Charles Pendelton
      © 2008 Marty Langdon
Reviews for Chapter 32 (201-300)


201 review is by sajida_ashraff on 11/11/21 - (Pakistan)

The story is a wonderful description of a romantic story that happens probably in a western country.

As a reader, it was never expected that any author in the western world can visualize such a deeply
romantic and sensual relationship between two people who has a huge age difference. We all know
that the West is a part of the world dominated by material and not of feelings. We can generally see it
in most of their relations how abruptly, easily and without any effect accept another person in their life.

The laws regarding the relation of parents and their kids after the age of eighteen show how lesser the
feelings of a person are ignored for the material position. Despite such social programming, depicting
such a strong and affectionate relationship in the novel would always be a surprise.

Another important feature of the novel is the description of the child and how he starts to worry about the
girl he loves. In the eastern world, relations are preferred over any other thing. There are several examples
of ancient romantic stories in the east like Layla Majnoon, Shireen, And Farhad, and many more that are
praised for their undying love and immense sacrifices. This novel seems like one of those folk stories.

The intense worry of the child for his girlfriend shows how the author has deeply presented the inner child
of the child. Keeping the nature of the affair in the mind, the psychological factors involved in such matters
are depicted in the form of scary dreams. Overall, because of the description of the novel, the story seems
appealing and compels even an ordinary reader to read more.

Apart from all these positives of the novel, a few things can be amended for more improvement. The first
of all is the title of the Novel. The title, Embryo Man does not seem a novel but a chapter from a scientific
book or journal. As it is a romantic story, the title does suit it at all.

The second thing is the introductory part at the start. Fiction has a structure. It includes an introduction, climax,
denouement, and conclusion. This is the general structure but mostly, the structure is not followed in this way.
Sometimes, a story can begin from the end or middle and later a flashback helps the author to introduce certain
characters or events. In this novel, right from the start, a small chapter is introduced that is often used in the
articles or essays. In stories, there is often some suspense to let the curiosity prevail in the minds of the reader.

Apart from these changes, there does not seem to be any flaw.

As literary critics say that fiction is always perfect as it depends upon the perception of the reader,
this novel seems to be a hot cake in the market.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Rated ????? Stars)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))