Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
The Back Cover Blurb

                                For Chapter 32

Little Charlie thought it was going to be an ordinary day.

He came downstairs for a glass of Hi-C when he heard a
noise coming from afar. Looking through the ruffled curtains,
he saw a female figure bringing her belongings into the long
abandoned house across the street. Putting on a tee-shirt,
he went over to investigate.

Upon the exchanging of introductions, he found the
neighbor to be equally as receptive. However,
the moment their eyes
met, Charlie knew he was
in love; but he was too young to be
in love.

This is the story of Charles and Harmony.

As friendship blossoms into a love typically found among
siblings, Charlie wondered if one day, it could become
something more. Harmony was determined to teach Charlie
everything she could about the opposite sex, so when he
came of age, he would be able to get any girl he wanted;
the only problem was he wanted her.

How was he going to get that special kiss?
What comes after the kiss?

Harmony is now a friend of the family, and Charlie
has enacted a fool-proof plan to get her to love him.
After all, love is a learning experience, and we all
have to learn sometimes, right?

Being in third grade was tough, and trying to think like an adult
before you can even master basic English skills was even
difficult! Still, Charlie was determined to go the distance!

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