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OTC Market Penny Stocks

       OTC Market Penny Stocks

                While investing in any type of security, it would be wise for you to
                remember the old adage of the stock market, "Buy Low, Sell High."

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Everything else...

ABBY - ABBY, Inc. - RemittPerformer™ - ImagePro™ - ProofPerformer® - KeyPro®
ABCE - ABCO Energy, Inc. - Visit our website!
ABVG - Affinity Beverage Group, Inc. - Visit our website!
ACGX - Alliance Creative Group, Inc.
- Visit our website!
ACNV - Accelera Innovations Inc. - Visit our website!
ACOL - Acology Inc. - Visit our website!
ACRL - Atacama Resources International, Inc. - Visit our website!
ADEXF - Advanced Explorations Inc. - Visit our website!
ADHC - American Diversified Holdings Corporation - Visit our website!
ADVT - Advantis Corp. - Visit our website!
AEXE - Aim Exploration Inc. - Visit our website!
- AlumiFuel Power Corporation
- Visit our website!
AGTK - Agritek Holdings Inc. - Visit our Website!
AHIX - Aluf Holdings, Inc. - Visit our website!
AIOAF - Sarossa PLC - Visit our website!
AMHD - Amelot Holdings Inc. - Company Profile
AMMX - AmeraMex International Inc. - Visit our website!
APHD - Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp. - Visit our website!
APTY - APT Systems Inc. - Visit our website!
APYP - AppYea, Inc. - Visit our website!
ARGQ - Auscrete Corporation - Visit our website!
ASCK - Auscrete Corporation - Visit our website!
ASLRF - Arian Silver Corp. - Visit our website!
ASNHF - Avidus Management Group Inc. - Visit our website!
ASKE - Alaska Pacific Energy Corp. - Company Profile

ASTI - Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. - Visit our website!
ATTBF - Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.
- Visit our website!
AVOI - Advanced Voice Recognition Systems Inc. - Visit our website!
AVOZ - Altavoz Entertainment Inc. - Visit our website!
AWGI - Ambient Water Corporation - Visit our website!
AZFL - Amazonas Florestal, Ltd - Visit our website!
- Bayport International Holdings, Inc. - Visit our website!
BCAP - Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. - Visit our website!
BFRE - BlueFire Renewables, Inc. - Visit our website!
BGFT - Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. - Visit our website!
BIEI - Premier Biomedical, Inc. - Visit our website!
BIEL - BioElectronics Corporation - Visit our website!
BKESY - Banco Espirito Santo - Visit our website!
BLDV - Blue Diamond Ventures Inc.
- Visit our website!
BLKG - Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. - Visit our website!
BLPG - Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. - Visit our website!
BLTA - Baltia Air Lines, Inc. - Company Profile
BMIX - Brazil Minerals Inc. - Visit our website!
BMXC - Bemax Inc. - Visit our website!
BONZ - Bonanza Goldfields Corp. - Visit our website!

BRGO - Bergio International, Inc. - Visit our website!
BRSE - Broadside Enterprises, Inc.Visit our website!               
BSTN - Boston Carriers, Inc. - Visit our website!
BTDG - B2Digital Inc. - Visit our website!
BTGI - Bulova Technologies Group Inc. - Visit our website!
BVTK - Bravatek Solutions Inc. - Visit our website!
CBAI - Cord Blood America Inc. - Visit our website!
Cannabis Science, Inc. - Visit our website!
CBMJ - Canna Consumer Goods, Inc. - Visit our website!
CBNT - Cabinet Grow, Inc. - Visit our website!
CCLX - CableClix (USA) Inc. - Visit our website!
CDMO - Avid Bioservices Inc. - Visit our website!

CELZ - Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. - Visit our website!
CGAC - Code Green Apparel Corp. - Visit our website!
CGBBW - Citigroup Inc. - Visit our website!
CGRA - CGrowth Capital, Inc. - Visit our website!
CGUD - Inc.
CHIT - Cherubim Interests Inc.
CHMD - Median Group Inc.
CLKA - Clikia Corp.
CNBX - Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Files international patent!!!
CNCT - China Teletech Holding Inc.
COECF - CanAm Coal Corp.

COHO - Crednology Holding Corporation
COTE - Coates International, Ltd.
CPOW - Clean Power Concepts, Inc.
CPVNF - Capital Venture Europe PLC
CPWY - Clean Energy Pathways Inc.
CRWG - CrowdGather, Inc.
CRTL - Cartel Blue, Inc.
CSRH - Consorteum Holdings Inc.
CUBV - CUBA Beverage Company.
CWNM - Crown Marketing
CYPW - Cyclone Power Technologies Inc.
DBMM - Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. - Poised for growth in 2018!
DCTH - Delcath Systems Inc.
DEAC - Elite Data Services Inc.
DEWM - Dewmar International BMC, Inc.
DGCRF - DiagnoCure Inc.
DIGX - Dig-It Underground, Inc.
DIRV - DirectView Holdings, Inc.
DLCR - Kibush Capital Corporation
DNAD - DNA Dynamics Inc.
DNAX - DNA Brands, Inc. - Closes First of Several ICO Projects
DNRG - Dominovas Energy Corporation
DSGT - DSG Global Inc.
DTII - Defense Technologies International Corp.
EAPH - Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc.

ECEZ - Ecosciences, Inc.
ECIGQ - Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd.
ECOB - Eco Building Products, Inc.
ECOS - EcoloCap Solutions Inc.
EDXC - ENDEXX Corp. - Revenues Up 127%!
EEGI - Eline Entertainment Group, Inc.
EFFI - EffTec International, Inc.
EGOH - Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc.
ELED - ExeLED Holdings Inc.
ELRA - Elray Resources, Inc.
ELTZ - Elite Group Inc.
ENCC - Encompass Compliance Corporation
ENDO - Omnicanna Health Solutions, Inc.
ENRT - Enertopia Corp. - Things are sure looking good!
ENUMQ - Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc.
EOMN - Ethos Media Network Inc.
EPXY - Epoxy, Inc.
EQLB - EQ Labs Inc.
ERBB - American Green, Inc.
ERHE - ERHC Energy Inc.
ESPH - Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.
EVLI - Everlert Inc.
EVSV - Enviro-Serv, Inc.
EXMT - Anything Technologies Media Inc. - Expands CBD Product Line!
FBEC - FBEC Worldwide, Inc.
FCCN - Spectral Capital Corp.
FCGD - First Colombia Gold Corp.
FDBL - Friendable Inc.
FDFT - Foodfest International 2000 Inc.
FECOF - FEC Resources Inc.
FERN - Fernhill Corp. - Bitcoin Mining Rig!
FFFC - Fastfunds Financial Corporation
FFRMF - Future Farm Technologies Inc. - LED Canada Update!
FHBC - Fernhill Beverage Inc.
FLCR - FullCircle Registry Inc.
FLSR - Flasr Inc.

FNRC - 1st NRG Corp.
FPVD - Force Protection Video Equipment Corp.
FREED - FreeSeas Inc.
FRZT - Freeze Tag Inc.
FTPM - 420 Property Management, Inc.
FUTL - FutureLand, Corp.
FWDG - FutureWorld Corp.
GAHC - Global Arena Holding Inc.
GAWK - Gawk Inc.

GBBT - Global Boatworks Holdings Inc.
GBHL - Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

GBHPF - Global Hemp Group Inc.
GCEI - Global Clean Energy Inc.
GDGI - Greenway Design Group Inc.

GEGI - Genesis Electronics Group Inc.
GEGP - Gold Entertainment Group Inc.
GEQU - Global Equity International Inc.
GERS - GreenShift Corporation
GKIT - Greenkraft, Inc.
GLLA - Gilla Inc.
GLLK - Gold Lakes Corp.
GMER - Food Gaming Inc.
GMGI - Golden Matrix Group Inc.
GNBT - Generex Biotechnology Corporation
GNGR - Gunther Grant Inc.

GOSY - Geckosystems Corp.
GRCK - Grey Cloak Tech Inc. - CannaBio Salve!

GRCU - Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc.
GRCV - Grand Capital Ventures Inc.

GRLT - Grillit Inc.
GRNH - GreenGro Technologies, Inc.
GRSO - Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc.
GRSU - Greenhouse Solutions Inc.
GTRL - Get Real USA, Inc.
GTXO - GTX Corp. - Biometric Insoles and Invisabelts!
GWMGF - Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.
GYOG - Green Energy Enterprises, Inc.

HALB - Halberd Corporation
HAON - Halitron, Inc.
HBRM - Herborium Group Inc.
HCTI - Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc.
HEMP - Hemp Inc. - Hemp Industry Leader! - Spill-Be-Gone
HHSE - Hannover House, Inc.
HIHI - Holiday Island Holdings Inc.
HIPH - American Premium Water Corporation
HMPQ - HempAmericana, Inc
HPNN - Hop-On Inc. - The next generation of pain killers!
HTIC - Hitec Corp.
HVCW - Harrison Vickers & Waterman Inc.
HYSYF - Hydralogic Systems Inc.
ICBU - iMD Companies, Inc. - CBD oil for vaping!
ICLD - InterCloud Systems Inc.
ICNB - Iconic Brands, Inc.
ICNM - Icon Media Holdings, Inc.
IDDR - IDDriven Inc.
IDGC - IDGlobal Corp.
IDNG - Independence Energy Corp.
IFAN - IFAN Financial, Inc.
IFBC - Italian Food & Beverage Corp.
IFHR - Rhino Human Resources Inc.
IFXY - Infrax Systems, Inc.
IHSI - Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc.
IJJP - IJJ Corp.
IMLE - TransBiotec Inc.
IMLFF - InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IMTV - Imagination TV Inc.

INCC - International Consolidated Companies, Inc.
INCT - InCapta Inc.
INNO - Innocap Inc.
INOH - In Ovations Holdings Inc.

INQD - Indoor Harvest Corp.
ISBG - International Spirit & Beverage Group, Inc.
ITKH - iTeknik Holding Corporation
ITNS - Itonis Inc.
JAMN - Jammin Java Corp.
JGWEQ - J.G. Wentworth Co.
JPEX - JPX Global Inc.
KAYS - Kaya Holdings, Inc.
KBLB - Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. - Creates First Hybrids!
KGKG - Kona Gold Solutions, Inc.
KGET - CaliPharms, Inc.
KOSK - One Step Vending Corp.
LAHO - Lans Holdings Inc.
LBSR - Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.
LGNDZ - Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.
LIEG - Li3 Energy, Inc.
LLBO - Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc.
LOGL - Legend Oil & Gas Ltd.
LSCG - Lighting Science Group Corporation
LVGI - Limitless Venture Group Inc.
LVVV - Livewire Ergogenics Inc.
MAXD - Max Sound Corp.
MCOA - Marijuana Company of America, Inc.
MCIG - mCig, Inc.
MCTYF - Microplanet Technology Corp.
MDCN - Medican Enterprises, Inc.
MDMN - Medinah Minerals Inc.
MEDT - MediaTechnics Corp.
- Name change and new stock symbol, TBA.
MFST - Medifirst Solutions Inc.
MHHC - McCusker Holdings Corp.
MINE - Minerco Inc.
MJLB - Ultrack Systems, Inc.
MJMJ - The Mary Jane Group, Inc.
MJNA - Medical Marijuana, Inc. - Approved nutraceutical product!CBD products for animals!

MJTK - CannaSys, Inc.
MJTV - Michael James Enterprises Inc.

MKAU - MK Automotive, Inc.
MMEG - Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc.
MMEX - MMEX Resources Corp.

MMRF - MMRGlobal, Inc.
MNTCF - European Metals Corp.
MRNJ - Metatron Inc. - Metatron releases BitMeet
MVES - Movie Studio Inc.

MYDX - MyDx, Inc.
MYHI - Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. - Recent Milestones!
MYLI - Music of Your Life Inc.

NCAP - Northsight Capital, Inc. - Success in the Cannabis Industry!
NDEV - Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. - Cannabis Business Times!
NECA - New America Energy Corp.
NEWC - New Colombia Resources, Inc.
NGBL - Notis Global, Inc.
NGCG - New Generation Consumer Group Inc.
NGMC - Next Generation Management Corp.New cannabis growing system!

NHLE - Nhale, Inc.
NNUP - Nocopi Technologies, Inc.
NOHO - Novation Holdings Inc.
NPHC - Nutra Pharma Corp. - Distribution rights - Nyloxin® - Pet Pain-Away
NSAV - Net Savings Link Inc. - No reverse-split!500 million share reduction!

NSEH - NuState Energy Holdings, Inc.
NTEK - NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.
NTTR - Neutra Corp.

NWAV - New Wave Holdings, Inc.
NWGFF - New Age Farm Inc.
NWIFF - Nuinsco Resources Ltd.
NWSTF - New Standard Energy Ltd.

OBMP - OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
OCLG - Oncologix Tech Inc.
OCSY - Optium Cyber Systems Inc. - Medical System Hackers be warned!
ONCI - On4 Communications Inc.

OPMZ - 1pm Industries, Inc.
OTTV - Viva Entertainment Group Inc.

PAOG - PAO Group Inc.
PDXP - PDX Partners Inc.
PFWI - Petrone Worldwide Inc.
PGUS - ProGreen US, Inc.

PHOT - Growlife, Inc.
PJET - Priority Aviation Inc.
PKGM - Pocket Games Inc. 

PLPL - Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc.
PLSB - Pulse Beverage Corp.

PMCB - PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc.
PMEA - PM&E, Inc.
PMXO - PMX Communities, Inc.
PNOW - Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc.
PPCH - Propanc Health Group Corporation
PPHM - Avid Bioservices, Inc.
PPJE - PPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc.Entering the Cannabis Market!
PSID - PositiveID Corporation - E-N-G Mobile Systems! - FireflyDX
PSNX - Pure Snax International, Inc.
PUFXF - PUF Ventures Inc.
PVCT - Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
PVTTF - Pivotal Therapeutics Inc.
PWDY - Powerdyne International Inc.

PZOO - Pazoo, Inc.
QBAN - Telco Cuba Inc.
QEDN - QED Connect, Inc. - Rainforest super-food!
QPRC - Quest Patent Research Corp.

QSIM - QuantumSphere, Inc.
RBIZ - RealBiz Media Group Inc.
RBNW - Renewable Energy & Power Inc.
RCHA - Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
REAC - REAC Group Inc.

REFG - Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions
RGDEF - RDX Technologies Corp.

RJDG - RJD Green, Inc.
RMHB - Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc.
ROTH - PharmaRoth Labs Inc.
RSAU - Rooshine Inc.
RSII - Rising India Inc. Develops Groundbreaking drug, Cannophen

RSSFF - Affinor Growers Inc.
RYSMF - Royal Standard Minerals Inc.
RXMD - Progressive Care, Inc.
SAGD - South American Gold Corp.
SANP - Santo Mining Corp.
SCIE - SpectraScience Inc.
SCRH - Scores Holding Co.

SDVI - Signature Devices, Inc. - Artificial Intelligence CryptoCurrency!
SEGI - Sycamore Entertainment Group Inc. - Blockchain project in the works!
SENY - Sauer Energy Inc.
SFOR - StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. - ProtectID® - GuardedID® - MobileTrust®
SFRX - Seafarer Exploration Corp.

SGMD - SugarMade, Inc. - Cannabis Cultivator Receive License!
SHOM - Southern Home Medical Inc.

SIML - Simlatus Corp.
SING - SinglePoint, Inc.
SIPC - Sipp Industries, Inc. - Hemp brown ale coming soon!
SKPO - Skye Petroleum Inc. 

SMPI - Simply innovative Products, Inc.
SNDY - Solos Endoscopy Inc.
SNMN - SNM Global Holdings - Utilizing Blockchain Technology
SNPW - Sun Pacific Holding Corp.
SOUM - SoOum Corp.

SPCL - Solaris Power Cells, Inc.
SPMI - Speedemissions, Inc.
SPOM - SPO Global Inc.
SRMX - Saddle Ranch Media Inc. - WOW!!!

SRNA - Surna Inc.
SRUP - Sirrus Corp.

STLK - STL Marketing Group, Inc.
SVTE - Service Team Inc.
SWHI - SW Innovative Holdings Inc.
SYXXF - Synodon Inc.
TAUG - Tauriga Sciences, Inc.

TDEY - 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
TECR - TechCare Corp.
TGGI - Trans Global Group Inc.
TLNUF - Telecorp Inc.
TPAC - Trans-Pacific Aerospace Co. Inc.

TPLM - Triangle Petroleum Corporation
TRBO - Turbo Global Partners Inc.

TRTC - Terra Tech Corp. - Cannabis products on the rise!
TXHD - Textmunication Holdings, Inc.
TXHE - Texhoma Energy, Inc.
TXTM - ProText Mobility, Inc. - Cannabis Blockchain Company!
UAMM - UA Multimedia Inc.
UATG - Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc.
UBQU - UbiquiTECH Software Corp.
UCPA - United Communications Partners Inc.
UMAX - Umax Group Corp.

UNGS - Sylios Corp
UOMO - UOMO Media Inc.
UPZS - Unique Pizza & Subs Corp.
USEI - U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc.

USMJ - North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. - CBD infused sports nutrition products!
VAPR - VaporBrands International, Inc.
VATE - Elev8 Brands, Inc. - Expanding brick and mortar locations!
VCPS - VinCompass Corp.

VDRM - ViaDerma, Inc.
VGID - V Group Inc.

VGPR - Vega Biofuels, Inc.
VHUB - Vapor Hub International Inc.
VICT - Victura Construction Group Inc.

VIRA - Viratech Corp.
VLDI - Validian Corp.
VNTH - Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc.
VPER - Viper Networks Inc.
VSPC - Viaspace Inc.

VSYM - View Systems Inc.
VTMB - Vitamin Blue, Inc.

VTPI - Vital Products, Inc.
VPCO - Vapor Corp.
VPOR - Vapor Group, Inc.
VPRB - VPR Brands L.P.
VTNL - Vet Online Supply Inc.
WARM - Cool Technologies, Inc.

WCIG - Wee-Cig International Corporation
WDRP - Wanderport Corporation
WHEN - World Health Energy Holdings Inc.
WNBD - Winning Brands Corp.
WNTR - Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc.
WOGI - World Oil Group Inc. 

WRFX - WorldFlix, Inc.
WSRA - Western Sierra Mining Corp.

WTII - Water Technologies International, Inc.
XREE - X Rail Entertainment Inc.

XSNX - XSUNX Inc. - California Cannabis Industry!
XTRN - Las Vegas Railway Express
ZMRK - Zalemark Holding Co. Inc.
ZNGY - Zenergy Brands Inc.





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