and don't mention his name in my
presence again. I feel like going outside right now and throwing my spare tire
through his front window! That's how mad I am with this fuck.” The following
week, I was going over to call for Paul, and I hear them yelling at one another.

Paul was upstairs yelling out his bedroom window, while John was downstairs
screaming obscenities up to him from the driveway. “I'll catch you, don't worry
about it!” “Oh, I'm not worried about it pal! I'll lay you out with one shot.” “Let's
go then; put your money where your mouth is asshole!!! Paul then started to
sing at the top of his lungs! “Mu-sic, all I hear is mu---sic!!!” Which as any early
Genesis fan knows is, In the wilderness. That really burned John's ass! As the
scene began to escalate, I simply turned myself around and walked back home!

                                                     Genesis - In the wilderness

What Paul did to infuriate John is almost too funny for words! You see, John had this
strange looking curio called a reproboard that is comprised of pins. You can push your
hand or your face into it, and the impression will remain. An instant sculpture of portable
art that could be easily reset by simply turning the pin press in the opposite direction!

Paul told me that when John went up to take a shower, he used the downstairs
bathroom to leave a 3-D impression of his hardened penis in the reproboard
for John's sister to see! It had to be one of the most hysterical things I had ever
seen before in my life! Because of this practical joke, I had to hang out with them
separately as the two
refused to speak to one another for almost five whole months!

As “The Syndicate of Sound” came on to sing Little girl, we drove to the back roads of
Midland beach, till we saw some activity. John gave me his six dollars, and so I left the
vehicle to make the transaction. I presented myself to the apothecary in a fleeting fashion,
as would a first time buyer, or an undercover police officer looking to make a bust!

                                                    The Syndicate of Sound - Little girl

I asked the dealer (an English chap) for my drug of choice, and he said very politely,
sure thing, that'll be twelve dollars. *Dough-lers, I like that!* The pecuniary amount
was handed over in exchange for 4 spherical dots of orange sunshine mescaline. .  .

In that minuscule vial, I saw what might have been close to a thousand microdots,
if not more! Wow I thought, that's enough to take a whole generation to the moon!

Years later, I did some research into the matter and found that true mescaline is found
in the button of the peyote cactus which when harvested, is left to dry in the desert sun.

The standard dose for oral mescaline falls within ranges of 200 to 500 milligrams per dose.
An infinitesimal dose for a barely noticeable reaction can be felt at 100 milligrams and for
that amount alone to be effective one would need to enlarge the microdot by at least 10!!!

                                                                              Pg 109

I am not saying 'take 10', I'm saying bi-----g-----g-----er! Acid (or) LSD, on the other hand, is measured
solely in micrograms. (one millionth of a gram) and is the most powerful hallucinogenic substance known to man.
Even the smallest speck, barely visible to the naked eye would be enough to evoke a noticeable response in a
human being, and this amount would be exactly 25 micrograms! If one drop of pure LSD is enough to get 500
people high, and one quart sized bottle enough to inoculate the entire island of Manhattan, then I assume it was
not mescaline at all that we were getting. Of course, I didn't know it at the time this was all going down! In truth,
LSD is no more dangerous than a loaded gun. If no one picks it up and plays with it, then no one will get hurt.

As John drove back to Eltingville, I was inspired by thoughts and ideas of how
grand the night would become! Or at least I was hoping it wouldn't turn out to be
a real bummer. I was about to conquer the world, and I didn't even know it.
At approximately 8:30 pm, John and I ingested the microdots. Two for him and
two for me. That medicine would not only open our minds, but it would change
our entire concept of life, death and our understanding of the world around us.

Without ever leaving, we would find ourselves on another planet.
A place very similar to our own; with a few exceptions that is. . .

I have to admit, I was quite nervous about taking them. Thinking the whole time they
may be laced with some bad LSD. With so many stories circulating, no one can say for
sure that they weren't! John reassured me by saying words I wanted to hear. “If it was
acid, it couldn't be sold as mescaline, period. Everyone has to adhere to a code of ethics,
and these guys are no different. These guys especially! Just think of what I'm saying.

Someone goes out to buy cocaine and comes back with speed, what do you think is
gonna happen? The dealer is either going to lose all his clientele, or someone is going to
shoot him!” John was the kind of guy, who could sell you a penny for a nickel. Indeed,
he was an incredible bullshit artist! I guess you could say he was right in a way, and the
more I thought about it, the better I began to feel until it was out of my head completely.

Roughly, ten or fifteen minutes went by when I began to notice a change. Car headlights
had more of a shine to them than they normally would have if I were straight, and all the
lamp posts had a rather calming glow. Pete comes over to us and appears to be in a jovial
mood. Then John spills the beans about the mescaline, and he quickly becomes enraged!

“Charles was gonna lay out the money, but I told him not to.” “You said what?” “The last
time I bought the hits, you didn't want them!” “You knew I had to go away that weekend!
I specifically told you I couldn't hang out, but you tried to lure me back in, and it didn't
work, so don't start that shit with me now! And Charles listens like a mindless puppet!”

While Pete spoke to John, his eyes were filled with venom and upon me. Like the
bullies in the school cafeteria who crack their knuckles, and use scare tactics to
employ fear. I don't care how strong you are, no one would deliberately pick a fight
with peter. He was of muscular build, and even though he wasn't much taller than me,
it wouldn't have surprised me to see him lift up the corner of someone's house in a
heated rage! Intimidated, I turned away and Peter began directing his anger at John. 

Without even trying, Peter succeeded in creating his own
defamable world from a series of obloquious enunciations.

“What the fuck,” he yelled adamantly! “You two stupid mother fuckers just ruined
my night. . . God-Damn-it!!
What the hell am I supposed to do now? Jesus Christ on
the cross, this can't be happening.
It was normal for Peter to display a modicum of
irrationally in his behavior whenever something went awry, but this far exceeded the
normal limit he imposed on an all-around scale of anger. It was a typical teenage screw
up and nothing to get hung about, but Peter was not going to forgive and forget that easy.
So for the rest of the evening he would treat us like a long shadow, keeping his distance.

Little did we know how churlish he would actually become, filling the light of placidity
with a darkness that would eventually consume him. I was now pondering the estate of my
own mind, and the decision to be made concerning the fate of the evening was at hand.

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                                                                               Pg 110

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